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Cfl Z' 




Student Life 





Senior Index 

General Index 


Signs of 

the Times 


An individual 

to past and present ideas 

new ideas for the future 

within the realm 

of a strange place 
that is unique unto itself 

to meet the demands of a 


These are the signs 
of the times. 



To many of us 

this is a different place. 
We are exposed 

to a new physical atmosphere, 
To others 

the signs are more familiar, 
yet we too are aware 
of a constant change. 

Here there are signs 

of development in learning 
of what is happening here 

and in the rest of the world 
and why. 


We familiarize signs 

of involvement 
with media 
with a process 
with others. 

We notice signs 
of enthusiasm 

when we are inspired, 
of frustration 

when we cannot understand, 
of apathy 

when we do not care. 


« ^ 

A 3. 

^M 1 ^^f ■ ■£ ~~ hf -4 V 

J8r^^ ^Jr I ^HM 

There are signs 

of growth 
when we are inspired, 
when we exchange ideas . . . 

. . . or 

when we appreciate the common. 

We become aware 

of a change within ourselves 

when we have attained a goal 

when we begin 
to comprehend 

the signs of the times. 

Building of character 

through activities 
Learning to adjust 

and organize 
in the time we use for ourselves 

and others. 

Student Life 

( *«S%! 

Each year 

the same activities 

take place. 
We wonder why 

this repetition 
does not become monotonous. 
The answer is very simple — 

the people themselves are different. 
Those of us who were 



made this year what it was. 

Oblivion has long settled 
obscurely on the materialistic 

inherent to many 

accepted by greater numbers 
yet challenged more strongly by a few 

who dare to question 

Registration often bring* contemplation at what to 
do with a "tight" schedule when one or two 
classes have closed out. 

Formality is a beginning, lending to the more obscure obstacles which follow. 

Mark Olson and Steva Pata pick up class cards neadad from one da- 
partmant at tha registration center In tha ballroom. 

The year began 

with usual frustrations 

-and confusions. 
Registration was basically the same. 
The university had grown — 

we now numbered about 4300. 
In some areas 

this meant a shortage of instructors 
or encountering the problem of classes 
"closing out" early. 
The freshman orientation program revised 

"Grappling with Ideas" 

operates on a year round basis. 
Students and faculty 
held discussions with freshmen on 

academic freedom 

social life on campus 

adjustment in general. 








L & 


Tha systam — it's controlled by IBM machines and cards and 
probably most important— numbers. 

We question individual identify in mats lectures, but isn't it more important in terms of what 
we do beyond the classroom experience, how we relate what we have learned to ourselves 
and through communication with others? 

We pushed through 
crowded halls 

and into classrooms. 
Some of us were enrolled in large classes 

in Harvey Hall auditorium 

in room 411 for chemistry lectures. 
The library was crowded — 

If we were fortunate 

we found a place to study in the 

Some managed amid the noise and 

confusion in the student union. 

Along with books and regular supplies the campus book store carries 
d variety of paraphernalia. 

Many times the easiest place to study amid this year's noise and confusion in the library 
was in the stacks. 

The campus was under 
constant construction 

Facilities had to be expanded — 
the library 

the new science building 
the administration building. 

Workmen destroy the skeleton of the old high school to make way for 
the new administration building. 

Expansion achieves completion through basic building elements- 
lumber, reinforcement rods, gravel and cement. 

The most complex structures are comprised of single units. 

A color scheme of shiny steel on white, a maze of ladles and pots, ovens and re- 
frigerators, uniforms and aprons— alt fit into that puzzle of a world known as that 
ever popular Commons kitchen. 

Discussion is the first step to instituting change. It means searching for 
necessary improvements for the members of the Inter-Residence Hall 

Most of us 

lived in dormitories 

At the beginning of the year 

there was a shortage of rooms, 
IRHC had grown In power 

bus trips to the cities 

floor parties 
and taking an active role 

in student government. 
The sunken lounge in the Commons 

became the "in place" to be. 
Here we 

listen to records 



W« met with our friends in The Commons — studying, discussing, 
listening. It was a place to "unwind." 

Dormitory rooms are the scene for a variety of in- 
teresting activities; some are termed at "bull ses- 

Cooling present* a problem for men students unless they "appear" to know the process as 
Greg Cxaplowski. 

Off-campus life involves a variety of household activities. Gail Martinson, lile many apart- 
ment dwellers, frequents the laundromat early on a Saturday morning. 

Those of us 

who live off campus 

are concerned 

with transportation 

with the parking situation 

with preparing meals. 

Those who live in apartments 
are generally more satisfied 

often commenting 

on the "freedom" allotted. 

An added responsibility of apartment living is planning and preparing for meals. Sharon 
Perry and Mary White shop for food at a nearby grocery store. 

During the day 
we spent time 

in between classes 
in the student union. 
It was the place 

to collect latest campus news, 
We study 

and discuss. 
There was talk about the Mission 
Statement — 

some of us attended 

president's convocations. 
Our interests vary — 

this was inherent 
in how our time was used. 

Borgie's potpourri it a common interest stop for afternoon inspection 
shoppers like Francis Sager. 

The elevator in Harvey Hall was the scene of students 
pushing in and out to get to classes. 

We move within the physical complex of the university system. 

The chemistry lecture room on fourth floor Harvey is part of the 
life of most SSU sophomores. 

The student union was a place to study, visit the coffee house, 
or attend a mixer. 

The nights reflect the thoughts and ideals of students, whether spent 
with a beer, a group of friends or midnight oil. 

In the evenings 
we studied 

Many of us had classes to attend. 
Many times we crammed for exams. 
There was a variety of activities 




,: downtown." 
Dean Wright started a free university 

which began with evening 

on racial problems and 

Some of our most vital learning 

experiences were when we were 

involved in open discussions. 
We were learning to communicate. 

Laarning to Mt and hear ii as important as participation. 

We define recreation according to our needs and ideas. 

Recreation was a 
matter of choice 

Organizations sponsored mixers 
throughout the year. 

There were 

Intramural sports 
skating and hockey 
lyceum programs 
the coffee house. 

It is an integral part of living, a format of human relations. 

On Saturday afternoons the area in between dormitories was the scene 
of spontaneous football games. 

Hockey w*j initiated in the sports program this year. 

The Pawn 
opened in the fall 

sponsoring folk entertainment 

Shipley and Brewer 

The Golliards 

The Folk Song Army. 
A Wednesday evening radio program 

was sponsored by the student government 

as an attempt to strengthen 

university-community relations. 
Student art openings 
were held every two weeks in the Commons. 

Sill Sehultx w« coordinator for SSA's "Unabridged. 

When we "see" or understand in terms of an idea expressed it takes 
on the character of individual development. 

The Pawn became a "new" place with a "different" sort of atmosphere. 

This year's Homecoming 
was our 75th Anniversary 

Queen candidates Betty Mahr and Judy Duitmaft exchange 
casual conversation with Dean Iverton at the Queen's Tea. 

It was centered around a theme: 

Yesterday's Heritage, Tomorrow's 

Some of us planned for months to 

achieve a well-organized week of 

various activities 

contests, raffles, pep rallies 

a semi-formal dance with three band: 

a parade 

the selection of a queen. 

Searching for a message in, of all things, blueberry pie is e 
major task for Maya Hahn in the pie-eating contest. 

The Kids Next Door entertained students end faculty at a 
lyceum program during the first part of the week. 

"Going Out of Our Heads," sung by Judy Gunderson, was 
part of the program sponsored by the Delta Zctas for their 
queen candidate. Colleen Ball©. 

The Kids Next Door entertained. 

Dr. Huston Smith spoke on 
"gaps in understanding 
in a technological society." 

Group participation made it what it was 
Homecoming 1968. 

Dr. Wigen. former Professor and Dean of Graduate Studies at Stout, 
lings the Alma-Mater at the anniversary banquet. 

Contortions in compressed areas are not unusual sights during evenings 
of float construction before the Homecoming parade. 

Jo Singular, sponsored by Alpha Phi sorority, was crowned 1968 
Homecoming queen at the coronation on Friday. 

With a fina! standing of 20-14. the Stout Bluedevil 
rally fell short during our Homecoming game with 
Stevens Point. 

Presentation — 
Campus Queens '68 

selected for beauty and talent 

or involvement in campus activities. 

Chosen by students and faculty to reign over Stout's week-long 
campus festivals were Jo Slnkular, Homecoming Queen, and Karen 
McCheiney, Winter Carnival Queen. 

Participation and personality won crowns for Shane Meyers, S-Ciub 
Sports Queen, and Lone Holsen, Miss Freshman. 

Fraternity men named their favorite beauties, Jean Gunsolfey, Sigma Tau Gamma 
Calendar Queen; Ceil Hemmerich, National Phi Sigma Epsilon Sweetheart; 
and Esther Fong, Tau Kappa Epsilon Sweetheart. 

This year's theme 
was Winter Chateau 

The week's activities included 
ice races 

contests In the student union 
"Chateau a la Niege." 
Fred Smoot entertained. 
Organizations competed for trophies 

with ice carvings. 
The Chi Lambdas received 
the Grand Champion award 
for their Walt Disney scene. 

Enjoying the evening's festivities at "Chateau a la Niege" are Bill 
Minter and Marge Winiarslti. 

Fred Smoot, the mechanic on "The Wackiest Ship in the Army," 
entertains the students at the Lyceum program. Fred, being a doubly 
funny comedian, keeps the students roaring with laughter. 


Dave Kalan is ready for the gun to go off and start the race. 

To many beer drinking is entertaining, but to those who are in the couples beer drinking 
contest, as Sue Fields and Bill Green, it is challenging. 

Organizations competed for trophies 

with ice carvings. 
At the close of the week, 

Karen McChesney 
was crowned 1969 Winter Carnival 

Judie Lahti 
was Princess. 

Jan Pecha 
received the talent award 
for the Monday evening convocation. 

Tension mounts during the queen's coronation as pretty Karen 
McChesney. sponsored by the men of North Hall, is crowned 
Winter Carnival Queen by last year's queen, Leslie Pillar, 

One of the highlights of Thursday afternoon's festivities, the toilet race brings a round 
of laughter. Slowly making their way across the hockey rink to the finish line are Loren 
Bretl and Norbert Buehmann, 

Beaming with joy. our Winter Carnival Princess Judie Lahti, 
AFM, chats with John Blanehard, her escort. 

sponsored by the women of 

The girls tug of war seems to prove exasperating to the girls from the Alpha Sigma Alpha 
sorority who are pulling their w«y to a victory. 

Talent Night 

ingenuity and creativity 

through individuals and groups 
is sponsored by Phi Sigma Epsilon. 
James Roche 

of the Folk Song Army 
received first place trophy. 
Proceeds are contributed towards a 

scholarship fund. 

Jim Jarchow flounces her blonde curls and flutters her lashes to 
charm her date. Ken Kllma, in a between-the-acts skit. 

Jim Roche with guitar captures not only first prixe, but also the 
enthusiasm of the audience with his sing-along. 

Phi Omega Beta 
presents Stunt Nite 

donating proceeds 
to the Tom Hake fund. 
Chi Lambda fraternity 
took first place 

in the most humorous category 
followed by Delta Zeta and Sigma Pi. 
The Alpha Phi's received first award 

in the most beautiful division. 

Judy Duitman moderates the Alpha Omicron Pi skit entitled "A 
Tired American Speaks Out" as other members of the cast por- 
tray police brutality during student protests. 

The Sigma Pi Powerful Prancing Powder puff i from 
Poland do their thing in full regalia. 

Martin Berkofslty, a New York pianist, appears in concert to 
begin the New Year in musical style. 

The lyceum committee 
sponsors convocations 

for major university functions. 

The "Kids Next Door" 

were invited for Homecoming Week. 

Fred Smoot entertained 

during Winter Carnival. 

Other iistings Included 

the Tamburitzans 

Martin Berkofsky 

Frank Mankowitz. 

The Tamburitzans of Duquesne University perform a pageant of song and dance ranging 
from Slavic folk music to American and barbershop quartet numbers. 

The Kaleidoscope Players entertained Stout students and faculty with 
their dramatic rendition of the "Spoon River Anthology," 

Drew Pearson candidly discusses the politics and policies of the 
newly inaugurated Nixon administration with an interested student 

University theatre 
presents major productions. 

The fall play 

"The Crucible" 
was directed by Keith Jones. 
"Reluctant Debutante" 
was presented during the winter quarter. 
The program is supplemented 
by student-directed short plays 

in the Quarter Square Theatre. 

• *q »*4 ©♦*•' b*c» »♦•$♦ pnH' ^m *©' U« 


I N K H •« *t 3» 

If Wild e^«M 4«"^ • f'Mh| 

Last minute tensions and final touch-ups are all a 
part of the scene in the tiny, backstage, make-up 

Gossiping busily, Betty Chesney makes evening plans for her daughter. 
Judy Hackel, in the uproariously funny winter play, the "Reluctant 

Graduation - 
we retrospect 

on what we have learned 

through -four, maybe five years, 
We apprehend. 
We question 

more than erudite learning. 
Educated men? Scholars? 
The "token" is ours — 

what remains is the trial. 

Graduation — a sometimes welcome relief from too often 
weighing responsibilities. 

Mike McHugh awaits a last minute check for perfection just 
before the graduation ceremony. 

Pride during graduation comes in many forms. 

Graduation is often considered an accomplishment of purpose; maybe we should think 
in terms of questioning ourselves or at least be aware of it. 


The competition 
physical endurance 
the spirit of the crowds 

Determination and coordination 
when the time is right. 


Sc:"i announcers for all athletic events are: 
Front Row: Steve Kittleson. Jim Schleker. Steve 
Brow. Second Row: Tom Bibeai;. Ed KowieskJ. 
Tim Maloney, Dennis Imrne. John Matteson. 

During the Homecoming game, the students evidenced their loyalty to 
the team with inventive noises. 

As the teams 
battled it out 

the crowds cheered 

for victories 
and were disappointed 

with defeats. 

is a determining factor 

to win. 


After the victory cheers are over and the crowd has shuffled away, only 
the dead Mounties and popcorn boxes remain. 

A pep rally, complete with pep band, cheerleaders, and team, before a 
big game never fails to fire-up the Bluedeviis. 

Front Row: Debbie Douglas: Linda Peihn; Gwen Kapiter.. Second Row: Mary Jane Orth; 
Patsy Stratton: Jan Pecha. Third Row: Sally Soderberg. 

Seven cheerleaders 
rally crowds 

encouraging participation 

and boosting school spirit 
with syncopated cheers. 

Spirit Week 

was sponsored in cooperation 
with the "S" club 
and pompon squad. 

"Go Bluedevils" — Jan Pecha calls lor spirit at the game. 

Coordination and rhythm 
on the pompon squad 

evolve new routines to 
The Stripper 

and Classical Gas. 
We worked with a newly organized 

squad from Eau Claire 
and participated .in an annual exchange 

with La Crosse. 

In the brisk fall air Nancy Schoblocker and Marilyn Miller rally team 
spirit at a home football game. 

Front Row: Mary Cowan: Linda StaN: Judi Moberg: Marry Funic. Second Row: Sandi 
Dewitz: Kathy Lapcinski; Marilyn Miller; Carolyn Schmidt; Sue Olipra; Cathy Nieds. Third 
Row; Jane Beestey: Linda Unger Joan Severson: Sue Musoif: Jear Martin; Connie Rup- 
prect. Fourth Row: Ellyr Schcer; Nancy Scholblocher: Mary Jedrzeiewski; Carol Breske' 
Mary Eklund: Karen McChesney. 

The football team 
began with two wins 

Winona and 

After defeats from 

Whitewater and 

Coach Sparger stressed changes 
in the defensive secondary. 
Holmes performed well in 

blocking and 


Rocky Maxson excelled in passing. 
The Bluedevlls lost their Homecoming 
to Stevens Point 

due to three offside penalties 

in the first quarter. 
The team 

mainly freshmen and sophomores 
ended a frustrating season 
with a final 2-6-1 record. 

Coach Sparger discusses with Rocky Maxson strategy to be used for 
the next offensive drive in the game. 

Sophomore fullback Duane Stevens charges into the teeth of 
the powerful Oshkosh unit. 

In an air of concentration and anxiety, the bench string anticipates the 
next defensive move in the Whitewater game. 























La Crosse 




Stevens Point 








Eau Claire 




River Falls 


Steady quarterback Rocky Maxson leads an air attack. Stout edged 
River Pails in the home game with a final standing of 8-0. 

Turning the corner, Tankins skirts the left end for a 
healthy gain in the River Falls game. 

Front Row: Duane Stevens: Dennis Barte!: Jerry Hermann: Diclt Peter- 
son; Larry Helgason: Louie Husby: Jim Jarchow; Scott Kingzett: Head 
Coach Max Sparger: Assistant Sten Pierce. Second Row: Trainer Bill 
Dohmann: Nick Misch: Erie Bloohm: Roger Zell: Dick Lamers: Rocky 
Mexson; Rob Van Valkenburg: Donn Reich; Greeg Sipek; Mike Anders: 
Steve Steffes; Assistant Bob Kamish; Assistant Mike McHogh. Third 
Row: Manager Tom Slupe: Arlen Domrock: Jon Moore: Mercel Jones: 
Mike Tyskiewici: Dick Trinkle; Holland Miller: Tom McDonough; Terry 
Breidinger: Dan Tentcher: Rick Gulan: Assistant Rick Erickson, Fourth 

Row: Manager Dave Wagner: Jim Rogers: John Drury: Warren Creydt: 
Jerry Johnson: Jim Moreland: Leo Neville: Gary Kuehl: Dennis Kaul: 
Don Perkins: George Taylor; Assistant Bob Paulus. Fifth Row: Trainer 
Peder Faberholm: Walt Tankins; Bill Gennet; Dave Cychosz: Bernie 
George; Ed Mota; Jerry Sinz: Dan Strehlau: Russ Swarh; Ken Roberts; 
Marvin Tenck: Assistant Greg Michelson. Sixth Row: Reggie Holmes: 
Gary Inskeep: Ken Kranz: Jim Visc-r; Larry White: Dave Anderson: 
John Meresh; Dave Goetzinger; Joel Rudd: Ted Kluck; Steve Meyer. 

Walt Tankins was injured in the final home game. Tankins. a sophomore, 
averaged S.4 yards per carry in rushing. 

The Bluedevil harriers 
placed eighth 

in the WSU conference. 
The cross country team 

coached by Don Stallsmith 
opened the season by finishing third 
in the first quadrangle. 
At the WSU championship meet 

held at La Crosse 
John Chartrand finished 29th 

with a 22:43 clocking 
Skypp Lee was Stout's 
second man at the meet. 

Skypp Lee and John Chartrand pace each other, coming out 
as Stout's top runners at the conference meet. 

Tension and anxiety before the signal starts, the harriers complete 
with Whitewater and Eau Claire runners. 

Exhausted after a hard race, Drexler and Stoliman discuss 
individual standings after the meet. 



' Campus 



a '• 






















La C 






S*e.e«j Point 





Bluedevil cagers 
win WSUC title 


at a final game with the Pointers 

sent the players to Lakeland. 

Excellent performances 

by individual players 
Mel Coleman was 
top rebounder and scorer 
in the conference, 

brought a final win. 

The team traveled to Kansas City 
for national tournaments. 
We won the first game over Linfield, 
The second game brought 

a two point loss 
in overtime with 85-83, 

Front Row: Greg Ebsen; Caf Glover; Rob Heiman; Charles Puckett; Tim Domte; Bob Dickinson. 
Second Row: Dwain Min*z. coach: Charles Krupa, manager; Terry Alexe; Jack Capelle; Cliff 
Perteefe: Mel Coleman; Dan Stewart: Bill Heideman: Tom Tobin: Joe Jan. assistant coach. 

Tim Domke consults Dwain Minti, District 14 Coach of 
the Year, for strategy on a variation of Stout's fast break. 




Stevens Point 




La Crosse 







3 = 








= : 





Eau Claire 




River Falls 




Eau Claire 




Stevens Point 















= i 

La Crosse 








River Falls 




Stevens Point 


S - c - . : 


l_2--e 2-d 










Flashy junior guard Greg Ebsen outstretches a Titan defender for two 
of his twelve game points during the 77-58 Devil's sweeping victory. 

Bluedevils finished the season 
with a 14-2 conference log 

one half game ahead of 

Sfevens Point. 
Coleman, Heldeman and Glover 
were named to the WSU 
All-Conference team for 1968-69. 

An anxious La Crosse defender fouls sophomore Cal Glover 
while Mel Coleman watches for a rebound. La Crosse fell to an 
overpowering attack as the Bluedevils downed the Indians 96-60. 

Greg Ebsen succeeds in a fast break following Mel 
Coleman who screens the La Crosse defense. 

Mel Coleman, top rebounder for Stout, goes up for one 
more against Stevens Point. 

Cal Glover pauses to check the risk of shooting. 

Wrestlers placed 

third in conference meet. 

Strong opening matches 
prevented Coach Pierce's rnatmen 
from taking first place. 
Representing Stout 

at the National Championship in Omaha 
were Scott Mitchell 

carrying Stout's finest 

individual record 
along with John Peterson and Hector 

Cruz placed sixth in the NA1A Tourney. 

Fioor pacing by Coach Pierce and cheering by other team members 
ii par for a match between matmen. 

Freshman grappler Hector Crux collects points as he goes on to finish the season 17-7 
record placing sixth in the NAIA Tourney. 

Front Row: Jerry Collins: Hector Cruz: John Arhens; Steve h'ensler; 
Tom Jones: Rick Pauly: Jim Turner. Second Row: Bill Marshall: Rick 
Goeland: Darell Kroth; Dave Schmidt; Dennis Volbrect; Bob Schweiss: 

Conrad Mayer; Jim Lewis. Thtrd Row: Sten Pierce, coach; Terry 
Breidinger; Leo Neville: John Peterson; Jerry Johnson; Bob Schott- 
muller; Peter Fagerholm; Rick Boyum, assistant coach. 


Rick Goeland gains control and attempts a take-down. 




North Dakota State 




St. Cloud 








River Falls 









Upper Iowa 








Stevens Point 


Stout 9 


La Crosse 








Eastern Illinois 








Eau Claire 


WSU Conference 




Hector Cruz 


Front Row: Mite Zissmen: Bill Liebich: Ron Day; Steve Joelsen; Bill Schlobohm. Second 
Row: John.Zueriein. coach: Jim Beeck: Larry Pfeiffer; Bill Reiman; Harvey Look: John 
Elliot; Ron Anderson: Paul Kreuth: Dele Feste. manager; John Diane, assistant coach. 

Stout's all-round gymnast Ron Day performs his routine on the still 
rings in perfect form. The senior repeatedly captured top honors. 


Stout 126.21 Northern Iowa 117.5 

Stout I 1 1 .48 Western Illinois 120.25 

Stout 123.35 St. Cloud 126.05 

Stout 1 19.1 Eau Claire 91.2 

Stout 126.4 La Crosse 130.4 

Stout 124.1 Northern Michigan 121.1 

Stout 119.7 River Falls 76.3 

Stout 114.7 Eastern Michigan 137.8 

WSU Conference Stout 


The gymnastics team 

placed second in the conference. 

Ron Day and Bill Liebich 
received top honors 

for ali around performance. 
Liebich placed first 

with 41.3 points 
followed by Day 

with 40.3 points. 
Four men qualified for finals. 
Again the La Crosse gymnasts took first 

in the WSU conference finals. 

Bill Liebich, sophomore gymnast, powders his hands before showing 
an a ward- winning performance on the parallel bars. 

Freshman Paul Krauth shows promise of being a superstar on the horizontal bar 

Bluedevil tankers 
improved records 

during this year's season. 
The team was young 

the majority composed of freshmen. 
Mark Moore 
finished fifth in conference championships 

in the 500 yard free-style 

with a time of 5:32.7 
collecting Stout's only points. 
The swimming team placed last 
in the final conference. 

Jack Millinovleh dive* into the poof with efficient form to begin the 
400 yard relay. 

Front Row: Bob Smith, coach; Al Marotz; Gary Winkler; Jack Millinovich; Sid Gustafson; 
Jce T ?-'•?:- Vern Lokken, Second Row: Bob Nashj Mark Moore: Marl THompsc: De--'s 
Becker; Louis Menako; Jim Gervens: Mike VanDeBogart; Tom Balistreri. 


Swim mart «r* involved in or out of tho water at thty chetr a team- 
mate on to victory in tht tant* conftronco rolayj. 




St. Thomas 















3 = 

St. Olaf 








St. Cloud 












Stevens Point 




La Crosse 




River Falls 










Conference Relays 



I. v* 


- if %• 

,-v* . 

Coach Bob Smith counti laps and ytlls ancouragtment to * iwimmtr 
in a clott matt with Duluth. 

Keglers roil 

nine games each week 

to determine five top scorers. 
In the third conference season 
Team members compete 

In intervarsity games. 
Spotting, delivery, follow-through, 
each bowler vies 

for key man 
in the April NAIA Roll-off. 

Spot bowling techniques develop with long hours of practice and 
concentration as Paul Murphy will agree. 

Competition is keen between team members for spots on the intervarsity team. Vern 
Johnson and Randy Jareslty roll many games to perfect their deliveries. 

ft P Q ft 


Front Row: Randy Jeresky; Tim Fuchs; Ross Daniels; Jim Slaughter; 
George Bleckecheck. coach. Second Row: Paul Murphy; Ralph Foster; 
Ron Brown; Vern Johnson; Ron Bloxham, 


Stout vs. Stevens Point 
Stout vs. River Falls 
Stout vs. Platteville 
Stout vs. La Crosse 
Stout vs. Oshlcosh 
Stout vs. Stevens Point 
Stout vs. River Falls 
Stout vs. Platteville 
Stout vs. Whitewater 
Stout vs. La Crosse 
Stout vs. Platteville 
Stout vs. Whitewater 
Stout vs. Oshlcosh 
Stout vs. River Falls 
Stout vs. Stevens Point 
Stout vs. Platteville 
Stout vs. Whitewater 
Stout vs. La Crosse 
Stout vs. Oshlcosh 
Stout vs. La Crosse 
Stout vs. Oshlcosh 
Stout vs. Stevens Point 
Stout vs. River Falls 
























Strikes, spares, turkeys, end even mistakes are recorded on the 
storekeeper's tally sheet. 

The track team 

had a favorable season 

highlighted by individual performances. 
Glover broke shot put and discus 

Erickson broke in the 220 dash 

and Drexler in the 440 run. 
The cindermen were a young team 

with no seniors, 
We had our best runouts at the 
triangular with River Falls and Bethel. 
Another success was a second ranking 
at a five team meet in St. Cloud. 
The 440 relay team placed first 

In the WSU conference. 

The explosion of the signal gun sends dashman Nick Misch 
out of the starting bloclt and into the race. 

Front Row: Andy Goods: Cliff Perteete: Dave Lelndecker: Nick Mkch: 
Dick Johnson; Cal Glover; John Matteson; Mike Andres. Second 
Row: Dave Drexler; George Mitshulis; Dave Erickson: Greg Albright; 
Pete Weber: Bob Fenske; Jim Winn; Dann Kann: Ron Jacoby. Third 

Row: Coach Sparser: Bill Dohmann. trainer; Allen Rypiper: Rick 
McNaughton; Skypp Lee; Mercel Jones: Bill Schuli; Jim Hamann; 
Walt Tankins: Coach Stallsmith. 

Muscles tensed, thinclad Dann Kann comet in for a two point landing 
completing the broad-jump. 






La Crosse 






River Falls 

Stevens Point 


Eau Claire 




Distance man Dann Kann strides toward the finish line of the two mile 
run in the River Palls-Bethel triangular. 

The tennis squad opened 
the year with victories. 

We defeated Superior and Northland 
then followed with six losses. 

Five letter-men had returned. 

A graduate student, Hank Wendland, 

was coach. 

With a record of three wins and six losses 
ranking eighth in tfie conference — 

We had improved. 

Front Row: Paul Kielas: Bill Btnztl: Randy Schulti: Louis Mtneko. Soeond Row: Chuck 
Roso; Scott Schmid; C«H Riii; Hank W«ndl«nd. coach. 











Eau Claire 












Stevens Point 




River Falls 




La Crosse 






Senior netter Scott Sen mid moves Into the court from the 
baseline to return his opponent's shot. 

Tom Tierney, number one singles player for the Bluedevils, delivers a 
hardy backhand return to his opponent. 

Sill Bemel, letter winner for three consecutive seasons, 
follows through after his serve at the Superior meet. 

Battirg against the Northland pitcher, Jerry Herman, second Iteding 
hitter for Stout, smashes a liner. 


























River Falls 




River Falls 











St. Cloud 




St. Cloud 




Eau Claire 




Eau Claire 










First basemen Jerry Herman executes a close pickoff play as a St. 
Cloud runner tries to steal second base. 

The baseball season 
was marked 

with brilliant pitching 

Thompson and Johnson 

and relief pitcher Reese. 
Holmes and Lawrence performed well as 

Our defense was shaky. 
After splitting the first double headers 

we skidded into seven straight losses 

ending up with a 4-12 record. 
With the "right breaks" 

we could have won. 

With the umpire keeping his eye on the pitch, Vern Johnson firei 
a fast ball past a Northland batter. 

Front Row: Charlie Krupa. manager: Don Jackson; Arlen Dombrock: 
Terry Thomas; Bill Kroll; Stan Klepperick: Tom Mortenson. Second 
Rowj Ken Simurdidk; Jerry Rusch; Ron Bloxham; Tom MeGuire; 
Jerry Herman; Reggie Holmes: Steve Steffes. Third Row: Coach 

Mint*; Dennis Reese: Lerry Dom brock; Loren Bretl; Keith Hady; 
Tony Russo; Bob Lawrence: Vern Johnson; Tom Vils; Roger Johnson; 
Jack Ziebell; Coach Tom OH. 

For this year's golfers 
the beginning was slow 

A short chip jhot puts veteran linfcjman Joe Uriels on the 
green and into the putting position. 

although we did come on stronger 

later in the season. 

The linksmen were paced by Olsen 

who placed sixth in the conference meet. 
Rebne placed in the WSUC meet 

shooting a hole in one 

on the 138 yard par 3 fourth hole 
It was Grady Steensrud's first hole 
as head mentor. 

We finished seventh in the conference 
with ten points. 
WSU at Oshkosh won with 19. 

Senior golfer Mike Shell critically eyes the green for his next drive 
on the Menomonie Golf Course. 

Front Row: Silt Grey; Herman Oswald; Bob Cutler; Mike Sheil; Jon 
Kressin: Tom Rebne. Second Row: Steve Brown; Joe Uriclt; Ken 

Olson: Bill Green; Tom Cornelius; Grady Steesrud. 

Sheil assists a fellow linksman with the line-up as he sets to putt a 

ten footer towards the pin. 









Eau Claire 





■6l/ 2 

La Crosse 



River Falls 


l|i/ 2 




Stevens Point 






In the fall, archery tournaments were also included in the year's program 
of intramural sports. 

The program 

of intramural sports 

is maintained under the direction 

of the physical education department. 

Swimming and tennis tourneys 

were scheduled in the fall. 
Second Milnes captured first 

in the flag football tournament. 
Six leagues participated 

in basketball competition. 
Milce Shell served as student director 
for this year's intramural program. 

Basketball — the male physical education department's version of Or- 
chesis involves grace, coordination, and plenty of stretch. 

One of Stout's more popular forms of relaxa- 
tion — wrestling, a muscle-rending, teeth-grip- 
ping game, shows how to gain and how to 
lose friends. 

With muscles taut and a keen sense of balance, Carol Govin performs a spread eagle 
midair assisted by two other members of the gymnastics team. 

Front Row: Janice Ruda: Sandy McNamare: Morlene Wiemarr Mary 
Sue Promis: Ann Schulze: Karen Offerdahl. Second Row: Grace Holman; 

Sandy Boiler Gayle Allaman: Jennifer Walters; Elizabeth Lloyd. 

WRA hosts 

volleyball tournaments 

coordinating teams 
for all interested women students. 
The Women's Recreation Association 
raised funds for a spring banquet 

with concession stands ai home 

The Irene Erdlitz award 

for sportsmanship 

and leadership 
is presented at the banquet. 

Working as a team provides a challenge of physical skill and 
mental activity for this volleyball team. 

Concentrated effort finds its rewards in many forms. 

Growth from year to year 

as a class 
But more important 

as individuals 
We anticipate the time 

when we can honestly say 
We have attained a goal 



The Medallion Award 
is the highest honor 

bestowed on senior students 
according to 



leadership qualities. 
The bronze is presented 

by President Micheels 
at the Honor's Day convocation in May. 

Thomas Bonn 
Kenosha. Wis. 

Judy Berglund 
Menomonie. Wis. 

Sc-ald Falkowskt 
Hatley. Wis. 

Linda Duetchar 
Peshtigo, Wis. 

Edward Guekenberger 
Caledonia. Wis. 

Dale Granchalek 
Green Bay. Wis. 

Judith Gunderson 
Edina, Minn. 

Carolyn Happe! 
Richfield. Wis. 

Vernon Johnson 
Sun burg. Minn. 

Joanne Kcrsten 
Stone Late. Wis. 

Donald KistUr 
Waukegan. III. 

Carol Kitxmann 
Eland. Wis. 

Nancy Krause 
Forest Park. III. 

William Mugan 
Cascade. Wis, 

Lana Lawrenx 
Algoma. Wis. 

Rosalie Powell 

Milwaukee. Wis. 

Herman Oswald 
Milwaukee. Wis. 

Scott Schmid 
Des Plaines. II 

Renee Plat+a 
Hatley, Wis. 

Lee Anne Purmait 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Jo Sinkular 
Grafton. Wis. 

Success is often measured in terms of its reward. President Mitheels presents the medallion 
award to two graduating seniors. 

Donna Stibbe 
Richland Center Wis. 

LeRoy Sehuff 
Oshlcosh. Wis. 

Joanne Wetter 
Burlington, Wis. 

Sy Were 
Marathon. Wis. 

Carol Whitbect 
Richfield. Minn. 

Mary Ann Wojtkiewici 
Thorp. Wis. 

Who's Who in American 
Colleges and Universities 

is a national award 
presented to juniors and seniors. 
Qualities exemplified 
by the thirty-four students chosen 

"Scholarship, citizenship 

participation and leadership 

in academic 

and extracurricular activities." 

ROBERT ARNDORFER served as presided of his freshman class. 
president of North Hall, and chairman and president of Inter- Residence 
Hall Council. He received the Alumni Association scholarship. 

JUDY BERGLUND was a member of LSA. Alpha Phi scoritv. Phi 
Upsilon Omicron honorary fraternity, and served as president of the 
Home Economics organization. She was also affiliated with People To 
People and was head majorette for the band. 

THOMAS BOHN was a member of Epsilon Pi Tau honorary fraternity 
and Stout Society of Industrial Technology. He served as president of 
Stout Typographical Society, alumni secretary of Chi Lambda fraternity, 
and managing editor of the STOUTONIA. 

MARY DANIEL participated in the Pom pon squad, serving as treas- 
urer, and was a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority and the Union 
Board Coffee House Committee. She was treasurer of Panhellenic 
Council and a 1968 Homecoming queen candidate. 

LINDA DUESCHER was a member of Lutheran CoNegiates. Phi 
Upsilon Omicron honorary fraternity, Home Economics Club. Student 
National Education Association, and the American Home Economics 
Association. She served as president of Pi Kappa Delta and secretary 
of Synchronized Swimmers. 

GERALD FALKOWSKI was a member of Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity, 
served as president of the sophomore class and vice-president of the 
Stout Society of Industrial Technology, and the track team. He 
junior class. He was the 1968 Homecoming chairmen. 

DENNIS FERSTENOU served as a senator in the SSA and vice-presi- 
dent of the National Association of Home Builders. He was a member 
of Phi Sigma Epsilon fraternity, and the Stout Society of Industrial 

STEPHANIE GOVIN was chairman of the Publications Board, co- 
director of United Council Relations, and a senator on SSA. She 
worked as a resident assistant and was a member of Alpha Phi so- 
rority and Academic Forum. 

DALE GRANCHALEK was a member of Newman Apostolate, Under- 
graduate Fellows, and the photo staff for the TOWER and STOUTONIA, 
He served as president of the junior class and president of SSA. 

EDWARD GUCKENBERGER served as president and sergeant at arms 
of the Stout Typographical Society and production editor and associate 
editor of the TOWER. He was a member of Epsilon Pi Tau honorary 
fraternity and was on the Dean's List during his junior year. 

JUDITH GUNDERSON was a member of Delta Zeta sorority, Phi 
Upsilon Omicron honorary fraternity, Symphonic Singers, and the liter- 
ary staff of the TOWER. She was president of Panhellenic Council 
and a floor president and treasurer of AFM dormitory. 

SUSAN HELSTAD was chairman and secretary of the Union Board 
and Chairman of Coffee House Committee. She participated in Alpha 
Phi sorority and was a member of the Publications Board. 

VERNON JOHNSON was a member of Chi Lambda fraternity, Radio 
Electronics. Student National Education Association, Alfresco, end 
the baseball team. He served as president of the S-Club. president of 
the fraternity and resident bowling leagues, and he received mem- 
bership on the WSU athlete honor team. He was also on the Dean's 
List his sophomore and junior years. 

CAROL K1TZMANN served as vice-president and recording secretary 
of Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority, recording secretary of the senior class. 
and on the advisory board of Undergraduate Fellows. She was a mem- 
ber of Newman Apostolate, Home Economics Club, and the Student 
National Education Association. 

NANCY KRAUSE participated in Delta Zeta sorority. Phi Upsilon 
Omicron honorary fraternity, end various SSA committees. She was an 
SSA senator, treasurer of her sophomore class, social editor of the 
STOUTONIA. and received second place in Talent Night. She was 
on the Dean's List her freshman and junior years-. 

ROBERT McCORD served as president of Hovlid Hall, treasurer 
of SSA. treasurer of United Council, and on the student court. He 
was a member of Chi Lambda fraternity, Student National Education 
Association, and Undergraduate Fellows. 

WILLIAM MUGAN was a member of Newman Apostolate. Sigma 
Tau Gamma fraternity, and the debate team. He participated in Pi 
Kappa Delta, served as business manager of the STOUTONIA. and 
was president of the Society for the Advancement of Management. 
He was on the Dean's List his sophomore and junior years. 

WILLIAM NERBUN was a member of Phi Sigma Epsilon fraternity, 
Epsilon Pi Tau honorary fraternity, Alfresco, and the Student Services 
committee. He served as recording secretary for the Stout Society 
of Industrial Technology. 

MARYLOU OLSON served as SSA corresponding secretary, treasurer 
of AFM dormitory, and a member of Student Services. She participated 
in Alpha Phi sorority, the Foods, Nutrition and Administration Club, 
Alfresco. Home Economics Club, and Modern Dance. 

RENEE PLATTA served as corresponding secretary and vice-president 
of Delta Zeta sorority and public relations chairman of the Foods. 
Nutrition and Administration organization. She was a SSA senator 
and a member of the Home Economics Club. 

LEE ANNE PURMAN participated in Newman Apostolate. Student 
National Education Association. Alpha Phi sorority, and the Publica- 
tions Board. She was president of JTC dormitory, vice-president of 
Panhellenic Council, a Winter Carnival queen candidate, and was on 
the Dean's List during three years at school. 

GLORIA REHN was treasurer of her sophomore class and recording 
secretary of SSA. She was also a member of LSA, Alpha Phi sorority, 
Home Economics Club, the TOWER and STOUTONIA staffs, the 
Student National Education Association, and served on various SSA 

RICHARD REINDL participated in the International Association of 

Printing House Craftsman and was an SSA senator. He served as 

secretary and vice-president of Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity and 
pledge trainer of the Stout Typographical Society. 

JOHN ROSSMEIER was a member of Newman Apostolate, Sigma Tau 
Gamma fraternity, and Alfresco. He served as Inter-Fraternity Council 
president and a dorm council representative. 

Front Row: Linda Duescher: Mary Ann Wojtkiewicz: Susan Helsiad: Mary 
Lou Olson; Carol Kitzmann; Jan Schleusner: Nancy Krause. Second Row: 
Donna St'bbe: Judy Berglund: Carol Whitbeck: Judy Gunderson: Sfevie 
Govin; Jo Singular; Lee Anne Purman. Third Row: Scott Schmid: 
Gerald Faltowslti; John Rossmeler; Bob McCord: Ed Guckenberger; 

De-nis Ferstenou. Fourth Row: Date Granchalek: Bill Nerbun: Mike 
Severson; Ron Trimberger: LeRoy Schuff: Bob Arndorfer. Fifth Row: 
Eugene Szymeszek: Sy Wera: Tom Bohn: V«rn Johnson: Rick Reindl: 
Bill Muaar. Not Pictured: Renee Platte: Kitty Daniel. 

JANET SCHLEUSNER was president of Alpha Omicron Pi sorority 
and received a General Motors scholarship all four years in school. 
She was also a member of Phi Upsilon Omicron honorary fraternity. 
Student National Education Association, Home Economics Club, and 
the Union Activities Board. 

SCOTT SCHMID served as president of Inter- Residence Hall Council, 
president of Hovlid Hall, and a SSA senator. He was also a member 
of Chi Lambda fraternity. Alfresco, S Club, and Symphonic Singers. 

LEROY SCHUFF was a member of Epsilon Pi Tau honorary fraternity, 
serving as president, and was president of the University Union Board. 
He also served on the Student Union Physical Facilities Committee. 

JO SINKULAR was 1968 Homecoming Oueen. United Council coordi- 
nator, vice-president of South Hall dormitory, and secretary of Inter- 
Residence Hall Council. She was a soloist for Symphonic Singers and 
a member of Home Economics Club and the Student National Education 

MICHAEL SEVERSON was on the Dean's List his sophomore and junior 
years and was president of CKT dormitory. He was a member of the 
Student National Education Association, Inter- Residence Hall Council, 
Epsilon Pi Tau honorary fraternity. Stout Christian Fellowship, and AIAA. 

DONNA STIBBE served as vice-president of the state Home Economies 
Association, She was a member of Phi Upsilon Omicron honorary 

fraternity, the Home Economics Club, Women's Recreation Association, 
Student National Education Association, and United Campus Ministry. 

EUGENE SZYMASZEK was a member of Epsilon Pi Tau honoray fra- 
ternity, the American Industrial Arts Association, Undergraduate Fal- 
lows, Radio Electronics Club, and Inter-Residence Hall Council. He 
served as an SSA senator and president of Fleming Hall. 

RONALD TRIMBERGER served as treasurer of Sigma Tau Gamma fra- 
ternity. He was also a member of the Society for Intellectual Free- 
dom, the Business Club, Newman Apostolate, the Stout Society of In- 
dustrial Technology, and Undergraduate Fellows. 

SY WERA participated in the. Newman Apostolate, Inter-Fraternity 
Council, National Association of Home Builders, and the Student Na- 
tional Education Association. He served as vice-president of Tau 
Kappa Epsilon fraternity. 

CAROL WHITBECK was editor and managing editor of the STOU- 
TONIA and associate editor of the TOWER. She was also a member 
of the Speaker Review Committee and Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority. 

MARY ANN WOJTKIEWICZ served as corresponding secretary of 
Gamma Siqma Siqma sorority, president of Phi Upsilon Omicron 
honorary fraternity, and vice-president and corresponding secretary 
of Inter- Religious Council. She was also a member of Undergraduate 
Fellows, Alfresco, Newman Apostolate. Home Economics Club, and 
the Student National Education Association. 

As Seniors we began 
to question the future 

Were we adequate to meet its demands? 

Had we learned enough through four years 

of classes and activities 
to become teachers 
or to accept roles in fields of 
home economics, psychology, art, 
industrial technology, business? 

Front Row: Steve Robinson, vice president; Gary McClurcj. 
president, Second Row: Carol Kitimann. secretory; Joy Witt. 

chow, social chairmen; Sharon Perry, treasurer. 

Richard Abraham 

Patricia Aasen 

Mary Adam 
Kay Abraharmon 

Darlene Aiken 
Mary Ains worth 

Steve Akiyama 
Gayle Allaman 

Gordie Amick 
Alan Anderson 

Craig Anderson 
Pearl Anderson 

Harold Arneson 

Pauletfe Arneson 

Ray Anderson 

Leo Arthur 
Doris Aucone 
Walter Baker 

Thomas Balistreri 
Jean Barber 
Linda Balson 

Jane Banasik 

Larry Batferman 

Fran Barrett* 

Karen Beard 

Marilyn Beccavin 

John Beliste 

Initial requirements were met — 
job interviews, 

and contracts were finalized. 

Joseph Bentowilti 
Dercey Bell 

Alice Benninghoff 
Jeffrey Benham 

Michael Bens 
Geraldine Benzel 

Michael Berg 
William Beniel 

Christine Biever 
Mary Bilelt 

Thomas Bird 
David Bode 

Jerry Boehner 
Roger Boese 

Audrey BerkhoBz 
Judy Berglund 

Kathy Busch 
Lee Buvid 

Mr. Peltier, metals instructor, eiplains to 
students the operating techniques of the 
numerical control used for shaping metal. 

Thomas Bohn 
Darlene Bohle 
Catherine Burgher 

Walter Bucfci 
Thomas Burmeister 
Thomas Burns 

Karen Brinkman 
Stave Brenegan 
Linda Boyea 

Ronald Brown 
LaMoine Brion 

Trudy Byrum 
Sandra Brown 

Dave Camay 
Timothy Brown 

Paul Brunkow 
Judy Buchholi 

Pat Champion 
Herbert Carlson 


Harland Currie 
Gregory Ciaplowslti 


Carol Chapman 
Arlyn Clarksen 
Bruce Crosby 

During the spring tauion, many students spent afternoon hours between 
classes exchanging casual conversation outside of the main lobby of 
AFM dormitory. 

Mary Daniel 
Richard Denialwics 

Ronald Day 
Linda Davis 



Robert Debner 



Lawrence Delonge 

Melvtn Coleman 

Larry Cording 

Bergetta Costa 

Rhode Cronlc 

Marvin Dehne 
Donna DeMars 

Richard Di bailee 
George Dig man 




Larry Dombrock 
Richard Doekter 

Timothy Domke 
John Donica 

Bonnie Donnelly 
Sara Donnelly 

Pat Dresden 
Linda Duescher 

Many of us were enrolled 

in the educational program . . . 

Ronald Dunham 

Darrel Eberherdt 

John Dunlap 


Diane Ebert 

Sharon Enrico 

Corinne English 

Richard Erlcltson 
Nancy Erickson 
Nancy Ericson 

John Dorsey 
Elizabeth Dottavio 

Cheryl Eslinger 

Lois Evert 

Daniel Etten 

Gerald Falkowskr 

Janice Feldkamp 

Richard Feldkamp 

Lloyd Dumlce 
Judy Duitman 

Robert Feldkamp 
Richard Fetski 

Understanding of an unusual print develops into an involved conver- 
sation between Nancy Erickson and Diane Jobst during a print ex- 
hibition and sale sponsored by Roten galleries. 

Dennis Ferstenou 
William Fink 

Carl Foster 
Walter Fillinsty 

Nancy FouH 
Charlene Say 

Jacqueline Foley 
Randy Gearhart 

David Fox 
Patricia Genskow 


David Glent 

Charlotte Galley 
Mary Goldsmith 

Ted Gazda 

John Goodman 

Barbara Gray 
Dale Granchalek 
Stan Gracyalny 

We prepared for student teaching 
in high schools 
throughout the state. 

John Gruu 
Lois Grommtih 
Robert Grommesh 

Faith Gurn 
Gerald Guyer 

Virginia Gubasta 
Judith Gunderson 
Edward Guekenberger 

Barb Gurnea 
Theresa Habelt 

At first sight, a wooden skeleton of a building seems a 
total mass of confusion. Such is the ease as students an- 
ticipated the completion ol the new and much needed 
addition to the library. 

Erica Gitstafson 
William Hartley 

Sandra Guyer 
Trudie Hanson 

Ann Hammen 
Connie Hanson 

Class officers planned a senior banquet. 

Anthony Hanson 
Carolyn H appal 
Clifford Harnoii 

Ruth Hartzftli 
Dale Harbath 
Ronald Hoepner 

Michael Henkelman 
Jerome Heebint 
Goraldine Helwig 

James Hendrickson 
Cecelia Hemmerich 
Janet Hickey 

Elizabeth Holmes 
Alan Hinkle 
William Hodgkinson 

Bruce Haxelton 
Kathleen Hopp 

Roger Huebner 
Paul Husby 

Ralph Hunsinger 
Louis Husby 

Judith Hutins 
Arlene Huset 

Sharon Jacobson 
Kurt Janke 

Thomas Jansen 
Gene Jicinsfcy 

Reflecting upon the past year, com- 
menting on the general theme of the 
book, and maybe finding herself in 
a student informal are incorporated 
as Sue Kringle discusses the 1968 

Kenneth Jeschke Bradley Johnson Diane Johnson Elizabeth Johnson Kenneth Johnson Richard Johnson 

Ronald Johnson Vernon Johnson Wayne Johnson Roger Johnson llmer Junge Bruce Joos 

Jane Jurelc Glenn Jurek Jean Kaiser Mary Kaiser Patricia Kangas Gary Kegler 

Keith Kfbbel 
Kenneth Kehliher 

We decided upon a gift 
to present to the university 

John Kingston 
Joanne Kersten 

f* *) 


Don Kistler 
Karen Ketterl 

Janet Kirtx 

Thereto Klawiter 

Carol Kitimann 

Michael Klapateh 
Judith Kirk 

Kenneth Klima 

Albert Kolff 

James Konsela 

Dennis Klawitter 
Thomas Kirlt 

Glenn Krai 

Kandy Kolmos 

Jean Kozar 

Dennis Knaak 
Yilbok Kim 

Dennis Koepp 
George Kriske 
Richard Kreutx 

Christine Kubat 
Judith Krcutier 

Kathleen Kunick 
Bonnie Krubsack 

Raymond Kusmer 
Nancy Krause 

Gerald LaCombs 
Yvonne Kutcher 

Richard Dockter, insisting upon accuracy at the starting point, 
overlooks Ron Johnson checking the time in preparation for a 
car race in the Tau Kappa Epsilon road rally. 

Ken LaCount 
Steve Large 

Larry Larson 

Karl Les'ca 

Gary Larson 
Lena La wren: 

Robert Lawrence 
Linda Leehe 

Susan Leary 
Kenneth Lehmann 

William Lee 
Lynda Lorenz 
Lorrie Mahloch 

Carol Loberger 

Kristin Lieske 

Carol Lindert 

Richard Li nd back 

Gary Linhart 

Joseph Lohse 

James Long 

Michael Lover 

Judith Luhm 

Susan Lund 

Betty Mahr 

Edward Maier 

Alan Main 

Jacqueline Main 

Don Male! 

For accurate determination of ground level a 
steady hand is needed to adjust the lenses on 
a surveying transit. 

Some of us were involved 
with controlling positions 

in the student government 
in Greek organizations 
on the publications staff. 

Robert M«i#tli 

Mary Martin 

Robert Martin 
Dalorot M#rck» 

Richard Martinton 
Thomai McArdt* 

Sandra Marvin 
Gar* Id McCaba 

J««n Mattingly 
Gary MeCI-jrg 

Sua McGinnity 
Bonnia McGinty 

Caryn Mayar 
Kerry M#I»r 

Anthony Mihalko 
Jamat Mihalko 

Bradford MilUr 
Patrick Mittan 

Kristin* Mjaanes 
Arnold Mold* 

Gary Moldanhauar 
Donnana MoU 

Al Wilker and Joie and Candy Hertzfeld copy an 
inscription at the base of a flagpole, filling a race 
requirement at the TKE road rally. 

John Mueller 
Eugene Moon 

Janice Mueller 
Barbara Morris 

Some of us really did not care 

to project . . . 
No doubt these are signs of the times. 

Could we afford to be apathetic? 

Gary Nelson 

Lloyd Nelson 

Richard Nelson 

John Nemecek 

William Nerbun 

John Nesbiff 

Roger Ness 

John NevicosI 

Henry Netiinger 

Robert Newman 

Jonathan Oberman 

Craig Nissen 

William Mugan 
Elizabeth Murray 

Wayne Nielsen 
Laurie Noffke 
Peggy O'Brien 

Augie Olson 

David Olson 

Kenneth Olson 

Dorothy Oppermenn 

Larry Osegard 

Barbara Opefinsbi 

Herman Oswald 

Karen Ott 

Gordon Overby 

Kathleen Otto 

Sue Palfrey 

William Pependieck 

Marlene Parr 

Carrie Patterson 

Glen Pewlitake 
Arthur Paulson 
Dianne PedrettI 

Steve Pec It man 

Bruce Pellow 

Lynne Peil 

Ronald Petty 

William Perleberg 

Allen Pesavento 

Sharon Perry 
William Peters 

Darrell Petersen 
Wayne Peters 

Cheryl Pflughoeft 
Ltnda B. Peterson 

Bruce Pollock 
Linda K. Peterson 

Jacqulyn Priem 
Dee Pole rand 

Glenn Primrose 
Richard Peterson 

Renee Platta 
Rosalie Powell 

Mary Polasky 
Robert Popp 


Jerry Price 
Fred Priebe 

The question it specialization. The fire was ignited when the "Mission 
Statement" was released, and further developed by the questioned 
dismissal of two faculty members. 

We became more adept at formulating 
and expressing opinions 

on the results of the election, 

the war in Vietnam 

Laura ftyga 
Jerome Richter 
Steven Robinson 

Lee Anne Purman 
Richard Reindl 
Ann Rodman 

Marilyn Raess 
Dennis Reinert 
Susan Roecfcer 

William Ratzburg 
James Reinhard 
Sharon Romayko 

Nichols Rassbach 
Deborah Riersgord 
Judith Rortvedt 

Roger Reader 
Beverly Rihn 
John Rossmeier 

We questioned the educational system — 
was specialization inevitable? 

We reflected upon the idea 
of being "socialized" . . . 

Mary Schneider 
Patrick Schneider 

Karl Schon 
Nancy Schottmuller ^ £ 

Carolyn Rubner 
Marcjo Ryun 
Ken Schlag 
Scott Schmid 
Barbara Schmidt 

John Ruich 
Timothy Sample 
Judith Scheps 
Jan Schleusner 
Janice Schmidt 

Harold Ryun 
Frieda Sehaffner 
Norman Scharp 
David Schmidt 
Kenton Schmidt 

Michael Schreiner 
Robert Schottmuller 

James Schroeder 
Carol Schulze 

Thomas Schroedl 
Gerald Schwarz 

Mary Schroll 
Penelope Scott 

Fredrick Schultx 
Richard Searles 

LeRoy Schgff 
Alice Setter 

Linda Schultze 
Joan Severson 

Michael Severson 
Sandra Shadinger 
Daniel Sherry 

Mike Shell 
David Sharkey 
Robert Shilha 

Kemp Shobe 
Linda Siggelko* 
James Sisson 

Even, precise hammering is essential as Sue 
Palfrey forges a silver bowl in her advanced 
art metals studio. 

Construction becomes a process of combining various materiah) 
such as wood, cement, and reinforcing rods. 

Hans Sitte 
Mary Sladlcy 
Ann Smith 

Michael Simpson 
James Sittig 
John Smerda 

Jo Sinkular 
Alan SUII 
Bruce Smith 

Herbert Solinsky 
Mary Solyst 

Linda Sommerfeld 
Patsy Spielvogel 

Lee Stefaniatc 
Linda Steger 

Stephanie Steiner 
Donna Stelier 

Donna Stibbe 
Laurie Sfoelfing 

Jean Stone 
Sharon Stolpe 

Maybe it is a matter 
of anticipating the future — 
the learning experience 
beyond a college education 

Jan Strom 
Steven Surguy 

Joan S waive 
Gregory Tartlco 

Kathleen Taylor 
Irvin Taplin 

Susan Thompson 
Phyllis Taylor 

Willis Thibadoa 
Jeffrey Trendel 
David Utpadel 
Larry Ullmann 
Diane Vance 

Patricia Tills 
Ron Trimberger 

Be lirr. 

John Uebele 

Shelby Tin berg 
Dick TVutson 
Dina Ubel 
Gary Valine 
Steven Vandervest 

Joan Thompson 
James Thommes 

One of the new attempts to boost school spirit were the 
pep rallies and cheering contests held outside The Commons 
before each home football game. 

Ronald Velich 
Trudy Verbrielt 
Wayne Voigtschild 

Beth Van Vechten 
Al Vobedja 
Wayne Verdon 

Marcia Wagner* 
Sandra Wahl 
Ray Wagner 

Gary Watkins 

Anthony WaupochicSc 

Fay Waupochick 

Margaret Weaver 

Carolyn Wei gel 

Joanne Weiler 

Joanne Welhaven 

Sy Were 

Terry Weiss 

Carol Whitbeclt 

LeRoy White 

Mary White 

Susan White 

Marlene Wieman 

Patricia White 

Sandra Wiehke 

Sandra Wiem«fjlag« 

AlUn Wilktr 
Maria Wilhelm 


Geraldine Willi* 
Judy Wilton 

Paul Wilting 
Susan Wirthwein 

Marilyn Wisnefike 
Thomai Wiirtiawjki 

Joy Wittchow 
Martha Wolfofd 

Could we think in terms 

of a culmination with graduation? 

Mary Ann 
Carol Wolff 
Cinda Zahn 
John Ztnnar 


Susan Wolf 
Robert Wordtn 
Gregg Zantr 

Laurie Wolff 
Robert Woytatik 
Thomai Zander 
Donna Zimder* 

Donna Albrecht 
Fred Brinkman 
Julia Erlclcson 
Kathleen Fallon 
Jerrold Knutson 

Roberta Anderson 
Marlene Bulgrin 
Wu Chi-hung 
Art Hage 
Douglas Jamen 

As Graduate Students 
we were specializing 

in education 

clothing and textiles 
foods — 
and working on a master's thesis. 

Barb Michalowski assists alumni with registration during homecoming 
at the information booth in the fireside lounge. 

Wilma Hsu Howard Lee 

Richard Neuverth Alice Nuubaum 

Andrew McDonald 

George Ou 

Dominic Mohamad 
Jake Peters 

Byung-Ju Min 
Donald Peterson 

Mary Powers 

Rose Ring 

Robert Reynolds 

Theresa Shiang 
Jean Taylor 
Chun Tzeng 

Gerald Upward 

David Weaver 

Mohammad Zahabioun 

Front Row: Ron Jacoby. social chairman: 
LeRoy Knutson. president; Jack Link, vice 
president. Second Row: Sandy Dewitz. treas- 
urer; Jane Prokop. secretary. 

As Juniors involvement 
became more inherent 

We were involved in classes 
more oriented towards our majors. 
We were learning to prepare ourselves 

for micro-teaching 

student teaching at the high school 

lab projects for abnormal psychology 

advanced studios in ceramics, 

sculpture and painting 
We found a demand for production 

that was uniquely our own — 

individualization . . . 

Wires, circuits, and outlet* present mass confusion to the observer, but Junior 
Tom Godfrey manipulates them well as he wires a flashing "Stout" billboard 
for the Homecoming dance. 

Front Row: Carol Bruce It: Alberta Breuer; Sharon Allen: Kathleen 
Bloch; Linda Lee Anderson; Beverly Babst; Barb Basra: Susan Berg: 
Jane Bushy. Second Row: Jan Andreer Susan Bethlce: Phyllis Bruce: 
Diana Bender; Phyllis Athman; Kathy Atcock: Helen Alton; Bonnie 
Brldgmon; Anna Bucheger. Third Row: Nancy Boland; Cheri Anderson; 
Joanne Bochman; Sandy Schuh; Dyenn Mannisto; Linda Nerison; San- 
dra Bolle: Clarice Biesemeler; Peggy Borden: Kathleen Herman. 

Fourth Row: Richard Bergelm; Wesley Anderson: Raymond Birl; 
Donna Bedsworth; Diane Bublitz; Judith Bloodworth; Sandy Wiemers- 
lage; James Bishop: Robert Boynton; John Bonlt. Fifth Row: George 
Boehmer: William Bred); Ronald Baeseman; Tom Backas: John Box; 
Kenneth Bons: Thorn Arndt: Maurice Anderson; Dennis Barfuss; Randall 

Front Row: Susan Demuth; Margaret Dadismen; Esther Fong: Dawn 
Carlson; Linda Dittburner; Mary Denning; Margaret Cunningham; 
Sandra Claypool; Eileen Christenson. Second Row: Cheryll Christiansen; 
Mary Dolski; Karen Duquain: Suzanne Deehl; Monica Aukland; Debbie 
Douglas; Kathy Campbell; Nancy Dauck; Sand! Dewitz; Mary Dris* 
coll. Third Row: Karen Dahlen; Barbara Cramer; Lena Chenoweth; 

Diane Donaldson; Cynthia Cobb; Connie Coleman; Christy Doven- 
muehle: Ellen Durst: Penny Doyle. Fourth Row: Mike Dorendorf; Gene 
Childs; Danny Fuller: Curtis Fisher; Walter Drees: David Dulin; 
Jeffrey Peplau: Peter Edwards: Mike Genelin. Fifth Row: Jim Cam- 
pion: Mike Boris; Daniel Breitzman; Duane Crawford; Jonathan Dean; 
Donald Delzer; Danny Christiansen; Dennis Dehian; Lee Halberg. 

Front Row: Margaret Bregory: Vieki Folkedahl; Maija-Liisa Fink; Carol 
Gassenhuber; Beverly Gummin; Barbara Cervenka: Diane Hjelle: Penny 
Gruenweld; Jeanine Dill. Second Row: Julianne Henecek; Donna 
Hocevar; Judith Fremstad: Janice Gerdes; Stephanie Govin; Keren 
Fabritz; Mary Ann Ertl; Susan Hilden; Marie Hoffman: Sharon Fischer. 
Third Row: Gretchen Guenther; Roberta Holzinger: JoAnn Hunse; 

Karen Galoff; Joyce Frings: Joyce Hardtke: Kathleen Heimke: Julie 
Gross; Norma Graney. Fourth Row: Rodney Hedeen; Gary Groh; 
Thomas Holzinger; Perry Engstrom; Wayne Hausknecht; William Green; 
James Hesketh; John Harpold; Daryl Hansen. Rfth Row: Stephen 
Heil; Roger Hooymen; Thomas Gasner; Gary Heiden; Lawrence Earll; 
Terry Engemann; Willis Herron; Richard Felts. 

Front Row: Jalene Leifz: Edith Orf; Julie Jensen; Mary Kesner; Mary 
Lemmenes; Lorn Kress; Jean Jacobson; Keren Lane; Mary Fruechte. 
Second Row: Elizabeth Lemke; Yvonne Hady; Louise Lynn; Barbara 
Hoffman; Sherry Keto; Ann Love joy; Elizabeth Gilling; Lois Long; 
Patricia Kintop; Rosemary Koziolek. Third Row: John Link; Colleen 
Nelson; Barbara Langdon; Alice Langham; Ruth Ann Koehl: Jean 

Kasper; Diane Hasart; Colleen Harris; Robert Jones. Fourth Row: 
David Kottwitz; Jan Kichefski; Gary Krueger; Gerald John; Mary 
Jensen: Barbara Klun; Steve Kittleson; Richard Lodle; Loren Jensen; 
Keith Wagner. Fifth Row: Jerome Johnson; Roger Kroes: Tahn Grosse: 
Paul Kieles; Tim Lemke: Lee Gehrke; George Gow; Fred Cammenn: 
Donald Tupper. 

The ten minute break between classes provides an opportunity to ex- 
change casual conversation outside of Bowman Hail. 

The organizational 

activity cycle 

kept many of us moving, 

and often we were frustrated. 

We were involved 

as student senators 


or chairmen 

for campus activities. 
It was a junior 
who was responsible 
for the new coffee house 
in the union. 

Front Row: Shirley Kerska; Kris Hansen; Martha Hyre: Judy Gullicks- 
rud; Diane Krause: Donna Klink; Sue Field; Betty Ksepp: Diane Kon- 
iher. Second Row: Jennifer In travels; Ruth Eggert: Kathleen Koehler; 
Alice Kinder; Linda Larson; Rachel le Lipton; Rita Haag: Jane Hester; 
Beverly Larson; Julie Lewis. Third Row: Judy Jensen; Kathy Miller; Linda 
Jahr: Anona Nelson; Janet Lange: Mary Beth Jung; Sally Larson; Judy 

Kronebuseh; Sue Kluever. Fourth Row: Kenneth Mueller. LeRoy Knut- 
son: Robert Muerer; Jerry Mattson; Thomas Neckvatal; Larry Krueger: 
Louis Menako: Bruce Marx; David Myers; John Jacob. Fifth Row: 
Carl Moscherosch; Charles Jacobson; Brian Krusko: William M inter; 
Robert Haffeman; Daniel Marahl; Ronald Jacoby: Jason Hernandez. 

Front Row: Cathy Nienow; Mary Krusiec: Susan Kepke; Susan Kringle; 
Leann Laufenburger; Gail Johnson; Lynne Magee: Janice Merten; Mari- 
lyn Kramer. Second Row: Donalynn Mehnke: Marie Novasic: Christie 
MaeGregor; Jill Nortman; Jenelle Nievinski; Cheryl Metier; Jan Nel- 
son; Susan Nelson; Victoria Nahorn; Estelle Miyagawa. Third Row: 
Steve Nelson; Kristine Nelson; Katherine Nelson; Mary Lou Olson; 

Sharon Nysse: Ronniece Nystrom; Janet Ovick; Judy Moberg; Jean 
Martin; Geoffrey Kuhn. Fourth Row: Michael McCabe; Wayne Orsted: 
Sandra Murkley; Karne Mueser; Ellen Momsen; Thomas Martin; Donald 
Nelson; James Marx. Fifth Row: Ronald Olson; Ronald Moede: Richard 
Northrop: Jon Nelson; John Ma Ho; Jan Fedie; Mark Olson; David 
Lerdinois; Gordon Ovans. 

Frustrations mounted 
throughout the year. 
The school was growing in numbers 

yet also becoming more specialized . 

Spontaneous movements in streams of fluores- 
cent paint on black captures the creative hand 
of Linda Larson as she assists with decorating 
the homecoming dance. 

Front Row: PrisciUe Rice: Mary Ann O'Brien; Marty Ronnerud: Linda 
Meyer: Marion MeGuckin; Margaret Riemer; Mori Theusch; Margie 
Penico: Delores Pernsterner, Second Row: Jane Prokop: Rosemary 
Riedl; Doris Rhoades: Bonita Rolf; Virgene Riese: Linda Rodgers; 
Carolyn Robertson; Mary Jo Pevonlca; Barbara Pinney; Margaret 
Prideaux. Third Row: Grant Reeves; Marianne Schultz; Kay Parmeter; 
Rose Marie Paul; Donne Rusch; Nancy Thwreatt; Susan Petersen; Mary 

Paulsen; Mary Powers; Gregory Robbins. Fourth Row: Robert Poquette: 
Robert Nash; Dennis Peterson; Steve Peterson; Jack Pasterski; Robert 
Rasmussen; John Ringelspaugh; Richard Rockney: Paul Rabbit*. Fifth 
Row: Thomas Nugent; Bruce Ensworth; Larry Peeters; Raymond Ellen- 
becker; Kenneth Grabarski; Curtis Peters; Donald Reed; Peter Petersen; 
William Rettke. 

Front Row: Nancy Shanahan; Carla Sieker: Sheitah Sura: Donna She- 
ben; Mary Propst; Barbara Rupkalvis; Sue Stenkowski: Ruth Sveen; 
VJcti Sioflet. Second Row: Sue Richardson ; Georgia Schlegel: Sue 
Schmidt: Barbara Souther: Nancy Richards; Sue Rorfvedt; Kathy Pow- 
ers: Kathleen May: Ann Schulie. Third Row: William Schaller: Bonnie 
Sterti: Lynda Sannes; Cheryl Seegers; Sue Stggens; Mary Saltzgiver; 

Betty Simonson; Chrys Thoeny; Kathleen Snyder; David Theis. Fourth 
Row: Jack Simpson: Peter Schroeder: Larry Schaumberg: Robert Sten- 
ner; Edward Tomsich: Daniel Schroeder: Richard Seeber: Walter 
Stolhman; Dale Schmitz. Fifth Row: Brent Surowiec: Donald Sponholrz: 
Gregory Sipek: James Smith; Paul Suprak: Dean Rusch; Donald Sween: 
Ray Petersohn; Albert Pionke. 

An attentive and somewhat cautious class surrounds Mr. 
demonstrates techniques of oxyecetylene welding. 


Was specialization going to affect us, 
or would having 
"just one more year to go" 
leave us untouched 
by the changes within our time? 

Front Row: Diane Smart: Marguerite Wjnterfeldt; Constance Sheffield; 
Jane Salesky; Nancy Smith; Ruby Spalding; Evelyn Schuessler; Sandra 
Weiss; Klaudia Schroeder. Second Row: William Selby; Paula Tangley; 
Linda Schiebel; Nancy Schneider; Judy Sterck; Margaret Schneider; 
Kathy Sims; Louise Smith; Larry Welch. Third Row: Michael Smith; 

Sherrie Whyte; Carol Woraala: Nancy Schoblocher; Janet Smarzinski; 
Renee Schuetz; Catherine Zielanis; Arlene Wiese. Fourth Row: Bruce 
Sanderson; Gale Volbrecht; Rick Vogel; Edwin Yost; Roger Zell: James 

Front Row: Sandy Weinand: Suzanne Wegner; Jan Wyckoff; Kathleen 
Welch; Linda Zeltinger; Catherine Wertschnig; Mary Lou VanDeWalle; 
Lucinda Vance; Peulette Zarnstorff, Second Row: Henry Wiegel; Kath- 
leen Vigneau: Karen Wolkerstorfer: Barb Zupancich; Jean Zorn: Joan 
Zwart; Margy Wood; Ann Wilfert; Francis Yokoyama; Jim Vlasak. 

Third Row: Gary Wolfmeyer; Janis Tucker; Karon Williams; Nancy 
Werner: Lois Wosick; Rhea Williams; Thomas Wilde. Fourth Row: Dean 
Yonkovich; Robert Zeitler; James Windsor; Michael Schemelin; James 
Zagrodnik; Norman Rieman. 

We, as Sophomores 

were returning for a second year 

Registration was less complicated, 
We were already familiar 

with the faculty 

dormitory life 

Suddenly classes demanded more time 

a five credit chemistry course 

textiles and nutrition 

economics — exams were "unbelievable." 

Front Row: Rick Froom, treasurer; Gary Mohr, president; 
Re- Tills, vice-president. Second Row: Glenn Domokos, 
secretary; Karen VanDeHey. social chairman. 

Realizing that accurate measurements are expected in 
her advanced foods class. Lynn Brown meticulously 
determines the weight in grams of the dry ingredients 
for her recipe. 


Front Row: Nancy Bee; Margaret Bodecker; Barbara Barbieux; Jane 
Broaddus: Marie Brentner: Helena Beagle: Patricia Bojniewicz: Carol 
Bliven; Sharon Brown. Second Row: Mary Bero; Wilma Bauer; Bonnie 
Boyer; Jane Brechler; Ann Bishop: Martha Belter; Ingrid Ahlberg; 
Linda Byrne: Christine Barrels; Eileen Welter. Third Row: Donald 
Bergelyn; Michael Anderson; Lona Andrews: Marceile Brust; Kathy 

Bramer; Barbara Anthony; Mary Anders; Allan Beutler; James Beecti. 
Fourth Row; Marvin Bollmen; Joseph Avdele: Randall Andrews: Anthony 
Beyer: Bruce Ausderau; John Bigley; Loren Bretl; Daryl Breitung. Fifth 
Row: Thomas Bartlett; Allan Bray; Gregory Banaszynsfci; James Blair; 
Ridgely Becher; Jeffrey Benson; John Benedict; Thomas Birlcel; Paul 

Front Row: Lynn Bender; Mary Aisenbrey; Linda Bohnert; Marilynn 
Bradley: Diane Anderson: LuAnn Beal: Pamela Brye: Jane Bohman; 
Karen Anastasia. Second Row; Cindy Woodwiclc: Joyce Boser, Jane 
Bjerke; Sharon Brooker; Gayle Ahlers: Barbara Burzynski; Diane Atkins: 
Jean Anderson: Susan Becker; Barbara Caturia. Third Row: Donna 
Champion; Linda Anderson: Shirley Chapeta; Susan Bergh; Mary Behl- 

man: Geraldine Corcoran; Janice Carpenter: Carol Barbiaux: Jill 
Counselman. Fourth Row: Gary Cowles: Gladstone Carty; James Cook; 
Greg Brown; James Behrle; Roger Clark; David Coppins: Thomas 
Coulson: Kirk Chiles. Filth Row: Gene Bruening; Michael Craney: 
Steven Christophersen; Martin Andersen; Alan Ackert; Howard 
Draheim; Skip Kucharski; Bob Ropiak. 

Front Row: Christina Driebel: Loleta Dodge: Hildene Callies; Beverly 
Anderson; Marlene Christensen; Elizabeth Chesney; Juanite Costa; 
Cindy Coffman; Jo Chieppetta. Second Row: Candice Dorn; Gloria 
Hicks; Lynette Caquelin; Kay Chabot; Chen Charland: Sharon 
Dalsoren; Mary Bush; Donna Cox; Mary Ann Drury; Susan Doughty. 
Third Row: Mary Coll ns: Linda Doriot; Carla Danielson; Sharon Detle; 

Sharon Davie; Mary Dinneen; Susan Diers: Dorothy Crown; Catherine 
Delwiche. Fourth Row: Michael Dickson; Gary Delisle: Robert Damon; 
Earl Duckwall: Michael Dejno: Lee Ellison; David Dewey; Marvin Fran- 
son; Daryl Ertl. Fifth Row: Neal Delaruelle: Jeff Dueringer; Robert 
Dorobiala: Michael Dowdle: John Derrick; Roger Carlstrom; Michael 
Ercegovac; Gerald Devereaux; Dennis Ellmaurer. 

Front Row: Yvette Englebretson; Joan Feyen; Deborah Holt; Kath- 
leen Cheyka:*Gwen Dvorak; Madeline Dottevio; Mary Hanson; Kath- 
ryn Gruenhegen; Karen Hahn, Second Row: Carol Govin; Glenys 
Grindle: Margaret Fleming; Linda Gerczak; Martina Rindsig; Barbara 
Patek: Catherine Daehn; Jane Deednck; Linda Barf us: Elizabeth Gul- 
lerud. Third Row: Richard Eddy: David Goodman; Kristine Hebert; 

Colleen Fitzpa trick: Susan Gerber: Jeanne Gustafson; Donna Frey: 
Ellen Hain: Rainer Fleschner. Fourth Row: Dave Haffelder; Stephen 
Henseler; Darryl; Thomas Farmer; John Farah; Edward Hess; 
Thomas Hartmen; Donald Falborski; Raymond Erspamer. Fifth Row: 
Richard Fenner: Dale Haack; James Fowble: John Feller; Curtis 
Ginnow; Richard Grote; Donald Smith; James Kraft; James Honkala. 

^'?SS3flBS5Wr- W^ 

Floor parties and petty conversations 
still consumed much of our time, 
but they began to fall 
into the right perspective 

along with studying and 

involvement in campus organizations. 

Carol DeGrave finds that filing negatives in the audio-visual department 
is a somewhat tedious job in which accuracy and careful handling of 
negatives is of utmost importance. 

*"A i -z 




Front Row: Karen Home; Sail Home* Jane Gullickson; Sue Jernham; 
Betty Fisher; Cheryl Harmeyer; Sherry Hoger: Jill Hauck: Kathleen 
Fredrtckson. Second Row: Linda Gustefson; Janice Gosch: Theresa 
Hanson: Maureen Hanrahan; Clarice Gabor; Catherine Hiemeru: 
Margaret Hanson* Lois Hilson: Karen Gerloff; Linda Holmes. Third 
Row: Paula Howery; Kathy Herderhoff: Mary Gonwa: Fay Gehrke: 

Lorna Hanson; J deque Johnson; Audrey Ehnert; Heidi Grover; Poldi 
Gerblng. Fourth Row: George Hendricks; James Hornby; Robert 
Hardy; Joseoh Fuehrer: Lauren Groth: Galen Fitzel; Russ Greiber; 
Richard Heffel; Alan Hein: David Hubbard. Fifth Row: Roger Gut; 
John Grosser; Vernon Haas: Gary Hanson: Robert Goetz: Roger 
Goldbach; Robert Hanne; Stephen Gebert; Richard Hartiell. 

Front Row: Sherry Lofy: Eileen Davidson: Rufh Elkins; Cathe EwanJc; 
Jean Huth; Nona Jones: JoAnn Holte: Debby Davenport; Mary Jacob- 
son. Second Row: Vicki Heichel; Wanda Huisman; Nancy Goodman; 
Bonnie Hutchinson; Susan Hill; Maya Hahn; Marilyn Hole; Sandy 
Reeves: Anita Iverson; Marilyn Hanson, Third Row: Judith Johnson; 
Suzanne James; Catherine Johnson; Donna Hanus; Mary Jedrzeiewski; 

Susan Hahn; Deanne Julier; Kathleen Janes; Frederick Jacobson. Fourth 
Row: Derold Heim: Robert Dickinson; Joseph Hank; Lawrence Hollen- 
bach; Thomas Hebel: Douglas Fox; Richard Froom; Gary Gluth; David 
Hendrickson, Fifth Row; Thomas Jorgensen; Ronald Jochimsen: Richard 
Janos; Dennis Imme; William George: Malcolm Kucharski; Robert 
Ropiak; Ned Hoffman. 


V £ V 

?i wi i 

© V 



Front Row: Lynn Kimball; Paulette Kaiser; Anna Koch; Joann Kennedy; 
Kathleen Kant; Kristine Kojis: Judith Kundert; Terr! Krause; Sandra 
Kust. Second Row: Doris Kraemer; Donna Kiel; Juanita Knudtson; 
Maureen Kelley; Clare Kllnlcenberg; Oenice Kinsley: Colleen Kaplan; 
Kathleen Kirk; Arlene Klawiter; Catherine Kelly. Third Row: Gary 
Kohnke: Francis Jochmann; Darrell Korth; Katharine Kulas; Marjorie 

/ ~ 

Miller; Jennifer Johnson; Kimberly Koenig; Stan Jones; Steve Lund- 
quist. Fourth Row: William Klug; Warren Krueger; John Kylmanen; 
Gary Kretschmer; Dale Krahn; John Kroegel; Michael Koslowski; 
William Kroll; Elroy Kleman. Fifth Row: James Krause: Roger John- 
son; Raymond Jacobson; Joseph Jurkowski; Ted Kluck; Chuck Jansky; 
Ken AppJehans: Jon Kressin; Thomas Jarepko. 

For some the signs of growth 
were quite visible . . . 

Turning the handle of a screwdriver involves Terry Squier in meeting 
one of the semester requirements for his basic metals course. 

Front Row: Barb Michalowski; Mary Lou Lerlcin: Mary Liegel: Janice 
Lufter: Sharon Johnson: Leah Lamprecht; Ellen Loti; La u rice Larson; 
Carol Lersen. Second Row: Lorna Lebakken; Patricia Ollenburg; Myla 
Lewis; Marilyn Miller; Dianne Larson; Ann Baggett; Kathy Gauger; 

Pauline Letlco: Alicia LaRanzie: Mary Lohmiller. Third Row: JacqueSyn 
Lepafc: Karen Liselc; Frances Lenegar; Lucinda Lincoln; Anita Nelson; 

Shirley Larson; Ann Lovdahl; Kathleen Hammill; Katheryn Larson. 
Fourth Row: Edmund Kowiesfci; Jarl Leirfallom; Steven Leclair; David 
Kline: Charles Krupa: Michael Killien: Peter Kernpfert: Jerome Kreus: 
Thomas Kostuch; Daniel Laufenberg. Fifth Row: Leo Leick: John Liesch: 
Jed Krieger; Alan Kessler; Myron Laabs: Donald Knipp; Gerald 
Laude; David Luce; Michael Kubacfci; Frank Reisehel. 

Front Row: Sharie Myers; Maureen Fihpatrick; Leann Paisley; Kathleen 
Maehler; Jennifer Mathwig; Carol Vanderbilt; Carol Masbruch; Lynn 
Wrasse: Delores McCullick. Second Row: Mary Murray: Jean Forester; 
Deborah We!sch; Bonnie Martin; Jeanne Morgan: Becky Mason: Patricia 
Maki: Linda LeJeune: Kathy Meyer; Cathy Mayer. Third Row: Skypp 
Lee: Sheri Mueller; Mary Merkley; Lynn McClain; Cynthia Munn; 

Tsuru Matsui; Priscilla Mousseau: Marjory Mareks; Nancy Mathey. 
Fourth Row: Peter Maass: Edward Lehnert; William McCarrier; Ronald 
McLester: Brad Marshall; John McElroy: Lee Littmann; John Morrison; 
Harvey Look. Fifth Row: Richard Larson; Michael Maiman; Dave 
Leindecker; Thomas May; Thomas McDonough; Tim Maloney; Edward 
Miklavcic; Kenneth Latourelle; Darell Larson. 

Some anticipated involvement 
in the Greek system. 

Others chose to remain alone — 
as the reference was made. 

The media it mesh wire, stretched end hammered to a wooden 
frame. Often it takes hours of , concentrated group effort to 
construct a ftoat for the homecoming parade. 

Front Row; Kathleen Miller: Sharon Moore; Kathy McKenzie; Carol 
Kischel; Sharon L. Mueller; Susan McGreth: Deanna Miller; Mary 
Lynne Quandf; Ruth Medgaarden. Second Row: Linda Madary; Mary 
McGowan; PriseiUa Maleni; Roberta Malti; Alice Malcholm; Ruby 
Merry: Wendy Nelson; Ntfncy Noll; Melissa Nelson; Karen Qfferdahl. 
Third Row: Michael .Masferson; Laura Neuburg; Mary Neis: Mary 

Mertowifz: Margaret McLaughlin; Patr'cia Noonan; Kathryn Rogers; 
Carolyn Menec: George McPhillips. Fourth Row; Michael Nogle: Rich- 
ard Mayo: Merle Masciola; Dai Mendini; Marvin Melster: Anthony 
Mertes: Gary M hr; Gary MaTlcet; Keith Myers. Fifth Row; Keith 
Mitchell: John Morstad: George Remlinger: Tom Libert; Robert Mielke: 
David Massopust; Thomas Michelefti: Kenneth Mollet. 

Most of us were involved 

in some type of group activity . . . 

Brushes, coils, and armatures become important elements as Dr. 
Spinti points out to his sophomore electricity class on a demonstration 
model of an electric motor. 

Front Row: Mary Ploederl; Elizabeth Peterson; La Donna Nass: Sharon 
Pteifer; Camille Pelkowski; Julie Oen: Sandra Polzln; Suzanne Pliska: 
Shari Prill. Second Row: Leslie Piller; Erien© Ochs: Sue Olipra: Patricia 
Peters: Rita Paulson; Maureen O'Brien: Corstance Petig: Janeel Olm: 
Mary LeSrand. Third Row; Arthur Nakatani; Thomas Pitts: Mary Pro- 
mis: Clarice Pedersen: Nlcki Nissen; Margaret Powers: Mary Jane 

Orth; Nancy Nascene; Stephen Nagel; Larry Olbrantz. Fourth Row: 
John Maresh; Conrad Mayer; William Prue; Donald Nelson; Robert 
Newton; Donald Olson; Craig Oliver; Robert Pytlarz; Rick Nowak. 
Fifth Row: Stephen Pregent; Mark Lamere: Ronald Nelson; Jeff Pier- 
remont; Kwi Clerk Portz: Thomas Phillips: Roger Olson; Edward 
Novey: Alan Pankau: Lary PfeiKer. 

© - Jl 


' m 

f fj 

L V v 


1**. m 

mjM \ A 

Front Row; Marilyn Rassbach; Kathy Ruhr Christine Ramseur; Susan 
Renner; Toni Riemer; Susan Rodgers: Teresa Ruter; Becky Roberts: 
Marjorie Rowland. Second Row: Joe Springhuth; Kathryn Reints; 
Nancy Runge: Joanne Rank: Janell Rowe: Mary Regan; Patricia Reh- 
berg: Christine Repp: Judith L. Rungler; Kenneth R. Stoey. Third Row: 
Ramiro Salas: Michael R. Saeger: David L. Mattner; Thomas Rasico; 

Clarence Rachick; James Ruck: Charles Pytlarz: Roger Soletske: Dean 
R. Seaton. Fourth Row: Terrance Sowa; Russell Redman; Steven Rank- 
lin; Roger Siebke: Terry Rader; Gary Swanstrom; Frank Reischel; John 
Nordin; Nick Podgurski; Bill Peil. Fifth Row: Ned Sambur: Mike Ryan: 
Stephen Rodey: James Riederer; Herbert Riedner; Cliff Perteete: 
Andrew Prodoehl- William Rahoy: James Pegels. 

Front Row: Nancy Strommen. Mary Schwarti: Iris Spaeth: Susan Smith 
Barbara Schwan: Mardianre Wiksten: Penelope Scharf; Peggy Stewart 
Mary Steams. Row Two: Barb Steger: Brenda Seng; Bonnie Splitt 
Deborah Schulti: Lynne Sullivan: Sonja Swanson; Karen Swanson; Debra 
Smith; Bonnie Rasmussen: Gay Silvestri. Third Row: Judy Schleder 
Susan Sturm; Robin Schluter; Carolyn Schmidt; Karen. Sederberg 

Sherry Schreiber; Paulette Steuernagel; Parricia Stoffel; Susan Sjo- 
beck. Fourth Row: Jerome Waldvogel; Gerald Schroeder: George 
Stutter; Steve Spilde: John Schindhelm; Dale Stonek: Lynn Ream: 
Jeff Reames: Daniel Scheumemann. Fifth Row: Peter Srsowdon; James 
Stone: James Schwebke: Ted Ritter; James Toni; Craig Schneider; 
Richard Bednar; Bruce Kaponya: Michael Murray: Michael Jenevel. 

Front Row: Meg Solyst: Martha Scoville: Norm* Stuvetraa: Linda Van 
Ruiswyk; Susan Scherrer; Clydene Tunks: Barbara Voetmenr.; Helen 
Thompson; Marcia Tielens. Second Row: Marsha Tob«n: Bernice Ukkola: 
8onnie Thaanum; Virginia Tippler; Grace Thomas: Leone Trailer; Gail 
Zimmerman; Linda Unger; Crystal Thayer; Dawn LWman. Third Row: 
Steven Schultz: Thomas Vils; Robyn Vosz; Catherine Vanderheiden; 
Jeanne U poena; Helen Venderhyden; Kathleen Theiss: Lynnette Shier; 

Mark McFarland. Fourth Row: Gary Winkler; David Terril; Richard 
Valer.ta: Walter Tollefson; David Szalanski; Lawrence Tienor; Kenneth 
Turek; Robert Scaife: Patrick Sprague: Dennis VanDehey. Fifth Row: 
Robert Urban; Kenneth Voeli; Michael Tharp; John Skadahl; Jack 
Vanert; Michael Murray: Donald Jochman; Steven Steffes; Thomas 

Front Row: Karen VanDehey: Jans Vanselow; Katherine Wuebben: 
Debbie Waller; Margaret Winiarskl: Peggy Wery: Jacklyn Warner. 
Second Row; Daniel Witter be rger; Linda Worden; Sharon Williams: 
Glenda Wesley: Jean Wilde: Susar Wgnder; Judy Werner; Terry 

Wi^cheL Third Row: Dave Wielend: Donr^a Wolfe: Marjorie Wicker* : 
Rosalyn Wagner: Susan Van Remortel: Jernifer Walters: Jane Wells: 
Timothy Williams. Fourth Row: Timothy Witke; Robert Wells: Dale 
Wheelock: Lawrence Wrass: John WatVins: Da'e Wenzler. 

Front Row: Sandra Walker. Marc>a Zafcariasen: 8*cly Wright; Ann 
Wiehe: Roberta Zebro: Theresa Zuehlke: Bonnie Whitfield. Second 
Row: Judy Westfell: Margaret Willkom: Jeanne Udovc: Michele Wil- 
liams: Ellen Ziewac7: Jen' Walsirsghem: Kristine Yager. Third Row: 

Richard Yocco; Neal Walt*: Ywain Waldow: Alan Webber: Steven 
Zellmer: Richard Georgeson; Douglas Wollalt. Fourth Row: John Winn: 
Raymond Wolff: David Williams: Stephen Woggon; Harold Welhoyse: 
Michael Ziebell: Jack Ziebell. 

But probably more important, 
We had to start thinking 

about student power; 

about when to question, 

and when to agree 

about what direction we were taking 

here at this university. 
The time was now. 

Cement in a moving state will become a solid, reinforcing element 
forming the foundation of one of the many university complexes in 
construction throughout the year. 

Front Row: Scott Krueger, president: 
Tom Bothwell. vice president. Second 
Row: Gail Benes, treasurer: Pem 
Fieber, secretary: Judy Lahti. social 

We were a large class, 
about 1200 Freshmen 

We were new, 

We wanted to know 

what was happening here; 
We (earned about 



the upperclassmen 

You might say "we grooved." 

The building of a university campus involves a demolition process as 
well as construction. The old heating plant was torn down to allow 
for a new parking ramp. 

Front Row: Mary Bue: Susan Anderson: Judy Adams: Barbara Anderson: Anderson: Candy Ashley: Christine Albertson: Peggy Andersen: 
Gladys Anfinson. Second Row: Carol Bruesewiri: Mary Benning: Cheryl 
Bray: Judy Breitengrass: Deborah Beebe: Patricia Baum: Janet Boivin: 
LeVonne Bartelson; Mary Bellin; Ramona Bergman. Third Row: Eric 
Adams; Mary Blake: Deda Barowsky: Mary Bibeau: Susan Brunclik: 

Roberta Buchan; Barbara Baker; Linda Brooke: Noreen Braun; Fred 
Anderl. Fourth Row; Thomas Barbeau: Gary Bootz: Dennis Buetow; 
Thomas Agnew; Paul Arainy: Mark Brychta: Craig Anderson: Curtis 
Boehm; Larry Berg. Fifth Row: Rick Anderson; Bruce Brewster: Larry 
Barnhart; William Bussian; Dennis Becher; Thomas Banaszynski; Jim Bon- 
lender; Paul Aschenbeuer; Allen Buros: Date Behringer. 

Front Row: Lynda Anderl: Roianne Arks: Nancy Anderson: Sheryl Bray- 
ton; Mercy Buroker; Kathy Adams: Nancy Bergman; Veleug Bergsholm: 
Nancy Bickel. Second Row; Suzetie Brown; Llene Benninger; Elaine 
Anderson: Gail Benes: Ann Breitweiser; Mary Baker: Kathy Bruegger: 
Lynda Barclay: Jane Beesley: Fauneil Brekke. Third Row: Margaret 
Bertler: Barb Brecher; Beverly Beirne: Judith Bieske: Barb Borchert; 
Doris Berger; Dorothy Babler; Mary Boyer: Shirley Berg: Carol Brings. 

Fourth Row: James Bonini; Keith Beck; Kathryr Alder: Cindy Ballard: 
Kathy Beuniann; Jane Brgnclik: Karen Barr; Roiene Anderson; Brenda 
Blenker: Donald Swanson: Norbert Banaszynskl. Fifth Row: Richard 
Anderson; Terry Breldinger; Tom Bothwell: Bruce Andersen: Vaughn 
Bray: David Blunk; Gerald Annis: Bill Butler; Doug Breneman; Steve 

We wanted to be different; 
in some ways we were. 

We were confused at registration 
spent hours on the telephone 
talking and laughing . . . 

The stamp of "The Pawn" marked the opening of a coffee house which 
sponsored a folk group for entertainment each week. 

Front Row: Deborah Cesa"'sky: Mary Brennan: Linda Baler: Nancy 
Brozyna: Shirley Burtum: Kathy Cieszki; Lynn Carlson: Penny Christie: 
Margaret Chaput. Second Row; Donna Clement: Rosenne Cuda: Mary 
Cowan: Lois Czerwinski; Patricia Berg: Linda Burg: Alison Close: 
Monique Cooper; Patricia Asher; Linda Bretl. Third Row; Gayle 
Cornell: Shirley Christianson; Stephanie Cutler: Stephanie Chaney: 
Lenore Clark: Betty Claussen: Catherine Cavieiel: Eleesa Christe^sen: 

Scott Che^fer, Fourth Row; Daniel Coot: Steven Campeau: David 
Castner; Bertrend Cottam: Eric Dornfeld: Robert Clapp: Michael 
Crowley: Michael Drexler; Gerald Cardinal: Everett Ellwitj. Filth Row: 
Jim Conzelrnan:' Larry Fritschler- Mark Cromos: Jack Capelle: Steven 
Commo: William Crouch; Dove Cychosz: Robert Comstock; Mark 
Chasco: Rick Chaput. 

Front Row: Darla Deer: Pat Dirkx: Sharon Chase: Honorie Cote: Jane 
Cupery; Cindy Craig: Linda Carlson; Pam Cooper: Dianne Conrad. 
Second Row: Patti Demereih: Christine Dolata* Sandra Dehl: Dolores 
Dale: Nancy Clark; Janet Deinhamer; Peggy Davis: Diane Depas: Paul* 
Elliott. Third Row: Danna Erickson; Martha Dedrickson; Janice Dunham: 
Phyllis Damask: Nancy Dodge: Mary Danielson: So^ia Dregoi'ovich: 

Blair Eastman; Mary Ecker. Fourth Row: CHrls Driessen; Penny Eaton: 
Barb Elfstrom: Enid Ehlen; Sheila Eisentraut; Mary Eklund: Edward 
Dachs: Paul Dankemeyer: Joseph Daniels. Fifth Row: Thomas DeBeck: 
Michael Dowd: Derrell Danielson: Clinton Doege: Dale Demske: Ross 
Daniels: Malcolm Dicks: Mark Diedrich; Thomas Dixon: Michael Dries- 

Front Row: Sue Fricker: Pamela Fieber; Jean Engstrom; Pamela Fahl; 
Jan is Eaton; Nancy Fichten: Patricia Pahrman; Carol Flynn: Janet 
Fisher. Second Row: Mary Finner: Cheryl Frank; Sue Fogerty; Judith 
Fletcher; Pat Freiteg: Janice Fuhrmann; Donna Frome; Cathy Fleming: 
Mexine Fleming: Karen Flasher. Third Row: Raymond Ehlert; Catherine 
Crimi: Joan Garton: Patricia Fox: Pamela Fist: Jeanne Field: Genevieve 

Gavers: Judith Gummerson; Robert Freck, Fourth Row; Dennis Elliott; 
Christopher Farrington; Robert Flood: Robert Douglas: Scott Fowler; 
Terry Fremer; Dennis Fangmeyer: William Engstrom: Scott Carey. Fifth 
Row; William Fremgen: Walter Friedman; Douglas Fransee: Michael 
Fett; John Green; Kenneth Frye: Frank Fielkowski; Bill Chase: Thomas 
Fleter; Ronald Everson. 

Front Row: Karen Gredvig; Nancy Gurn; Pat Gwin; Barb Glass: Sandra 
Galoff; Mary Grant; Kathleen Gerlten; Suzanne Goeti: Janice Ganser. 
Second Row: Stephanie Hull; Kathleen Gucciardi; Janice Glines: Lois 
Gullickson; Leola Gebauer; Sharon Gray: Jean Gunsolley; Crystal 
Goetsch; Carol Hahn. Third Row: Sid Gustafson; Linda Haun; Lorraine 
Hansen: Barbara Gomulak; Diane Gutgesell; Patricia Glines: Barb 

Hughes: Connie Hilton; Cathy Halama: Tom Gehrt. Fourth Row: 
Richard Herling; Steven Gloclczin; Bob Geiger; Jerry Graham; Rand 
Foss: Fred Giegler; Dave Goetiinger; Dav=d Gerard: Tom Hagmann. 
Fifth Row; Alfred Gilmore: Bill Hendrickson; Bernard George: Rick 
Gulan; John Hanna: Kim Gruehmather; Mike Dobrowolski; Walter 
Goes: Jim Gallman; Harry Garcia. 

We were exposed to a variety of classes 
fundamentals of design 
English 102 
and general psychology. 

At timet it requires torn t thing along the line of * 
"long end dance routine" by photographer John 
Russell to stimulate laughter during a freshmen 
group shot for tho TOWER. 

Front Row: Lynn Hyeclt: Teresa Hillyer; Jill H«rdt; Amy Hell: Jo Ann 
Handriclton; Jane Henley: Judith HecVel: Koran Hemuth: Margaret 
Hansec. Second Row: Babett* Gronning; Mary Hull; Christine Httxtl: 
Susan Hauqhian: Dolores Hanriclson; Marilyn Hytt; Cary Hertmann; 
Diane Hoadley: Colleen Hartle: Ruthann Harmon. Third Row: Robert 
Hendrickton; Barbara Heagy: Ellen Hatfield: Susan Hein: Cathy Jughes: 
Aline Holman; Gay* Hoese: Christine Hipp: Eileen Hansen- Lawrence 

Harvey. Fourth Row: Gene Hartlaub: Richard HaucVe: Michael Heebink: 
Robert Heidasi: William Halada: Richarc Henry Hoefferle- 

William Hoagland: John Haerstad: Steve H*nrieh. Rfth Row: William 
Genett: Vernon Helthuettr; Jeffrey Haas: Jeff Heitlemp; William 
Hermann: Rob Heiman; Larry Haze": Michael Hosni: Marl Hendricks" 
Dave Hintiman. 

Front Row: Rebecca Jacobsen: Betsy Hennings: Barbara Hinz: Mar- 
garet Havelt: Grace Holman: Karla Henning: Sherry Habeck: Mary 
Hetzel; Diane Hooyman. Second Row: Monica Hintzman: Debbie Johns- 
ton: Rhonda Hagen: Kathleen Hanlcen: Mary Hoye: Kathy Hart: Linda 
Houns: Kathleen Jennerman: Nina Johnson. Third Row: Philip Janice: 
Mary Hjelter- Linda Jaeger: Susan Johns; Alice Jorgensen; Jean John- 

son; Jane Jensen: Sally Jorgenson; Kris Johnson: Steve Joelson. Fourth 
Row; Paul Janien; Rolland Hammer: Chris Jauquei: Fred Jerina: David 
Jansen: Joseph Heringlake: Tom Hat'erman; David Jansen; Robert 
Kutcher. Fifth Row: Don Kuchar; Rex Koderl; Henry Kunkel; Ricfc 
Konetsti: Ed Jakober: Warren Jensen: John Jensen: Wayne Loetfler: 
Edward Jarapko. 

Front Row: Linda Jochimsen: Susan James: Linda Johnsrude; Mary Jens: 
Pam Jurcek; Gwen Kapitan: Jean Koepnick: Kathleen Kodzik: Audrey 
Kovach. Second Row: Janet Kohler: Cynthia Kurkowski; Gail Krusko: 
Patricia Kaas: Kristine Krause: Kaye Kimberley: Mary Kolleth: Linda 
Kurz: Patricia Kilcoyne: Linda Kees: Catherine Kopp, Third Row: Gary 
Kuehl; Virginia Knudtsor.: Joyce Klumb: Kathy Kneebone: Joy Kas 

perek: Bonnie Kern: Kathleen Kules: Linda Johnson: Karen Katusic: 
Regina Klenovich. Fourth Row: Dennis Kohlmen; Alex Kress: Danny 
Kasten: Steven Johnson: Ronald Klinkert; Stan Johnson; James Lewis; 
James Miller: Dave Krchelich; Jim Krumpos. Fifth Row: Mark Burwell: 
William Jorgenson; Thomas Kluge: Jon King; Kenneth Krani; Leland 
Helke: Kevin Krinke: Henry Klapproth; Raymond Janes: Thomas Jones. 

Front Row: Lynn Koca: Christine Kolstad: Dorothy Kocovsky; Kay 
Knudtson; Penny Kienbaurn: Maryann Koeppel; Patricia Kedonsky: 
Jayne Konieczny; Mary Lochner. Second Row: Mary Ann Larson: Cathy 
Lapel-ski; Judie Lehti; Debera Ludy: Karen Lindberg: Linda Losey: 
Barbara Latkow; Jeanne Larson: Mary Loomis: Joanne Lemay. Third 
Row: Terry Knowles: Becky Kvelland: Mary Kietzfce: Susanne Kress: 

Jean Landsman: Donna Lischefski: Sharon Lepkowicz: Carolyn Lange: 
Judy Llnse. Fourth Row: Daniel Larsor: Carl Lindahl: Scott Kinmore: 
Mark Larson; Wayne Leef: Scott Lukas: John Lukas: Dave Lerche: 
George Wiedenmeier. Fifth Row; Carl Kramer: Robert Knight: Craig 
Liiti; Pat Kavanagh: Bert Lietzow; Alan Lund: Don Mano: Ken Lave- 
ture; Tony Miller; Aldon Lokken; Glenn Luscher, 

Some of us were undecided 
about our majors 
or how to study "correctly," 
about the building program, 
the hours. 

Mr. OUen explains the functions of major systems while two "curious" freshmen dissect a 
member of the crustacean class in their general biology course. 

As a class 

we selected officers 
participated in Homecoming 
and elected "Gigi" 
as Miss Freshman. 

For Debbie Devich end Sue Skebe th« Big-Little Sit Tea It «n opportunity to moot with 
upporelatsman Kathy Burgher and discuss thtir anticipation* of college Wo. 

Front Row: Donna Macke: Nancy Me'raus: Eva Larson; Feyo Lumsdon: 
Karer Larson; Lynda Laicher Lavonrt Lampion; Terria-n Lock*: 
Kathryn lemmones. Soeond Row: T-ereia Millar: Lois MaMa: Sandra 
Loronz; Susan Lamb: Roborta Lubeke: Grotchen Maaso-- Julio Mc 
N«mar; Mary Mather- Girdy Mama- Ka'hleen Morton. Third Row: 
Audroy Masok; Batte Laquo: Shirloy McGlir: Chrij An* Mayor; Rosalind 

Lindgron; Chrijtine Myrvold: Barbara Maaf Ruth Loworor; Sandra 
McNamara. Fourth Row: Jaffery Millar: Ronald Mompier; Data Malmar: 
Larry Mattis; Patrick McCarthy: Michaol Miltx: Stavo Maloskl: David 
Mamie: Roy Miles: Dan O'Connor. Fifth Row: Bruco Metjgor; William 
Mars-all; Bob Mitchell; David Manosky: Mark Moora: Tim Matting: 
Charles Mooro: William May: Jonathan Martin; John McCormtck. 

' * * 



Front Row: Donna May: Kara- McChemey; Patricia Myers: ©lorie 
Morris: Vicki Marquard*: Susan Mere": Janet Moles: Carolyn Matcher: 
Elaine Huiiman. Second Row: Bernadette Molter: Peggy Mackle: Bar- 
bara Meier; Karen Mlckelson; Derlene Martin: EHen Matthias: Sandra 
McLaSn: Li^de Miekelion; Sharon Myhre: Linda Monten; Kathleen 
Myhra. Third Row: Kethy Welsse-- Marta Meyer: Susan McLean: Sandra 

Meiner; Linda Moritz: Mary McKeTie: Linda Manthei: Kathleen 
Mitchell: Sandra Martin. Fourth Row; Dennis Mousel: Brad Ommetrts: 
Tim McClure: Robert Massey: James Meier; Alan Maroh: Bruce 
Mueller; James Martin: Richard Mo* Fifth Row: Jorry 

McCabe: Richard Moore: Jerome Mellrr Charles Meyer: Lyle Nelson; 
Steve Meyer: Mike Meindel: Jeff McCarthy: John Lamson. 

Front Row: Judith Merck; Bonnie Mailing; Jane Meldonis; Cathy 
Mehring: Kirsten Mence: Kethy MauN; Mary Mlodzik; Linda Olson; 
Carol Opiela. Second Row: Wendy Olson; Johanna Norreim: Lila 
Nelson: Lona Holsen; Audrey Nelson: Kerilyn Mischke: Constance 
Mehls; Barbara Nelson; Cathy N>eds: Nerianne Nikoley: Alan's Nelson. 
Third Row: Michael Purchatzke: Carol Nowak: Sally Nielsen: R^n%% 

Nyhut: Janice Mclver; Teresa Newman; Anita OJson; Penny Nelson: 
Scott Priebe. Fourth Row: Ted Poquette: Michael Pomrening; Aleiander 
Petropouios: Ronald Olson: Carl Olsen; Edward Nawcomb: Kenneth 
Nielsen; David Olson; Paul Milinovich: Nickolas Popoutsis. Fifth Row; 
Michael Nichols: Byron Olson: Pierre Ovenin; Leo Neville. Jr.: La»-e-ce 
Supralt: Rebh Pontillo; Pete Noffke: Dave Olson; John Polacek. 

m .1 

: «fl 

1 jk 




I Mil *">w9^l ■ ai JE 

^ *"jBHF- B ^ i 
■2^ Bl^H 

^^ ^k ^| ^j 

f vC « A* 1 ~- JJJJJkI -"" lJ 

Bhl ■•" J 


1 H^fl 


k) r 

Front Row: Betty Pmce: Judi Potrati: Jen Peterson: Paulette Opsel: 
Diane Olson: Mary Pricket*: Beth Prindle: Jan Pecha; Mary Pagenkopf. 
Second Row; Linda Peterson: Ardith Quilling; Linda Pirn; Mary Olia: 
Carol Paulson; Susie O'Brien: Judy Olson; Natalie Olson: Mary Petta: 
Mary Quilling. Third Row: Rosalie Pruti; Peggy Packer: Pat Plntens; 
Ruth Ottum; Darlene Qssmann; Nyla Oelke; Jeanne Prast: Judy 

Passow: Jan Pyrcioch. Fourth Row: Charles Plass: Wayne Peterson: 
Jerry Parks: Don Prochnow; Steve PraH; Jim Potts: Ron Oman; Jim 
Raymond; Bob Richardson: Bill Reimenn. Fifth Row: Greg Raikowski; 
Ed Petrie: A'len Reischel: Ken Reader; Bryce Peterson: Keith Peterson: 
Tom Roti: Joe! Rudd: Stephen Richter. 

Front Row: Georgina Rehdentz; Pamela Rouzer; Janet Rudd; Linda 
Rasmussen; Marilyn Radesk: Linda Roots: Marquita Parks: Julie Penne- 
nen; Maureen Peterson. Second Row: Connie Schuftz: Demise Rheeume; 
Kay Romness: Renee Ramsay: Linda Robers: Lorena Roberts; Lillian 
Rogers: Janice Ruda: Kris Rutishauser; Connie Rupprecht. Third Row: 
Thomas Stelling: Karen Shalkhauser; Linda Ruskell; Sharon Plett; Mary 
Seller; Dolores Siebke: Bonnie Shafer; Susan Sedivec: Levone Sneen; 

Raymond Romblom, Fourth Row: Lon Stole: Edward Siira: David Ross- 
men; Dwight Sklander; Roger Stoeger; Robert Reifenberg: Terry Rosen- 
berg; Bernard Rusch; Wesley Rood; Charles Quirt. Fifth Row: Michael 
Scania: Michael Scheiber; William Sandberg; Gregory Strasburg; 
Timothy Schult; Jeffrey Rouse: Stuart Strong; Jim Schneider; Jeffrey 

.- - . 

IL £ 

Front Row: Sue Scheve: Marsha Sheehen; Kathy Schmidt: LeeAnn 
Steffen: Christine Schultz: Ann Schelley: Becki Smith: Larelle Schoon- 
hov«n: Sally Soderberg. Second Row: Rita Smith: Roxann Schanzen- 
bach; Cathy Speich; Lucy Schindler; Nancy Shomperlen: Kathy Sorcic: 
Benita Rude: Ann Rechubinski: Judy Sonnenberg: Lois Schulze. Third 
Row: Nancy Selby: Sue Sfriepling: Pam Skerda: Patsy Stoven: Judy 

Smalley: Dariene Sehulh; Bonnie Saupe: Eileen Slack: Jane Strenger. 
Fourth Row: Dean Strehlau: Jim Smith: Joe Schwartz: Mary in Samp. 
lawski; Chuck Schmitt; Larry White: Randy Soderbeclc: Dan Sciuti: Den 
Strehlau: Dua-e Swanson. Fifth Row: Lo?sn Schrader: Craig Sheets: Je-'i 
Sorensen: John Sippel: Dennis Sampso-: Chet Vier: Tom Stogie: Bob 
Schweiss: Bill Schuck, 

By the end of the year 
we had our friends 
we had formulated 



During a study break. Randy Standaert examines his final result 
after cleaning his shotgun for hunting season. 

Front Row: Ann Schaffer: Patrice Sharkey: Susan Stim; Louise Ster- 
llnske: Nancy Stahl: Denise Streeter: Jeanne Schlottman; Judith Scapple: 
Barbara Schullz. Second Row: Ann Tocco: 8arb Theema: Renee Tvete«: 
Aleda Schuetz; Mary Stephens: Leslie Schaefer; Jean Smasal: Kasey 
Ten Pas: Elaine Thompson: Kay Trudeau. Third Row: George Taylor: 
Marilynn Theiss: Doris Thompson: Judith Score: Linda Seul: Carol 

Thompson: Carol Tepe: Daryla Trippler; Susan Techau; Lionel Tern- 
merm. Fourth Row: Russell Swartz; Kenneth Schwartr: Ronald Steffan; 
Kenneth Simpson: Kevin Scholfield: Donald Swanson; Robert Schmade- 
beet; David Strauss: Thomas Schmitt; David Schmidt. Fifth Row: Michael 
Suckow; Dale Stoflet: Michael Smith: Jon Schoenborn; Steven Schwari: 
Steven Schulr: Dale Schulz: Bill Simanda: Terry Sehoenbock. 

Front Row: Pat Vandenhoy: Anne Vernon; June Vobejde: Susan Verville: 
Jane Ulik: Linda Vender Vennet; Phyllis Ulm; Merry Vinette; Linda 
Verdon. Second Row: Anita Williams: Valerie White: Kathy Vinette; 
Mercy Spangler; Karen Vasey: Annelies Vandersterren; Chris Williams: 
Cindy Wallintin; Sue Wilkie: Judy Van Home; Becky Warner. Third 
Row: Curt Thomas: Annette Winiarskl; Lyndell Barnes: Mary Beth 

Sevctk; lone Van Blaricom: Eunice Venture: Barbara Valley: Jean Voigts: 
Roxann Weiss; Chuck Vanschoonhoven. Fourth Row: Dale Tolene: Mike 
Shimeta: Kent Thomas; Mike Tobin: Mark Voss: Jim Visor; Ron Schnei- 
der; Dale Van Vreede: Dennis Volbrecht; John Venderhoof. Fifth Row: 
Dan Tentcher; Marv Tanck; Jim Turner: Tom Tobin; Dick Thompson; Jim 
Van Den Berg: Phil Trahms: Tom Tyree. 

Maybe it was all a matter 
of "growing up absurd' 1 
in some way or another. 

The signs were contusing — 

At a freshman, Rick Wightman toon realizes thai reviewing clait 
outlines and note* each day ii excellent advance preparation for exams 
at midterm or the end of the semester. 

4 ^^L 


c!l 4& r^e 41k afflfc ' 

f t 1 JL 


fc : .•%,!?. » " 

■ A . 1 

4 '- H^H Jfl K dfl H '-~afl ■ ' ■ 

^ TVtyrt Tad 

Front Row; Rhoda Warren: Sandie Turtenwald: Carol Wagner: Linda 
Wiedenmeier; Elaine Wright; Joanne Wadhams: Muriel Wicfcman; Sue 
Wallace: Mary Ward. Second Row: Tom VanDalen: Mike Zissman; Bill 
Schepard: Alice Ziegelbauer; Jean Zickert; Mary Young: Mary Yeager; 
Lois Wiegand: Linda Woodworth; Tom Wurster David Wagner. Third 
Row: Bill Tefft; Tim VanHeirseele: Bob Wosslegel: Beth Zondag: Bonnie 

Zahorski; Marilee Wittchow; Dan Young: Gary Welch; Roy Woytasik: 
Bob Yarroch. Fourth Row: Randy Waltz: Dick Wagner: Dave Vidfock: 
Dave Vander Vroek; Dave Yanda: Earl Trice: Dick Virtue; Dan Weld- 
vogel: Brian Weill: Keith Williams. Fifth Row: Dave Wiltzius: Earl 
Walters: Rick Wightman: Jim Willis: Alan Wicklander; Tom W u lf: 
Rod Zivney: Mike Wagner: Dennis WoeKel. 

Instruction through 
discussions, lectures, 
and demonstrations 

in the time allotted. 
Is this enough? 


President William J. Micheels reviews blueprinh at one of the many 
construction sites on campus this year. 

President Micheels 
challenged the new year 

At the all-university convocation 

held at the beginning of the year 

the president discussed problems 

facing today's campuses 

"... the right to protest 

to oppose a law 

or to engage in controversy." 

Open discussions were held throughout 

the year with students and faculty. 
"No one will be happier than I to 
see our students as well as our 
faculty get directly and deeply 
involved in taking a careful look at 
this and in trying to make suggestions 
and come up with ideas where this 
can be made stonger or where we 
can possibly try for some changes in 
direction as may be desirable . . ." 

Of major concern was the Mission 


The President and Mr*. Micheels accompany Dr. Huston Smith, guest 
speaker during Homecoming, fo the anniversary banquet. 

Confronting students with the challenge of 
"existentialism," President Michaels addresses 
the university at a convocation held during the 
first semester. 

John Jarvit. Ph.D. 
Vice Pfeilae-t for Aca~ 

John Furlong, Ph.D. 

Ralph G. Uarton. Ed.D. 

Vico Pr«ila<- — • Sorvicoi 

£. J. Schoopp. B.A. 

Vic» Pr«|id«"' ?0' 6u»ine« Affairt 

Judy Spain, M.A, 

Associate Director o? S'uderi* Housing 

» \ •• 

Student Services 
extends capacities 

meeting the needs of 4300 students. 
The department works with students 




financial aids. 
Dean Wright reorganized 
the freshman orientation program 

"Grappling with Ideas." 
Library facilities are being increased 
with the addition of more study rooms 
and storage for reference materials. 

John Van Osdale, M.S. 

Director of E*ter.ded Services 


Front Row: John Furlong Ph.D.: Elvi Moric^l 8. A. Second Row: Cruicl Buelow B.S.: Jac« 

Wile B.A.: Roy Syrmamti M.A. 

Over the past two years 
registration has been reorganized 
to meet the increased enrollments. 

SonmoI E Wood. MA. 

1 . * 

mm 4 

m 1 ■** 1 

Ptiyii;* loitriy. M.S. 

I br«ri«rt 

W loitrom. IA. 

Coofc .oUci'y 

G.^.ld L OonUy. M.S. 

School Rol«t»or* 
Actmo, D !«oe ♦ • • A ■'■ 

hm/k J. loKtio. ma. 


Allen Klink, M.S. 

Associate Director of Student Activities 

Paul J. Goede 

Director of food Services 


Joseph M. Larkin. Ed.D. 
Director of Financial Aids 

Helmuth Albrecht, B.S. 
Thomas Miller, B.S. 
Directors of Student Housing 

Richard D. Lowery, M.S. 
Assistant Director of Admissions 

Vocational rehabilitation 

was developed this year. 
The program trains specialists 

in the evaluation of work potential 

of the handicapped. 

Robert DahlU 

Director of Secondary School Relations 

Jack Ganzemiller. M.S. 
Director of Field Experience 

Merle Price, M.A. 
Dean of Men 


Richard Longfellow. M.S.: Walter Pruitt, Ed.D.; Paul Hoffman, Ed.D.. chairman: Michael 

Mueggee. M.S.: Darrell Coffey. M.A. 


David McNauqhton. Ph.D.: Adelyn Hollis. Ph.D.: Paul Hoffman. Ed.D.: Roberf 
Hoyt. M.A. 

Richard E. Anderson. Ed.D. 

Associate Registrar 

Ac'inq Director of Admissions 

Freda Wright. MA. 
Dean of Women 

Robert Schunlt. M.A. 

Associate Director of Placement 

Applied Science and 
Technology engulfs 

various aspects of practical experience 

in metals, 

graphic arts, 

audio-visual education. 
Requirements include theory courses in 


and mathematics. 
The department utilizes 


and video tapes 
as a means of helping students 
to evaluate what they have learned 
and applied in various courses. 

Herbert Anderson, Ed.D. 

Dssn of School of Applied Science a^d Technology 

Mr. Beveridge discusses programmed learning in 
a demonstration on teaching machines. 

Philip Ruehl. Ph.D. 

Assistant Dean of School of Applied Science end Technology 

Edex, the multiple response used to measure driver percep- 
tion, is operated by a graduate student in his driver educa- 
tion course. 

American Industry 
encompasses two areas 

teacher education 

and secondary education. 
The objectives? 

To gain a knowledge of all aspects 
of American Industry 




and to apply this knowledge 
through effective problem solving. 
The department is cited 
for its excellence in teacher education 
for industry. 

In d demonstration used as part of Her teaching experience, Marlene 
Parr explains modes of travel to other class members. 

Front Row; Orville Nelson Ph.D.: Wesley Face. Ed.O.. chairman: Eugene 
Plug. Ph.D.. chairman: Harry Olstod M.S. Second Row: Harlyn Misfeldt 

M.S.: Richard Gebhart. M.S.: Charles Yost. M.S.; Douglas Stallsmith. 
M.A.: John Zuerlein. M.S.: Lorry Sedgwick. Ph.D. 

Front Row: Craig Ha!ver»on. M.S.: Rob«rt Ward. M.S. Stcond Row; David Barnard. Ed.D. 
chalrma-: Harold Hayts M.A.: David Bovoridgt M.S.- Rooart Hardrrtdn. M.S.: Patrlcl 
Hab«m , an M.S. 

The Audio-Visual 
Department involves 

students in the spectrum of 

Media in the terms of sight and sound 

and a combination of the two 
become a translator. 
Production techniques 
and closed circuit television 
are well-established classes 
in the graduate program. 
Advanced photography courses were 

Services to other departments included 


and equipment for micro-teaching. 

Mr. Ward op«rat«* th# tourtd control board at Rich Abraham and Bob 
MeCord run through tho script for a radio program. 

Ten new simulator* were »n important addition to the department this 
year. Mr. Valett explain* operating techniques to two students and the 
high school driver education coordinator. 

Driver and Safety 

Education emphasizes 

perceptual development of the driver. 
Ten simulators present the scene 

located in a new mobile unit 

adding up to a cost of $30,000. 
The department, developed in 1964, 
now includes a three man staff. 
The classroom scene now includes 

a new drivocator system 
measuring student response to actual 
driving situations 

presented on a large wide-angle screen, 
Those in the program 
work with high school students 

in laboratory sessions 

and behind the wheel. 

Seated: Willis Valett. M.A. Standing: Charles Smith. M.S.: August 
Schuli. M.A. 

1 h^ TM 

In a class demonstration Mr. Bubef explains the results on the strip 
chart produced by analog computer. 

In the Electronics realm 
are emblems of progress 

Flickering red numbers 

on the digital volt-meter 

Zigiagging lines 

on the strip chart 

of the analog computer 

Etched-look pictures 
from the camera 
on the transistor curve-tracer. 


analysis and independent study 

students in electronics keep pace 

with new developments in the field. 

Robert Spinti, Ed.D.. chairman; Richard Burns, B.S.; Lee Oendenning. M.Ed.; Charles 
Brenner. Ed.D.; Michael Bubel. M.S. 

Graphic Arts keeps pace 
with changing technology 

by exposing students to basic concepts 
and new developments in 

cameras, enlargers, color separation 
Hot type 

hot metal casting 
Cold type 

paste-on, photo-lettering devices 

Image transfer 

including the silk screen process. 
Emphasis is on 

understanding machines and processes 
rather than skill in operation. 

Bill Finkler experiments with the new offset press recently acquired 
in the graphic arts laboratory. 

Charles Thomas, Ed.D., chairman; Robert Kunst, M.S.; Paul Axelsen, M.S.: Ervin Dennis, 
Ed.D.; Lloyd Whydotsfci, M.S. 

Front Row: R. Frank Kehrberg. B.S.M.E.: William AmtKor. D.Ed., chairman. Second Row: 
Hans Timper. M.S.: Louis Moegenburg. M.S.: Courtney Nystgen. B. Arch.: Edwin Siefert. 
M.Ed.: Kenneth Erickson. M.S. 

Industrial Graphics has 
a new drafting room 

The laboratory facilitates 

a complete microfilm system 
and dlazo printing facilities. 

A complot plotter, 

recently purchased, 

is specifically graphics. 

The new curriculum has been approved, 

offering a Bachelor of Science Degree 

with a major in Technical Education. 

Technical competencies are enhanced 

by the addition of 

a mechanical engineer 
and registered architect 

to the staff. 

Precision in calculation is stressed by Bill Papendied as he student 
teaches at the high school. 

Front Row: Raymond Keil. Ph.D., chairmen: Ralph Callander. M.S. Second Row: Zenon 
Smolarek. M.S.: frank Ireland, Ph.D.: Bela Vitez, M.S.: Ray Hansen. M.S. 

Industrial Technology 
stresses industry 

Students in the program are exposed 

to underlying theory 

and mathematical concepts 
in courses such as calculus and physics. 
Practical application is developed through 

engineering courses and 

courses geared towards 

technical sales and service. 
Product development and 
technical advances in packaging 
remain a constant challenge 
in program coordination. 

A new course offered In the department is statistical quality control. 
Mr. Smolarek explains the statistical process simulator to Bill Schurrz 
during one of the class sessions. 

Metals exposes students 
to new equipment 

Room 116 will become the home base for 
the numerical control 

dealing with digital control of machines. 
Metallurgy offers understanding 

of the structure of metal. 
Packaging offers experience in adapting 

design to the final product. 
Concepts and new processes are developed 

in material testing. 

Demonstrating the angle at which the electrode is held in relation to 
the welding plane is an important element as Mr. Muller points out 
to two of his students. 

Front Row: Paul Speidel, M.A.; Richard Klatt. M.S.; John Entorf. Ed.D., chairman; 
George Peltier, M.S. Second Row: Glenn Gehring, M.S.; Duane Johnson. M.S.: Marvin 
Kufaht, M.S.; Henry Thomas, M.S. 

Front Row: Charles Rhoads, M.S.; Jacfc Sampson, Ed. D., chairman. Second Row: James 
Collier. M.S.: James Dairies. Ed.D.; Edward Moricel. M.Ed.: Joe Rinck. Ed.D. 

Power Technology has 
developed a new program 

in fluid power 

composed of six new courses 
and several in the planning stage. 

The automotive program 

has been expanded from previous years. 

New equipment 

to enhance instruction 

was purchased through 

special appropriations 

and Title VI funds. 

Dr. Rinck explains the wankel to hit students. The rotary motor operates 
through a process of continuous combustion. 

Wood Technics and 
Plastics provides 

students with technical skills 

while working with new materials 
and understanding structural properties. 
Courses are oriented towards those 
specializing in wood or plastic, with 
emphasis on developments in industry. 
The department utilizes 
single concept films 
new drills 
and molding devices. 

In a woods class, Bob Sehaefer and John Blanchard chect over the 
wood which has been through the jointer, and explain to Mr. Oyas 
the work which remains for their project. 

Edwin Dyas, M.A.; Frank Pershern, D.Ed.; Armand Hofer. Ed.D.; 
K. T. Olsen, M.S.; James Runnalls, Ed.D.; Robert Baldwin. M.S.; 

Robert Hokeness, M.S.; James Bjornerud, M.Ed.; George Soderberg, 
M.A.; Arnold Piersall, Ed.D.. chairman. 

Talk for today 
in Home Economics 

is talk of the future. 

There is talk 

of expanding Fashion Merchandising, 
of Home Economics in Business, 
of the new Hotel and Restaurant 
Management program. 

There are program changes within 
Clothing and Textiles 
Foods and Nutrition. 

There is discussion 

on the changing role of 
Home Economics education 

and the planning 

of the new Home Economics building 
and Child Development center. 

Wesley Sommers, Ph.D. 

Administrator, School of Home Economics 

Darcey Bell end her guest, Beth Yen Vechten. examine the final results after the planning 
and preparation of a low cost meal in meal management. 

■ CO«d» M«r T |«*K S**<ik »*d J«n« H«t**f. try ««* 
<•* tfc# |«f*» 


co * *»c c* • '• ^p$**$*» .* ^ w * * 

cjill W<*'« b^€j»ww t Mf 

Child Development is 
the new name 

of the program for preschool majors. 

The department 

headed by Dr. Draper 

is presently developing a new major 

Child Development and Family Life. 

The child development center 

provides opportunities for students to 

work with preschool children 

throughout the week 

adapting itself to the early 
educational needs of children 
and preparing students to understand 
in terms of practical experience. 

Children at the child development center excitedly present their re- 
cent capture, a moth, to Mrs. Wesley. 

Front Row: Wanda Vansickle. M.S.; Lanore Sogard, M.S.; Michele Wesley, M.S. Seeond 
Row: Henry Draper, Ph.D., chairman; Frederick Pope. Jr., S.T.M.: Rohnn Thompson. 
M.S.: F. Jean Weaver. D.Ed. 

Front Row: Ellen Kay Henry. M.S.: Donna Albrecht, B.S.: Charlotte Oraiem. M.E.; acting 
chairman: Carol Siewert. M.S.: Barbara Nemecek, M.S. Second Row; Norma Skarr. M.S.; 
Glenyce Stellmaker, M.S.: Myrtis Whydotski. M.S.: Marcia Metcelf, Bonnie Kirkwood. 
MA.; Erma Jackie, M.S. Third Row: Linda Risley. M.S.: Margaret Glennon, M.S.: Jeanne 
Salyer, M.S.: Dorothy Jensen. MA. 

Critical examination of garments for construction and fiber content 
are requirements to be met for many clothing classes. 

Clothing and Textiles 

is developing new courses 

with emphasis on design 

in apparel 

and textile fabrics. 
The fashion merchandising major 
is growing rapidly in enrollment each year 
with field experience becoming an 
integral part of the program. 
Additional business courses also include 

accounting and marketing. 
Clothing construction 
and study of fiber characteristics 
in textiles remains the major emphasis 
of the department. 
A fashion consultant from New York 
was the narrator for the fashion show 
sponsored during the first semester. 

Front Row: Lorraine Dahlke, Ph.D.; Mercedes Kainski, Ph.D.; Cecelia 
Pudelkewici, Ph.D.: Ella Jane, Meiller, M.S.: chairman. Second Row: 

Anita Wilson. M.S.: Joy Jocelyn. M.A.; Betty Veins, M.S.; Clara Gar- 
rison. M.S.; Mary Ann Townsend. Ph.D.; Margaret James, M.S. 

Foods and Nutrition 
functioning within 

a well-organized program, 

increased its experimental equipment 
a spectrophometer 
centrifuge and calculator 
and chromatographic equipment 

for advanced study 

of the chemical and physical 

properties of foods. 

New developments in the program 

oriented towards theory and 

practice are 

social and cultural aspects of 
food and increased emphasis on 
low cost meals in meal management. 

I UUl 1 1 

Miss Jocelyn explains the importance of accurate measurements in 
grams to Leslie Lundeh! and Mary Kuzmiekus. 

Home Management educates 
through family resources 

in class sessions 
and through practical application 

in the home management house. 
Students learn through 

maintaining budgets 

and adhering to schedules. 
Family Housing will be introduced 
as a new course. 

A new home management building 
is in the planning stage 
along with an increase in 

home equipment laboratories, 

demonstration rooms, 

and home management living units. 

With the assistance of Mist Rom in the Home Management House, 
Erica Sustarson and Carol Kitxmann practice meal planning, prepara- 
tion and service in gracious style. 

Front Row: Dorothy Dunn. Ph.D.. chairman: Charlotte Rose. M.S. Second Rows Patricia 
Patton, M.S.: Lorayne Baldus. M.Ed.: Dorothy Clure- M.S. 

Henry Purchase, M.Ed., chairman; John Bryson; John Fcisthamel. M.B.A. 

Hotel and Restaurant 
Management is new 

program organized this year, 
striving to apply practical 
and creative experience to Industry. 
Students are involved in 

guest speaker programs 

and many in-summer field experiences. 
Classes plan Wednesday afternoon 

luncheons evolving around 

international foods. 
A Christmas gourmet buffet 

is included in the department 


A former Playboy bunny was part of the guest speaker program of 
the new Hotel end Restaurant major. 

Liberal Studies deals 
with three objectives — 

to offer majors in liberal arts, 
to provide subject matter necessary 
to all college graduates, and 
to provide a two-year program 
for transfer purposes 
and pre-professional curricula. 
Curriculum development within the school 
includes television courses in mathematics 
and an improved writing laboratory 
in the English department. 

Dwight L. Aqntw Ph.D. 

De«n of th« School o* L-bv«l Stud* 


' ^SB 


^^E * ~9BI 

- .. 





Under tk« thillful direction of Mr. Cool* th« Symphonic Singon •rtt#r- 
t«in«d •• *h« 75th «nniv«rv«ry b«nqu«t 

Now offering majors in 

applied mathematics, 


business administration, 

and marketing and distributive 

the question of further development 

posed by the Mission Statement 
provides a challenge to be met 
by faculty and department administrators. 

Ron Day end Barbara Langdon treat a plant project to a do»e of 
lanolin and plant hormone to *ccel«r*tt the growth of its levered 
itemi In on* important pheie of Botany. 

Photograph* by Sherman Geuerr, fashion photographer from 
Milwaukta, vrt included in a fall art tihfbit. 

Genuine interest 

in the Art Department 

has led to Wednesday night "bull sessions." 
Students and faculty discuss art forms 

as a means of communication 

and exchange ideas. 
The weekly drawing sessions 

open to faculty and students 
provide opportunities for ideas to materialize. 

"Every idea needs relevance 

to be found in actual experience; 

then how does this relevance 

pose a threat to our culture?" 

** *»^w» 9JWVW9 mMMMi 

J leoe* 

' l9 f » 4 ••- 

-. MS »• 

Business Administration 
has been expanding 

About 150 majors 

are involved in the program. 

A new course offered this year was 
Principles of Advertising. 

The department includes courses 
for Fashion Merchandising 
and Industrial Technology majors. 

Through emphasis on broad business 

education majors are prepared for 

careers in 



and business management. 

S*«t«d W«tf, Pf«no« MBA $t«*d.« 9 S«»-»* JoK«*>« ■ 

The French Department 
emphasizes structure 

and analysis of a foreign language. 

For those enrolled in the program 

it becomes an indirect cultural experience 

providing job opportunities 

for those interested in 

government services, 


fashion merchandising. 
A major advancement in the department 
will be a language laboratory 
open for use in the immediate future. 

Ami S fc j fhp. Lk*«<« t l***tt. ft«vme*d K ■«■■«•« '•' * 

Ff©*t Re«: lUdwl 

... A 

N •■' A S«eo«d Re- 

Robcrt PK«lpt M* i- Loin* 8* .a'von M.S. R> 

McCoy M > 6r«nt«. M.A.: Robo* 


The English Department 
brings various talents 

in language and literature, 

the study of language units 
and rhetoric, 

the study of communication processes. 
This year the department is evolving 
a program allowing students a greater 


in requisite language and literature, 

technical writing, 

and communications in the mass 

The development of a language skills 
referral center 

will incorporate the use of single concept 
teaching machines. 

Richard H««ttn dtcy«t»t hi» composition fo* frt»hm«n English with 
Kit •flttrwCtor. Mr. THvfin 

This year Mathematics 
has concentrated 

on increasing the curriculum. 

The staff now boasts twelve faculty. 

Computer service has been included 

two computer systems are 

now in operation. 
The filming of freshman math courses 

provides material 

tor a faculty compiled book. 
A new major is offered 

applied mathematics 
providing training for industry. 

+ # *4i m S U »t*4 «•- 

The Music Department is 
organizing an orchestra 

The department presents opportunity 
for students to develop understanding 
through a different form of communication 

in courses such as music appreciation. 
This year the band and chorus 
sponsored a joint Christmas Concert. 
The concert band, 

now seventy members, 
went on a five day tour throughout the state. 
The stage band and Symphonic Singers 
also conducted tours throughout the midwest 
during the spring semester. 

H«r«U C—k: M Mm.: ly<M **ek«r* M S 

Marketing and 
Distributive Education 

has been introduced as a new major. 

The program is a combination of 
general education 
and business administration 

offering educational opportunities 
in salesmanship 
advertising and merchandising 
management or marketing. 

Within the program 

job placements are excellent 

including above average salaries 

due to extended contracts 

and promotion possibilities. 


Physical Education 
programs activities 

for physical development and 


Competition and individual performances 

are stressed through 



New courses offered include 

first aid 

and gymnastics. 

Competitive performance tpontort friendship end individual o,rowth. 

Front Re«: D*«in M Kay Carter. BS »r! 40 r 

rh. B.S.: Do-g si S*a smith M.A.: John 2.- 

Second Row: S'e" Pierce M.S Zampoch; B.S.: John Ja». 

"'at Sd^o,*' M. Ed.: Robert Kemljh. M.S. 

Front Ro- Wilton. M.S.: Anne Marshall. Ph.D.. chairman Oscar C- 

Science: George NeKo-. M.S. Second R©»: Douglas W.k u m. M* PS.O. 

:»'»on. Ph.D.: Donald Dicl~ I * 

■ - D- Floyd Je~ 

Biology anticipates 
the completion 

of the new science building. 

In spite of the present limited facilities, 

over 2,000 students 
are enrolled throughout the year. 
Several experimental sections are taught. 
Anticipating an increased curriculum, 
Mr. Wilson prepared a new lab manual 
for general biology this summer 

on a curriculum improvement grant. 

At Roselyn Wagner dtUes into biology lab work. Mr. Wlkum •■plains 
the fine adjustment* of the microscope. 

O. W. Nitz. Ph.D.: W ; ;•<* 0««n. Ed.D.: Don#ld CUui««. Ph.D.: Nolvo Runnollt. Ph.D.: 
Wilton Kloiboctor Ph.D.: Edward Gold M.S. 

Chemistry has 
new courses 

on the graduate level 
for education majors 
with three new courses 

in organic 

and inorganic industrial chemistry. 
A textiles chemistry course 

recently included in the program 
gives a scientific approach 
to the study of textiles. 
Food chemistry is also 

in the planning process. 

With the advieo of Dr. 0<*tn, Lynn Johnwn «nd Gaorgia ScMaga! 
tho Mlubiliry of fit* in organic chamittry. 

Physics offers 

a minor 

which functions well with majors in 

industrial technology and 

industrial teacher education. 
This year the staff was increased 

now including six faculty. 
Through an increased curriculum 
and the addition of new lab equipment, 

interest in the program 
has increased over the past year. 

lob K«» c fc«r ••«♦» for tfk« opportune m wi rt »o »tk « qw*«ti«n «i 

rVo«t Row m,~« S#ew», *©- * 

M> C • S 

Social Science has 
proposed new courses 

Civil Liberties in the United States 

Comparative Government 

Problems of United States' Foreign 

Three members of the department 
attended the American Economist 
Association convention held in December. 
A research program is presently underway 
based on the Regents' Mission Statement 

to decide the direction of the 



i t iw »UHi U» Ic*. 


#*> C* 

^ ft f» 

*•— s - f Polocl. MS Low* Toil* «■• 

Mafef I * Si c «»d t#w: Jo*>« 
S*boi MA.: w,;i,fd U «, M> 

*~o* OHe- MS 

>fd. MA: lyW M.rt 

f r— it Row: Norm** Z*on<« '•'• McMillan. MA; 

wOf««9«. M>.: He- Andmo*. M.A.: 

I**** -D Soco«d *©»: V,-, Cutn*. V* 

Dr. Zi lI M — AMrtH kit itwdontt In M lf ovolwotio* «r»d obMf^len 
Ifc f fh tW «M •! clotod circuit to U vittOO. 

Speech emphasizes 
verbal communication 

using tape recorders 
involving students in 

discussion groups, 


and oral interpretations. 
A community project includes 

a story hour for children 

and programs for churches. 
Three major dramatic productions 
are presented along with humorous plays 
produced in the Quarter Square Theatre. 

The School of Education 
provides basic courses 

in psychology, 


and counseling. 

closed circuit television, 

mobile televisions, 

micro teaching, 

practice teaching 
knowledge and skills 
of professional education is obtained. 
More than half of the students 
are involved in education, 
a challenge to be met by improvements 
and advancements in the department. 

Compiling rawlti from previous *tit», Mr. Shirlty continual rasaarch 
for hit book on ptychovtctor analysts. 

A discussion on birth, conducted by Dr. Rimel, attracted many resi- 
dents one evening at the North Hall dormitory. 

Erich R. 0«M'"g. Ph.D. 

Or. Prichtrd «ui»H with m,cro-'««ch n<j equipment «t ttwd*nti d#m©n. 
ttr«t» tk» um of a ditc undt' in mttalt. 

Education and Psychology 
provide involvement 

Majors find opportunities 

to explore ways of working with 


to develop perspective, 

to develop the self. 
Graduate students are involved in 


vocational rehabilitation, 

Students learn through observation 
and lecture 

to interpret goals and principles 

and to relate to actual experience. 

f* 4 *C*+4 by D». D*«Hct>«' t • d#otip»d f«r 

S«cen4 *o- 


Front Row: Eleanor Johno^ M.S.- Jane Ro • 

Marybelle HIclrer Pr : Second Row: 
Judy BrenKolt B.S.: Marqa't' -;'=»• B.S : Besi # : 

Efi'clso- B.S.- Carol Siewert M.S.- Carol Heidemann B.S.- Mary 
Pow«r$ 8.S. 

Fitting, forming, and pinning are itepi to be handled carefully by 
Jean Mattingly in her draping count. 

Home Economics Education 
concerns a majority 

of women students. 

The department continually establishes 

guidelines based on preparing students 

for education, 
challenging students 

to think critically, 

to make rational decisions, 

to apply techniques they have learned. 
A wide range of classes 
in various facets of home economics 

clothing construction, 


and the increasing importance of classes 

oriented towards family relations 
are part of a large program concerned 
with preparing women for teaching positions 

in the high school curriculum. 




V -i 



^ro*» Re. 

S.c©«d Ro- 

Industrial Teacher 
Education is including 

two new courses 

Shop Planning and 

Shop Organization and Management. 
The department has the largest enrollment 
in teacher education in the nation, 
Video-tapes and micro-teaching are used 
to aid students in evaluation of techniques. 
The majority of instructors in the 
department have their doctorates. 
Two major conventions were on the 

agenda — the American Vocational 

Convention in Texas 

and the AlAA Convention 

in Las Vegas. 

Robert Swjnion. Ph.D. 


The Graduate College 
has a six year program 

operating in 1969; 
Stout will become the only university 
in the state of Wisconsin 
offering an educational specialist degree 

in industrial arts. 
The staff now includes 

a dean and assistant dean, 

a director of research, 

a director of admissions, 

and eight directors of majors. 

Student* in gredutte foodi courwt ere continually conscious of ei«t 

mtajurementv of Ingredients used in thtir eiperimentt. 

With advanced knowledge of high voltage machines, Richard 
Neuverth discriminate^ adjusts dials of the Electronic Discharge 
Machine for his work. 

G. S. Wall. Ph.D. 

Director of Admissions of Graduate College 

E. W. Courtney. Ph D. 

Director of Research of the Graduate College 

***** ^^ r*\ 

^1 v g|bj 


i§ jr j ^^.^d 


Front Row: Lorraine Dahlfce Ph.D.: Saaoie Mohemed Ph.D.: Gus Wall 
Ph.D.: Jane Rosenthal Ed.D.: Robert Swanson Ph.D. Second Row: 
Wesley Face. Ed.D.: Lawrence Wrigh* Ed.D.- Harold Halfln. M.S.: 

Robert i-a's^a- M.S.: John Stevenson. Ph.D.: Paul Hoffman, Ed.D. 
E. Way re Courtney. Ph.D. 

The college, 

this year a complete organization, 
occupies a building on main street 
for the majority of its offices. 

Wesley Face. Ed.D. 

Assistant Dean of the Graduate College 

Identity through group experience? 

The question itself 
is a sign of the times. 

mm " "r T.. I i i n 




SSA is operating 
within a new structure 

Representation is drawn from 
residence Halls 
interlraternity council 
panhellenic council 
graduate students 
married students 

Senators Richard Larson and Jan Mueller ar- 
range the monthly schedule on the SSA activity 
board in the union. 

Front Row: Kathy Campbell: Bonnie Whitfield: Gloria Rehn. rec sec: 
Lawrence Earll, vice-pres.: Dale Gr^nchalek. pres.: Robert McCord. 
treas.: Mary Lou Olson, corr. sec: Barbara Cramer; Marilyn Ress- 
bach; Sandra Weinand. Second Row; Barbara Barblaux: Janice Mueller: 

Stephanie Govin: Richard Larson: Scott Schmid: Katherine Wuebben: 
Barb Banks: Lynne Peil: M. M. Price, adv. Third Row: Joseph Avdek: 
Herman Oswald: Robert Sromalski: Thomas McNutt; Bill Schulz: Roger 

Daan Prict oHan his advict to efficari and ion a ton at *n SSA 
workshop on general oparationi and procadurat. 

Viea-prtiident Larry Earll chacb the activity calendar to iniure good 
distribution of social events throughout th* yaar. 

This year the Stout Student Association 
allocated more than $215,000 
obtained from student activity fees 

and confronted issues of major concern 
the Mission Statement 
teacher evaluation 

and the role of representation 
in the United Council 
of WSU student governments. 

Secretaries Gloria Rehn and Mary Lou Olson keep pace with incoming 
mail and reports in the SSA office. 

Voted in as judge by the senate, Herman Oswald pre- 
sided over student court sessions. 

The contingency fund is only one part of the budget which keeps 
Treasurer Bob McCord busy on the calculator. 

Front Row: Sue Renner: Linda Diftburner see.: Tom McArd'e. vice 

pros.: Bob Arndorfer. pr#i.; Dan Hampton, treat.: Mary Low Vande 

Gwen Dvorak. Second Row: Sa-3v Weinand: lerb Berbieui- 

Leslie PJHtr: Ron Velich: Charles Krupe: Larry Osegard: Jac><e LepaV- 

Sue Wunder: Mary MeGowan, Third Row: Miss Spain adv.: Norman 
Rlema": Lynn *R«am: Robert Mueller: Gene Bruening: Mr. Albfeeht 
Bar^uss. Fourth Row: Roger MeCombs: Robert ZeMer- 
Mike Severson- Larry Battef-rai- 3 Hooo^nd: Jerry Boe-re-. 

This year IRHC 

has grown in power 

The backbone of the organization is 
hall presidents, vice-presidents, 
and area council representatives. 

We surmounted the task 

of writing a constitution 

and presented it to dormitories for 

Several officers attended 

national and regional conventions 
and United Council sessions. 

The Inter-Residence Hall Council sponsored 
bus trips to stage plays, 
the Christmas Tree Lighting 
Ceremony, and various other 
activities in The Commons. 

Spanning the height* in The Commons, Miss Spain assists IRHC 
members with decorating the Christmas tree. 

University Union Board 
organized The Pawn 

We act in an advisory capacity 

working with the union director 
as a programming assistant for the union. 
Seven committee members operate 
within a structure proposed by the SSA- 

operations and procedures 

games and tournaments 


coffee house 

We also sponsor the student movie series 
in the union ballroom. 

TK« Gotliardt. on* of many folk qrowot ichaduUd throughout th« yoar. 
tntartainod of ©«• of tha fir»t opening programi of Th* Pawn. 

lob Rownutton: Sua Siggont: John tank*: Suo Halttad. chairman; Stovo Robinton 

Young Republicans helped 
Menomonie's senior party 

We distributed literature 

before the fall presidential election 

and listened to guest speakers 

Jeatran and 

Governor Knowles. 
In the spring we attended a state 
convention where 

we met other delegates 

and worked with members of 

the senior party. 

After hit speech on campus, Governor Knowles spoke briefly with 
Bruce Tieti answering questions about the campaign. 

Front Row: Margie Panico: Steven Sehultz. pres.; Susan Demuth. ex. 
sec: Teresa Ruter; Dean Roseland; Richard Rocfcney. sec-trees.; Mary 
Jens. Second Row: Doris Rhoaces: Ardith Quilling; Linda Roots: Deda 

Ba row iky: Blair Eastman; Mary Young. Third Row: John Kroeger; 
Steven Zellfner; Darrell Korth: Terry Knowles. 

Ffowt Row: Janic* Mu» ; :«f l#rry Schn«ck. »«C'«'«'y L 

<tn U«b«l. vie* c .V;i|i«m L«« Second Ro*: 

John ■ «'d L«r»o«: Gr«-t Rt«v«». 

Literary Publications 
publishes a magazine 

"Reflections Summed Is All We Are" 
is our first literary publication. 
Working through University Publications, 
we collected from students 


short essays, 

art work. 
Through a process of selection 
and evaluation 

we compiled a magazine available 
to all students and faculty. 

K#n Utbol 'teomm#r»d» « Miction of po*m« «nd thort ttuyt to 
©th«r cHKct Oi« th# jtiff for th« firit lit*r«ry m#g«iln«. 

Front Row: Joanne Terrill; Thomas Rasico: Ed Guckenberger, associate 
editor; Lar.a Lawrenz. editor; Colleen Belko. literary editor; William 
Minrer, photo editor; Ingrid Ahlberg. production editor; Theress 

Miller, Second Row: Janice Ruda: Linda Manthei; Susan Wallace: 
Richard Abraham: Carol Whitbeck; Phyllis Athman; Donna Macke. 

This year 
the TOWER 

received a sixth Ail-American award, 
We traveled to New York City 

with the newspaper staff 
for the annual ACP convention. 

Dr. Barnard, TOWER advisor, discusses photos and copy with Mr. 
Ward, photo advisor, Jack Morehouse, financial advisor, and Mr. 
Phelps and Mr, Navarre, literary advisors. 

Editor L*n« l#wr«nt and «MOc!«t* tditor Ed GucUrtb«fg»r roviow trim«H for lignofuroi 
dw* «t rkt ntit dttdKn*. 

There were deadlines 

and headaches 
but more important 
there was an attempt to change 

to find some way of saying 

what was happening 
and to expound on an Idea 

"Signs of the Times." 

TK# f 9« U ti«» ©f ©ft id©« it « '•tjt of d'K 
W m f iw i l • msfHr ©I r©ci©r©<©t.©ft. 

M*ti»W ©*4 pU*n «9 ««d 

Mo©d© S't- 

i*a**0: Koi 

Ingrid Ahlberg. production editor, reviews the layout diagram with 
literary editor Colleen Balfco. 

Photo editor Bill Minter crops photos as his secretary Marge 
Winiarski schedules appointments for organizations shots. 

\ ;avv 

Copy editor Kethy Reints, and editor-in-ehref Carol Whitbeclc, cover 
university events with editorial insight. 

under capable editors 

attempts to voice 

student opinions 
through emphasis 

on campus news. 
The staff spends long hours 

uncovering material 

sifting through 

and laying out copy 
before it can be sent to printers 
at Rice Lake. 

Bruce TJetx. layout editor, discusses diagrams with advisor Jake 
Bostrom as Dav« Carney finalizes his weekly sports commentary, 
Carney's Quotes." 

At buiinots m«n*gtr, Darltn* Lir>*tnm»yer r»v!#wt the STOUT. 
ON I A account and rtoords *d tolrcitation*. 

Typitt Jan Pacha obiarvai managing aditor Larry Welch at ha dt*igni 
Uyouh for tha ntit i*tuc of tht pa par. 

Front Row: Liane Benninger; Janice Ruda: Sua Wiegand: Derlene 
Linsenmeyer. business manager; Carol Whitbeck. editor; Larry Welch, 
managing editor; Bonnie Krubsack; Francis Yokoyama, Second Row: 
Margaret Bertler; Diana Stellings; Michele Williams, feature editor; 

Judy Westfall; Christine Repp, society editor; Jake Bostrom. advisor. 
Third Row: Lori Maltahn. news editor; Fred Priebe: Richard Abra- 
ham, photo editor; A. Andrew McDonald: Bill Minter; Kathy Reints. 
copy editor. 

Controversy developed through 

letters from "Scratch" 
even "Odd Bodkins". 

Rich Abraham unpacks bundles of papers which 
have arrived from the printer in Rice Lake on 
Thursday evening. 

The newly organized 
Fashion Forum provides 

professional contact 

and placement information 
for majors in 

clothing and textiles 

and fashion merchandising. 
Representatives from 



American Cotton Council 
were included on the agenda 
along with student field experience 

Butteriek-Vogue medals, Marilyn Rassbaeh, Donna Bedsworth, 
Mary Beth Sevcik, and Kathy King, find their work tale* them 
to varied locations. 

Front Row: Marcy Spangler: Stephanie Charey; Barbara Nemecek. 
advisor: Donna Bedsworth. vice president; Janice Strom, president; 
Nancy Shanahan. secretary-treasurer; Kristine Mjaanes; Mary Mc* 
Gowan: Karen Offerdahl. Second Row; Bonnie Krubsack: Anne Buch- 
eger; Linda Meyer; Kathy Tolene; Aleda Schuetz; Janet Smarzinski; 
Norma Graney; Sharon Brown; Bonnie McGinty; Elizabeth Holmes; 
Sherry Hoger, Third Row: Kris Hansen: Jane Haster; Susan Wirth- 

wei-- Sandy Wiemersiage: Jeanne Gustafson: Sandra Lorem: Gwen 
Sichler; Kathy Alcock: Karen McChesney. Fourth Row: Karen Peterson: 
Ja". A^dree: Phyllis Athman: Nancy Goodman: Jean Mattingly: Jacque 
Johnson; Judith Bloodworth; Linda Rogers: Judy Starck: Linda Ann 
Sommerfeld. Fifth Row: Gwer. Kapifan; Barb Elfstrom: Beth VanVech- 
ten: Kathy Hopp: Lonnee Anderson? Nancy Werner; Susan White: 
Cheri Wdowczyk; Svsan Hilden. 

Foods, Nutrition and 
Administration informs 

students majoring in foods and dietetics 
of a wide range of job opportunities 
through presentations of speakers from 


and armed forces. 
Throughout the year 
the former Dietetics Club sponsors 

cookie and brownie sales 

a Christmas fruit cake sale 

and Nutrition Week. 

Diane Hasart help* on* of Santa's elves string cranberries and pop- 
corn for the Christmas tree at the Dietetics Club's party for underpriv- 
ileged children of Menomonie. 

Front Row: Alida LaRenzie: Pamela Brye: Mary Lou Olson, treasurer: 
Beverly Babst. secretary: Mary Kuimickus. vice-president: Leslie Lun- 
dahl, president: Renee Platte: Connie Hanson; Judy Jensen. Second 
Row: Marceile Brust; Virginia Coyer; Julie Jensen; Mary Adam; Kay 

Chabot; Shan Prill; Susan Bethite: Dawn Carlson. Third Row: Betty 
Simonson: Nancy Smith; Karen Galoff; Kathy Bramer; Catherine Hie- 
men:; Lana Chenoweth: Penelope Scott; Geraldine Corcoran. 

COUNCIL: Front Row: Doma Stibbe. AHEA state secretary: Yvonne 
Hady. president-elect; Bonnie Krubssck. vice-presidert: Judy Berg 
lund. president; Karen Fabritz. secretary; Ja-ey Prokop. treasurer; Sue 

Musolf. Second Row: Schueti: Nancy Schoblocher; Kay Abra- 
hamson; Mary Lou VanDe Waller Alberta Breuer. Third Row: Eileen 
Chisterso^: Kay Hendrickson; Lirda Leehe: Lorna Lebakken. 

The Home Economics Club 
relays professional news 

through monthly newsletters to members. 
Activities include 

the Freshman Green Tea 

and projects for underprivileged 

Officers attended the national WIIM 

A spring breakfast 

honors graduating seniors 

and recognizes Betty Lamp winners. 

Terri Ha belt and Judy Berglund discuss program possibilities with 
Shirley Young, Dunn County Home Economics agent. 

fnrt Row S"»'o« J«cobt 

S*co«4 Re- 



' • Tfcird Row M«rq # r»< 

F*vi4fc Ro- 


f.ftfc R*w: M»', L>wm»H 
S i'» 8 - Cobb: 

Phi Upsilon Omicron 
extends its membership 

to women students 

who have maintained 

a high level of scholastical achievement 

in the field of home economics. 
We sponsor a slide series 

promoting home economics 
to high schools throughout the country. 
A textiles fabric box was compiled 
for use by Stout alumni. 
The chapter served as co-hostess 

^f the National Conclave in 


Ittty M.rr.y *»<S JW| S'j-cl -•!<•«*• Jw4y W*r«w>f .t » pr 9 ti 

Epsilon Pi Tau 

keeps members abreast 

to changes in the field of technology. 
Professional men 

from industry 

and education 
speak at bi-monthly meetings. 
A spring banquet is held 

in honor of new members. 
The national honorary fraternity 
provides an award to one of its members 

for the purpose of supplementing 

his professional library. 

Larry L«mont. L«roy ScHuff. ««d Jo* 8«nko«ik. •VitmbU th« tymboJic 
t'.jnqU for th« t»»n< «nnu«l EPT >fliti«tion. 

FtOrtt Row: s -1'j '.*ei<n«fOtC" 

-c« lorn©"* v c« p' 
•««n.f«f Tom Bohn- G. S Second Rev: 

L#Ro. ' J«rom« Hecb- • - N«uv«r«ri- Do'« <J Tup©*' 

Third Ro- S«v«r 

»o«: Br*d'c 
McOca'd Lloyd S-i'v* Ed*"b<- 

IEEE promotes the 
dissemination of knowledge 

through students involved in 

electronics and applied mathematics 

maintaining a library tor students. 

This year we attended 

the National Electronics Convention in 
Chicago participating in seminars 
conducted by professional engineers. 

Harold Arneton and Michael Berg meet with their guest speaker 
*i ht demonstrates tools used in a discussion on electronics 
btfort an IEEE meeting. 

Front Row: William Hanley: Darrell Petersen, treasurer: Tony Wau- 
poehick. secretary: Harold Arneson, president: Michael Berg, v'ce- 
president: Bruce Crosby: David Sharkey. Second Row: Donnij Barfuss: 

Daniel Schroeder: Larry UHmann: David Myers: Wesley Anderson. 
Third Row: LaMoine Brion: Steve Large: Herb Riedner; William 
Hodgkmso^: Darrell Smith; Hans Sitte. 

Front Row: Jshrv Mayer; Mite Genelin. treasurer: Roger Hooymen; 
Cv Stenke. president: Dennis Ferstenou. vice-president: Uoyd 
Duwke. secretary; Sy Wera. Second Row: Jim Petersen- !!mar Junge: 

Andersen: Bill Ratzburg- Leonard -aijon; Brent Surewlec: 
Dave Olson. Third Row: Larry Lamon?: Richard Danie'ewici: Louis 
Menako: Pa- Kielas: Eugene Moon; Richard Kreutt: Robert Debner. 

NAHB sponsors speakers 
from building industries 

Kaiser Aluminum 

Pretested Concrete 

National Hardwood Association 


field service men 

on the meetings agenda. 
The National Association of Home 
Builders culminates the year's activities 
with a spring banquet. 

To understand new developments in building materials. NAHB 
invitas a representative from Weyhauter lumber. 

Front Row: Robert Spinti advisor: Peder fagerholm; Thomas Devine. 
vice-president; William Hodgkinvon. president: Larry U'lmonn. treas- 
urer: Lee Halberg. secretary: Michael Saeger. Second Row: John 
W«bb: Wesley Anderson; Raymond Jacobson; Bill Thompson; Donald 

Sponholt:: Alfred Gilmore: Charles Plass. Third Row: Robert Hendrick- 
son: Gregory Patkowski; John Detrick- Roger Carljtrom: Alan Kessler; 
Steve Lange: Richard Duesnbery. 

Radio Electronics 
operates a radio station 


offering members 

experience in radio and code 
practice, instruction in electronic 
theory, and assistance in qualifying 
for amateur operators' licenses. 

We attended lectures by guest speakers 
electrical engineers 
from Collins Radio. 

Operation Northpole 

via short wave radio 

is sponsored for children at Christmas. 

— » v.»» •- 

Michael Saeger assists a Menomonie child in his discussion with 
Santa in Christmas project operation North Pole. 

Stout Metals 
proposes affiliation 

with the American society 

of tool and manufacturing engineers, 
Members also have opportunities 
for individual research at work meetings. 
A copy of the machinery handbook 

is awarded 
to the outstanding member of the year. 

* H a * y p'oe.i • 

Fr»«t R««: .:«r EfltoH «3*»3'- R»b*rt IUtm«ttt*. tf**twrt- 
i Ho*pn«r. prttid#«t: Jo*- UtM I 
3*or9« HH^r •dvitc: P«J Sp«^«l »dri»or. S*<o*d *••: 


SSIT acts 

as an advisor 

suggesting curriculum improvements 
and coordinating a guidance center 
for students of industrial technology. 
The society presents 

guest speakers at bi-monthly meetings 

field trips 

a display unit 
all within a well-rounded program on 

technical practices. 

Larry Delonge and Jim Thommes check the procedure as Danny Koepp 
records date from the statistical process simulator. 

Front Row: R«y Hansen, advisor: Lawrence Delonge: Jerome Johnson; 
Denny Koepp. vice-president; James Thommes. president: David Dulin, 
treasurer: Denni* Dahlen; Bruce Pa Now: Dennis Barfuss, Second Row: 
Charles Pytlari; David Sialenski; Jerome Heebink; Harvey Look: Gary 
Cowles: Wesley Anderson; Dale Harbeth; Edward Lehnert; LeRoy 
Knutson: William Hanley. Third Row: Thomas Wilde: John Goodman; 

Ramiro Sales: Edward Novey; Donald Guth; Darrel Ebarherdt; Henry 
Wiagel: Gary Market; John Nemecek. Fourth Row: Darryl Haffner; 
Patrick Spregue: Richard Bergelin: Jim Henrickson; Robert Johnson; 
Robert Poquette: Ta-rum Sidpra, Rfth Row: Brian Krusko: Carl Mos- 
cherosch; Tom Libert; Richard Nelson; Jerome Lilly. 

front Row: D«v!d Coi: Rich«rd Rtindl: Urry W«l c h. iTMWrtf. Tom 

orttid«nt: |f U c« Joo». vico-protidont; Dovid F v«cn»- 

t«ry: St#v« Robinton: Artyn CUrttov Second Row: Rog«r R««d*r; 

William Finllor: Richard Johnson: Curtlj P#t#n: Sr«nl« y Grocytlny: 
K«rl LmIm: Uoyd Whydotjkl. odvitor. Third Row: K«nn«th ScK'ag- 
John Boi Jamtt M«rt#nt: Ed Guci«-b*'g«*. 

STS involves 
graphic arts majors 

through practical experience 
with printing material 
for university organizations. 
The Stout Typographical Society 
toured production plants 

on a three day field trip 

throughout Minnesota. 
We climaxed the year with 

the annual STS Waiygoose. 

Sfon Gr*cy«lny tdjutti **»• ink on th« D«*idton offwt duplicator to 
porftctlon b«for« printing pomphloH. 

SAM members try 
the stockmarket game 

we often lose 
but it becomes an interesting 

learning experience. 
The Society for the Advancement of 
Management promotes activities 

guest speaker programs 

and field trips 
for business administration majors. 

T»t ttocfc -"irl«t 9a ma calk for dairy anamination of tho 
tablat and chart! — tomatimot tha ratulH *tt dUhaartaning,. 

Front Row: s>aJ Ma*qas •- .. • Grott: 

•• v»cap'«j a«" V. 

-i#r>m#y«r tOCrotary . ■-.- Oborrr;- : :-d>g 

i#cr»tarv Gar a id''e Ba«»ol- Da^-'i Patarton. Socond Row: Michol 

Rood - C Bob Wc- Mariana V. 

Doan = -?b«rf Lawranca: David Oo*a. Third) Row: l*» 

Tfcomat Bird- M c^aa Springar- C- Lawranca Ear!l: David 

Bloomquiit: Tarry Engamann: Eddia KaHoy: Nicrtolt Rattback. 

Front Row ..♦« Zomitorr"*'- Jonot 

S«C©nd Row: I 

W«-« Third Ro- 

Diseuttino, no* >d*«l in oducotion in « cwrrtnt bullotin with Of. 
HonriMth «ro J*n HoUmo and tarb In** 

SNEA focused on "Action" 
at a convention 

held af Stout 
involving regional chapters 

in group discussions 

on educational ideas. 
The Student National Education 
Association maintained an information 

booth in the union urging increased 

Education films are sponsored at 


Alfresco sponsors 
hikes and canoe trips 

at St. Croix Falls 

and Pigeon Lake. 
and thoughts turn to skiing 

at Lutsen and Lochlomond. 
We introduced the season with 

a Ski Tea 

and style show. 

Scott Sehmld *uitH Krii Hanta* with fitting Ui booH in propagation 

for a Saturday afternoon tki outing. 

Front Row: T«rr. -a a — a i -<j tecre'ary: Ma', Lou Olton: 

3 Gaorga Scott 

Second Row: S.« Striopling: Zz 
• .*- *-- <c«* 

i Popin*«u- Ka* w'nda Iks " Raiibach - 

E a *• A'3«'ic. Third Row: Mary McGowin; Gi 
S «ne L: i W.aga-i Sa*3'a McNamara- Janico Ruda: C k * i'.i Mac- 

~ Latton: Barbara Volloy: Maryenn Koappa . Fourth 

Row: S'»-38 Honker; C Linda Z* 

■ Bloodworth; Jeenn« -a'e'le Schoonhoven: Judith 

Morvir. E ma Fifth Row: *-—■>•. 

Bgtl#r; Rodney . -'berg: Davo V. 

Thomas McDonough: Larry Dombroc« <wback- Ga-a 

Front Row: Jean landsman; Mary Regan; Sharon Pfelfer: Gayle 
Allaman; LeRoy Knuhon; Sherry Hoger; Jan Andree: Joy Kasperelt: 
Karen Lindberg. Second Row: Cheryl Eslinger: Susan Sedivec; Linda 
Monfen; Patricia Baum; Luann Beal: Kimberley Koenig; EUyn Schoen; 
Tom Schroedl: Jane Cupery; Walter Goes; Susan Verville: Kathleen 
Morton. Third Row: Renee Tveten; Robin Schluter; Marceile Brust: 
Edward Lehnert; Lynn Ream; Richard Eddy; Raymond Erspamer; Peter 

Edwards: La u rice Larson; Eilie Lotz. Fourth Row: Patricia Kangas: 
Trudie Hanson; Don Prachnow; Virginia Peterson: Linda Nerison: 
Nancy Thwreatt; Sandy Schuh; Donna Cox: Richard Tarpey; Kathy 
Sims. Fifth Row; Teresa Newman; Kathleen Hart; Leon Olson; Jeffrey 
Heitlcamp: James Windsor; Tom Libert; Charles Moore: Bill Thomp. 
son; Roger Olson; Russell Redman; Donald Jochman. 

At times even pie can be exciting — like at the 
Alfresco pie eating contest sponsored during Home- 
coming week. 

Front Row: B>th ?t ■ Susan 

T«fin#r- Catherine H« 

Second Row: Ca*-, Naino* Re 

:y NoM- S 
Third Row: Becky Roberts: Sue Stim; Na- 
'• Teresa Ru*c Mence: Rosalind -anelle 

Nievinski; Dorr-a Shaben: Alaiis Ne!-, Hoadley. Fourth Row: 

Denice Barbara 

•*- Ba*o E '•'**¥ Be*" Sevcik: 

Julia Pe- Fifth Row: Barba*a 
fa: Ji*n C 

Jack • 5: Kathy 8*a~- 

Paul Geyer of the Tetra Ski shop eipUins the adjustments for a ski 
boot after the Ski and Tea Style Show, 

The Equestrian Club 
organizes riding teams 

according to individual abilities. 
We offer experience in riding 

English style 
under rules of the Olympic Committee. 
Mounts are rented 

at the Flying Dutchman stables. 
Combined efforts make for a spring 

Communication com** in m a ny form* for B«'b C*rv«nk«. 

Front Row: G i-Ci't 

Corvt-' S«cs"d Row i M«e 

G'«gc M«ya 

Synchronized Swimmers 
introduce water ballet 


select a theme 

coordinate music and costumes 

develop routines 
for a winter show. 
This year a special performance 
was presented at parent's weekend. 

While practicing for the water show, the synchronized swimmers Iteeo 
one eye on the feet across the pool. 

Front Row: Larry Pfeiffer; Judy Olson; Carol Opiela: Gayle Allaman, 
secretary: James Henrickson president; Hildene dailies. treasurer- 
Linda Balson; Dolores Hendrickson; David Olson. Second Row; Carol 

Nowalc; Maripat McNulty; John Elliott; Mary Kaiser; Linda Duescher; 
Doris Thompson; Linda Roots. 

Front Row: Sandra Shadlnger vice-president; Mary Jo Martin, secre- 
tary; Mark Olson, president; Beverly Gummin. treasurer; Dorothy 

Nielsen. Second Row; Carol ScMze: Goyle Allaman; David Nielsen. 

Alpha Psi Omega 
offers opportunities in 



set construction 

assistant directorships. 
We presented "The Crucible" in the fall. 
The Quarter Square Theatre 
presents opportunities for student 


and directing 
of short plays. 

Acting can be quite e battle with oneself in terms of projecting the 
character of the part or possibly with others. 

Front Row: Diane Conrad: Liane Benninger; Michele Williams, vice- 
president: Jennifer Walters, secretary: Jack Link, president; Mr. 
Heise. advisor: Miss McMillan, advisor; Susan McGrath; Nancy Strom- 
rr.*r. Second Row: Kasey TenPas; Jane Ulilc; Sandy Polzin; Cynthia 

Ballard: Susan Renner: Bill Mugen; Diana SfeWngs: Clare Klinkenberg. 
Third Row; Johr. Messner; Helen Vanderhyden; David Bruss: Ronaid 
Dosedl; Wayne Peine: Earl Walters: Mary Mioozik. 

Forensics includes 
a new activity 

a premiere performance 
of the Forensics Theatre 

oral interpretations 
and a reader's theater. 

Forum debating was established. 

In March we attended 

a national debate and forensics 

tournament in Tempe, Arizona. 

Preparation for the Forensics Theatre involved scheduling poetry 
readings and interpretive prose. 

Pi Kappa Delta 
presents opportunities 

for members to demonstrate skills in 



extemporaneous speaking. 
Outside of oral competition 
and attending debate meets in the 
midwest we were involved with writing 
one act plays for the Quarter Square 


Advisor Mr. Heita «i plaint *r»# itinerary for tha upcoming dabatt meet 
with Pi Kappa Deli* mtmbtn. 

Front Row; Nancy Strommtn: Sara McMillan, advisor: MIchelt Wil- 
liams, secretary- treaiurar; Linda Dueicher, pravidar*; Je r r'?er Walters. 

vlce-preildent: Sandy Poln'n. Second Row: Suian Renner; Howard 
Helse advisor: Jinn Lint: BUI Muga-- Su^an McG 

University bands serve 
musical requests 

through Homecoming festivities 
with intricate marching formations 

in the parade. 
The concert band presents performances 

at Christmas 

and at commencement. 
The pep band 

sparks home basketball games. 
Popular dance music is presented 

by the eighteen member stage band. 

With « quick action of the wrist and a stern face Mr. Pritchard 
directs tha pep band at a home football game. 

The pep band performs at a rally htld in the Commons. 

Front Row: Gladys Anfinson; Constance Mehls: Marilyn Hole; Peggy 
O'Brien: Lynn McClein; Sue Hein: Jane Strenger; Judy Smelley; 
Karen Homuth; Becky Wright; Judy Starck. Second Row: Karen Ott; 
Barbara Gray: Nancy Ericson; Roberta Buchan; Paul Aramy; Dawn 
Carlson; Odell Holcomg; Dave Williams: Larry Cording; Larry Hoi- 
meister; Larry Peeters: Alice Ziegelbauer; Beth Zondag: Cathy 
Mehring: Mary Jacobson; Lij Peterson; Batty Fisher. Third Row: 
Linda Balson; Rick Dusenbery: Eve Larsen; Kethy Tolene: Bill Peil: 
Dennis Imme: John Ruth: Larry Barnhart; David Hendrickson; Thomas 

Kostoch; Tim Williams: Bill Richardson; Betsy Hennings: Chris Dries- 
sen; Mary Nikoley: Mary Jane Kierzke: John Vanderhoo?: David 
Castner; Richard Hansen; Michael Saeger. Fourth Row; Jim Con- 
lelmay; Marilyn Bradley: Al Gilmore; Cindy Ballard: Lee Ann Steffen: 
Scott Cheffer; Cindy Coffmen; Karen Harm; Bonnie Rasmussen; Don- 
ald Tupper; Jim Nelson; Jane 8jerke; Curtis Fisher; Neal Delaruelle. 
drum major; Karen Peterson; Marilyn Ressbach; Jenny Intravaia. 
majorette; Lynn Pritcherd, director; Wallene Williams; Wayne Peter- 
son; Jeff Follendorf. 

Swinging high, Jenny Intravaia performs with 
"an animal" at the half time performance of a 
football game. 

Symphonic Singers sponsors 
a Christmas concert 

rn conjunction with band. 
Performances throughout the year include 

selections from popular 

and sacred music 

and Indonesian folk songs. 
This year we presented concerts at 

high schools 


civic groups 
throughout the state 
and in Minnesota and Illinois. 

Under the direction of Mr, Cooke, the symphonic singers and 
the band presented their Christmas concert. 

Front Row: Donna Strub: Kathleen May: Pam Fahl: Karen Homuth; 
Pam Fieber; Sally Jorgenson; Judy Wesffall; Nancy Runge; Lea 
-iufenburger; Lori Ma'zahn; Bernice Ukkola: Vickie Nahorn: 
Jud\ S-arcV: Sue PaKrey: Linda Robers: Lynda Weber. Second Row: 
Gayle Allaman: Ellen Hatfield: Judy Score: Terr! Halema: Judy 
Fletcher; Donna Shaben: Donna Hanvs; Cathy Powers: Connie Cole- 
man: Ruth Sveen: Bev Gumrnin; Sue McGinnity: Mary Lou Danielson: 

Barbara Souther; Sue Christman; Cindy M«rr. Third Row: Chuck 
Jacobson; Peter Retzlaff; David Munson: Philip Trahms; Tom Tierney: 
Rod Feld: Jim Schleker: Scott Schmid: Arlen Dombrock; Mark Vanden- 
Branden; Richard Haucke: Stan Johnson: Chuck Weber. Fourth Row; 
Ron Bassernan; Paul Holzman; Jef: Reames: Roger Clark; David 
Hendrickson; Warren Krucger; Bruce Ausderau: John Winn; Bill 
Green; Den!$ Utecht; Daniel Bollman; Rand Foss. 



« > :^9^ 






. j 


V \ 



£ ~; W/' 

•A -4_ 


mILl. /a wk 'p 

Practice continues throughout the year for the spring tour. 

On Wednesday evenings we meet with director Mr. Cooke. 

Front Row: Ch«rtot Krupa- $••»• La-ga h »»f »f: Jamoi Lye 

snriot Zim- :'#t«ry: Dr Thoodo'<- 

Soeond Row; Loo GoirU: £-:;•-• Moo«: D«vo H«f^ J«bol. 

TKird Ro- oojda: Robor* • Sro? Srowr 

Antique Auto 
hosts a swapmeet 

including a white elephant sale 

on vintage auto parts. 
We spent long hours working over 

a 1929 one and a half ton 

Model A truck 
owned by the club. 

Mvmbort of •ntiqvv *"♦© aiamina tha a«o>* block of tho 1*2° Mod*' 
A truck o-i»d by th# club. 

Rifle Club participates 
in competitive matches 

among members 

and nearby schools. 
Experience in marksmanship is gained 

through hunting excursions 

and trap shoots. 
Instructors emphasize safety 
and demonstrate shooting procedures, 

Understanding the mechanics of the rifle itself is important along 
with developing still in operating techniques. 

Front Row: Linda Jecobsen; LuAnn Taylor, secretary; Michael Bibeau; Jon Kressin; Patrick Champion; Waldo Peter; Steven Bornhoft; Patricia 

Tom Rovn, president; Stephen Heil, treasurer: Martin Bibeau; Marion Merkt. Third Row: Mike Shfmefa: Donald Falborski; Dennis Sampson- 

McGuckin; Betty Fisher. Second Row: Thomas Bartlett; Jim Conielmen; Ken Laventure: Mark Cromos: Mike Miltz: Kent Thomas 

4-H increased 
its membership 

from eight to thirty. 
We work 
with officer training programs 

in three counties 
and assisted with judging 


and speech contests 
in Dunn and St. Croix counties. 

Alice Setter and Darcey Bel! assist R u th Elkins and Ann Lovejoy 
as they construct yarn novelties for a fund ralsina oremet. 

Front Row: Vicfci Heicnel; Bonnie Rasmussen: Mary Mull; Mite Benz 
president: Daniel Schroeder, vice-president; Ruth Elkins. secretary^ 
treasurer: Kaye Ktmberly; Connie SchuHz; Ann Schulie. Second Row- 
Mary Fruechte: Ann Lovejoy: David Younger; Bill Rehoy: Linda Man- 

thei: Darcey Bell; Gretchen Guenther; Alice Setter. Third Row: Georgia 
Schlegel: Penny Christie: Yvonne Kutcher; John Venderhoof; Kathy 
feerlcen; Marilyn Hole: Gladys Anflnson. 


The newly organized 
Mental Health Chapter 

attempts to educate students 

on mental health 

and mental illness. 
We encourage students to pursue careers 

in psychiatry 

social work 

Friday evenings were spent 
working with patients 

ai the Dunn County Hospital. 

Pfrt R«w: S«'b- 

The Society 

of Intellectual Freedom 

The Society 

of Intellectual Freedom 

promotes open discussions on 
draft dodging 
the Vietnam war 
the educational system. 

We sponsor 

satirical folic singing groups 
and a poetry festival. 

Outside speakers are scheduled 
at open SOIF meetings. 

'•♦•' S**w4*«. «•«&•» •! rt»« F*ft S*«f Army. 
•rifJ M l M «9» at an op«" SOlP m#«t.»»^ 

The Film Society 
critically reviews 


as an art medium 



Virgin Spring 
to present to the student body. 
This year the schedule 
was oriented toward foreign films. 

lone* l*M crootoi tbo majority of th* unique publicity u»od by *bo 
film tocioty for ichodulod filmt. 

Front Row: Judy Sc*«pr Lue'-d« Va-c«- Louivt S- Hi . :t c » 
WaWrn Loo pro»id«- ••iuro'- R«ymo«d Koimor: 

U-d« S:---t' ; t a Socond Row: B«'bo'« Gm^m: Tom Schroodl: K«ro* 
Sorg:W,ii; 9 ~ B'«d • Ric^trd L«'$3- .s- :e Mu#llor: Bfyn Scboon. 

The International 
Relations Club 

attempts to bridge gaps 

in international communications 
through individual interaction. 
To familiarize others 
with cultural backgrounds of members 
the club sponsors 


crafts exhibition 

open discussions. 
This year a banquet was held with FNA. 

R*w: Ldvt Klihk*. •6 » tor Lome La«Qf«ld «d» *o' 
M »f tw v>c«p" * l«» !•<'♦• ■ McDmmM. 

. »:• S*c*ft4 R#w: <•-♦ C«'»:- *•'•»• J*cb« 

C U dlto m C#rty: Anto^ui « •- Tfcrd R«* : A„d'«, S«»:- l>d« 

Dm %»-««♦•• PVwMfdi S«-<Sf, Marv :«• Smmw W»gf»«F P«- M«f|- 

WH *••: M c*>»«l D.c« ■• i •-• - ft. 

S»b*» DmmU" . •-« S» 

G#ort)« *• — .- , -rf Z*K # b<Ow- RfHl 
Ro- -•«<*♦» Uo S 

''Wt .Ueob*©*- M. ? 1 dof« Re 
Sw»«- W«i #c« Da-"* M« . 

Front Row: LeRoy White; Robert Syilha- William Waidema*r. tecre- 
~arry Loga. preside-- Voar ♦reav_r*- j Felski; 

npton: George Kee ; e* Second Row: Wc-ae' Bibeeu; Jon 
K'eu-- John Parker; John Goodman- Mile Therow John Sie: 

George Ballard. Third Row: Richard Tarpey Robert Gtnnrich: Douglat 
Ja-re- - Doniol Fara: Richard Gro*e: 3'uce Tietz: Oarrel Da" 
Fourth Row; Roger Olson; Kenton Sr.' ; Dunek; Joh~ Ryberg- 

Robort Woljlegel. 

The Veterans Club held 
a scholarship contest 

award payment of a semester's tuition. 

Activities included 

the construction of a Homecoming 
float and a winter banquet. 

We attended the state convention in 
March held in Eau Claire. 

Roger Langland end Roger Tetchner ditcusi their presentation of the 
veti' tuition award with Dr. Lerkin. 

ft ©nt Row 

Pot'© vico-D^oi'do"*- Vt"-on Joh'-w D-©»'d©"»- too 

Gr*9 Gu»d©ri D«| Second Row: Jam©* Mar,- Gory 

' Lorfy Dombrock 

-4 Jacob, Third Ro»: Joh© S^ong- Rob©' 4 
Androt: Douq'oi Bo r-b-'dcj©- Thomai fie 

The lettermen 
of the S-Club 

promote academic excellence 

in athletes. 
We sponsored a mixer early in the year 
and concessions at basketball games 
and attended 

a Minnesota North Star hockey game. 
The spring athletic banquet 

features a pro athlete as guest 
speaker along with the presentation of 
senior awards. 

Th» S c'ub tpontorod conceiiioni at homo baik«*ball gamot. 

IRC includes 

IRC includes 


from all campus religious organizations 

attempting to bridge 

communication gaps. 
Inter-Religious Council members attended 


ecumenical worship services 

a religion and arts festival. 

Mike Smith, Ron Zeilinger, and Mary Ann Wojikiewicx discuss plans 
for the next retreat with Father Redmund. 


f 1 


■ Mil 

,t- B^ M ^j H^S^Slb 

Front Row: Lary Pfeiffer. treasurer: Mary Ann Wojilciewici. vice-presi- 
dent; Ron Zeilinger. president; Sue Schmidt, secretary: Judy Starcfc. 

Second Row: Befty Koepp: Cinthia Cobb: Mary Ann Saltigiver: Carol 

Front Row: Mi'y Jo«»: Be"y Koopp tocr«t#ry: Fr#d p ' •©« D" 
^#li' vice-pro\ »a Saaga' •'•a»u'« f 5c- 

LooLa Gobau*' Second Row: Mary Hull: loDo"* N«tf- Son^o 

Rolf: Mary : "si Ttpo- Sua Sc*- a* Third Row: lo'a'- Sc»'a- 

dor: Doa* Pojoand - Alfrod G »nbory- Ka»- ••- 


Gamma Delta 

holds open discussions 

on the reality and adequacy 

of religion in today's world. 

The association of Lutheran students held 

retreats and hikes 

Christmas carolling 

Come-As-You-Are party. 
Our president is also chairman 

of the Lakes Region district 
including northern Wisconsin 
and Michigan chapters. 

Mary Fitckor. Frod Priabo. Sua Schmidt and 
final raw it aftar printing t-aaHhirtt. 

Batty Koapp oiomina tha 

LSA directs the 
Lutheran Student Center 

This year members redecorated the 


We held ecumenical retreats 
at Camp St. Croix 
and Luther Park in Chetek. 

Joint activities are held 

with other religious organizations on 


Included in the year » aetivitiev "««*b«'t of L$A ee'oled 
throughout Menomonie at C" 

5 o*: K#rl-Thomei Oc*~ advisor: Je*ce R-da * 

i»cr«taf . 3obb eel- 

s' Loir* 

Second Row: 
»n«ll Row* C ydt-e ' 

-re. Third Row: Ka'e- Muiur: Dare~e I 
""a C e- 
s e-- • - Fourth Row: D i 

S>.«'-eqe 5 :;e- 


Front Row: Sussn Hilden: Sharon Brown; Sharon Fischer, secretary; John 
Nordln. treasurer; Ted Kluck. president; Cheryl Meller. vice president; 
Barbara Boetmann; Karen Wolkerstorfer; Wendy Olson. Second Row: 
Jeanne Gustafson; Clydene Tunks: Judith Smalley: Janell Rowe: Susan 
Nelson; Paulette Zarnstorff; Ellen Durst; Sandra Poliin; Cindy Wood- 
wick. Third Row; Linda Losey: Janet Kirti; Michele Williams; Lynn Mc- 

Clain; Suzanne Oeahl; Joan Zwart; Kris Daub: Bonnie Splitt; Kathy 
Miller. Fourth Row: Richard Yocco: 8ern«ce Ukkola: Jackie Bersch: Eileen 
Hansen: Ruth Ann Loehl; Shari R. Mueller; Lorna Lebakken; Anona Nel- 
son; Darrell Korth. Fifth Row: Walter Stolhman: Ken Applehans: John 
Vandersoof: Wayne Peters: Gary Cowles: Daniel WJHenberger: Peter 
Snowdon; James Hesketh. 

The Stout chapter 

of Christian Fellowship 

a world wide organization 
held spring and fall conferences 

with neighboring chapters. 
Officers attended a planning meeting 

sharing past experiences 

with other national representatives 
in Colorado Springs. 

Ted Kluck makes the first attempt to carve the prize, a roast pig, at 
the Christian Fellowship Luau held in the fall. 

United Campus Ministry 
includes campus ministers 

from various faiths. 

The organization cooperates 

with inter-religious council 


and conferences. 
Open discussions are held on 

moral issues 

national problems 

individual encounters. 
Films are sponsored as a fund raising 

Diana St*lt!ngt point* out the feature of the Wijeonsin Calender to 
Jeff Peplau, Tony Mihalko, and Marty Ronnergd. 

Front Row: Rjth Erggert- Debo-ah Beebe: Linda Jecobsen- Ma'. ■=■-- 
Saltigiver. treasurer; Judy S^arci president; Mary Lemmenes jece'a'y 
John Ootricl. vice-president- Diana Stellingt: Phyllis Ulm: Michael Smith 
Campus Minister. Second Row; Bar© Glass: Cheryl Bray: Becly K. 
Heidi Grover: Marilynn Bradley Martira Rindsig: Jen-ifer Pecyga: 

Beverly Babs* 3 leiir Eastman Monique Cooper. Third Row: J~a" . 
Jar* Z 5ndag: Susan Wallace: Donna Macke- Renee 

- Lemmenes: Deda Barowslw. Fourth Row: 

S*ep"en Woggon: Kenreth Frye- L'oyd Swalve- Wa'ren 

Til? HIV j 

A Gr»«k b*rb#qu« w*i bold in W«k«nd« park during 
Gr»«k Wo.k. 



is; „-=r ' i° TA TQ CHIP 

Intoroit in Gr«k Lrf« w«i itimuUttd by vtriout ovonti throughout tho y»*r. on* boing a 
p*nhtll«nic popcorn party sponsored in tht fall. 

At Round Robin, Cheri Hoger gives a run-through of the year's activi- 
ties to ruihees using the sorority scrapbook. 


We're part of the system 

We've been debated 

pro'd and con'd 
tossed around 

like so many proverbial apples in a bag. 
Greeks don't need defending. 
We'll exist today 


barely so 
other times 

a jubilant, breathing Life Force 
because we are a part of that Life 

We have been 

and always will be 
integrated with human development. 
Surely we have our failings. 
We are Thing oriented — 
overly concerned about 

the Insignificant, 
forgetting goals. 
Some are letter jacket wearers. 
Some find satisfaction through social life. 
Some become involved 

in the school's vascular system 

in their own development. 

in a good, selfish sort of way 
pick the choicest parts 
of the Greek system 
for their development 

Into people 
adequate for the day in which they are 

This year 

many heads were beaten against many 
walls because of 

"tradition" bindings 

inefficient communication 

"I really don't give a damn" 


Assemblyman Alvin O'Konski addresses studenh as pari of the speaker- 
performance series sponsored by Greeks. 



that the world has changed 

and is changing 
will be our Savior. 
We've stood still far too long. 
There's the charge that Greeks 
have outlived their usefulness. 
But to whom are they obligated to be 

to individual members? 

to the campus? 

to anyone? 
Some say residence halls are 

taking over. 
Greeks argue 


tighter organization 

smaller "closer knit" groups. 
If you are satisfied getting these Things 
in a residence hall 

Don't Go Greek. 
No one has to. 

The Greeks invited Truax and Company to The Pawn for an even- 
ing of folk entertainment. 

PANHELLENIC COUNCIL: Front Row: Karan Patarson: Kitty D*n«l, 
traasurar: L»e Anna Purman. vica-presidant; Judy Gundtno*. prasi- 
dant: Janica Strom, sacratary: Barb Schmidt: Mary Kuimlckus- Carolyr 

Ziagalbauar. Second Row: Jan Schlausrar; Barbara Hoffman; Jo We "er- 
Coflaen Ba'io- Nancy Schoblocker: Carol DeGrava. 



M ^1^ *" *^ aV 

i4^a^ B\ ' *^aV a^aV a 1 


?7 "i 


v» s < 





f ^ • * ( 

r * *j| 

W ™ ^f 


INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL: Fror* Row: Jeffrey Trendel: David Pat- 
ton r John Mylln. secretary-treasurer: John Rossmeier, president: Albart 
Pionke: Gatan Raathar: John Batista. Second Row: Stavan Pate? Ronald 

Tills: Michaal Kubacki: Thomas McArdle: Robart Rasmussen: Douglas 
Wollak. Tktrd Row: Rodnay Hadaan: John Foley: Larry Battarman: 
Kannath Lacount; David Myars: Jamas Campbell. 

Front Row: Jan Pierce, advisor; Lynne Peil; Judy Duitman. secretary: 
Lynda Weber, vice president; Jan Schleusner, president; Mary Theusch, 
treasurer; Kay Helm; Cindy Stenelle, recording secretary; Judith 
Longfellow, advisor. Second Row; Kathleen May; Kethy Tolene; Betty 
Koepp: Marilyn Beccavin; Marlene Christensen; Mari'yn Miller; Carolyn 
Robertson; Renee Schuetz: Patricia Genskow; Jennifer Intravaia. Third 
Row: Donna Mannke: Sue Carpenter: Nancy Schneider; Janet Smercin- 

ski; Oelores McCullick; Lonnie Howard; Margaret Riemer; Sharon 
Stolpe; Leslie Lundahl; Pat Anderson; Janey Prokop. Fourth Row: Linda 
Suennee: Ellen Momsen; Lea Ann Laufenburger; Margaret Powers; Mar- 
celle Brust; Janell Olm; Janice Strom; Cyndy Johnson: Nancy Scho- 
bJocher; Kathleen Albright. Fifth Row: Marcia Helens: Theresa Hanson; 
Brenda Seng; Kathy Kruse: Sharie Myers. 

Alpha Omicron Pi's 
enjoy weekend retreat 

with their fall pledge class. 

This year's Homecoming campaign 

"Judy! Oh Vodee O Do!" 
sponsored Judy Dietman 
as queen candidate. 
Along with the annual Christmas Bazaar 

and Masquerade Mixer 
a May Day Tea is held 

Including a style show and door prizes. 

Nancy Schobloeher explains campus activities and individual involve- 
ment of members to a rushee at Round Robin. 

Alpha Phis attend 
national convention 

in the Bahamas. 
Early in the year 
the Phis concentrated their efforts 

on a Homecoming campaign 

sponsoring Jo Sinkular, 
who was crowned 

this year's Homecoming queen. 
The annual Yule-Tide Tea 

and Sno-Ball Dance 
were other activities for the year, 
along with collecting for Cardiac Aid. 

Terr! Habelt welcomes alumnae. Miss Antrim and Mrs. Bosworth, to 
the Homecoming Breakfast. 

Front Row: Lee Anr.e Pgrman; Donna Bedsworth: Sherry Enrico, cor- 
responding secretory; Terri Habelt, vice president; Jo Weiler. presi- 
dent: Deborah Riersgord. vice president; Rudi Harrzell. vice presi- 
dent; Jgdith Bloodworth. treasurer; Ceil Hemmerich, recording sec- 
retary. Second Row: Sue Stenkowski; Marilyn Rassbach; Dianne Ped- 
retti; Connie Paplneau: Susan HeUted: June Romang; Gloria Rchn- 
Sherrie Whyte; Christine Voll; Joan Capilupo. Third Row: Jane Hes- 

ter: Katherine Nelson; Dean?-a Miller; Jeanne Morgan: Jecque JoHn. 
son; Virginia Peterson; Kay Chabot: Danielle Krasula: Karen Peterson. 
Fourth Row: Narey Shanahan: Kris Hansen; Mary Lou Olson; Linda 
Unger: Janet Ovick; Sue Sgobeck; Sue Scherrer: Catherine Hiemeni: 
Elizabeth GilUng; Barbara Cramer. Fifth Row: Sue McGrath; Terri 
Halama: Christine Kubet; Stephanie Govin; Jean Mattingly; Jo 
Sinkular; Charlotte Galley: Judy Gulltcksrud: Joan Severson. 

Alpha Sigma Alpha 
hosts Marryin' Sam 

along with a song test and mixer 
during Sadie Hawkins Week. 

Emphasis on philanthropy projects 

was carried out through 
food baskets 
and serenading at hospitals. 

A Scotch-Irish theme 

was used during Homecoming 
sponsoring Kitty Daniels 
as a queen candidate. 

Ingrid Anderson spends several hours on a Saturday morning work- 
ing at the annual Alpha Sigma Alpha car wash. 

Front Row: Ronni*c« Ny&trom: Sue Olipra: Cheryl Pflughoeft, treasurer- 
Linda Peterson, vice president; Kay Sonntag. president; Barbara 
OpalinsVi: Sue Siggens, recording secretary; Pa! Sy Spielvogel: Jan 
Wycko-r. Second Row: Marilyn Kamer; Sendi Dewiii; Carol Degrave- 
D.ene Jobs*: Sue Slesar; Cheryl Seegers: Mary Ross: Mary Nuss- 
baum; Dawn Watson, Third Row; Barbara Berbiaux; Monica Aullend- 

Elizabeth Lloyd; Barbara Smith; Jalene Leih; Marty Funic; Linda 
Mields: Linda Barber; Kathy Otto, Fourth Row: Linda Nerlson; Kitty 
Daniel: Ingrid Anderson; Maren Home; Ellyn Schoen; Rhonda Jungeb: 
Karen Williams; Linda Howell; Ann Beuman. Fifth Row: Nancy 
Thwreatt; Mary Jane Orfh; Dorothy Buehler: Donna Rusch; Mary 
Jedreiewsfcl: Jane Wells: Jean Kolbe; Nancy Smith; Jane Banasiit. 

Front Row: Kay Henry, advisor; Either Fong; Marilyn WIsnefske. 
recording secretary; Susan Fetzer; Colleen Balko. president; Kathy 
Hcpp. treasurer; Renee Platta. vice president; Mary Jo Pevonka, 
corresponding secretary; Mrs. Axelson. advisor. Second Row: Welcome 
Sittig: Linda Peterson; Kathy Campbell; Laurie Wolff; Jackie Foley; 
Ann Vonder Hear; Janelle Nievinski: Carol Breske; Janie Bohman: 
Linda Anderson; Liz Johnson. Third Row: Teri Mickelson; Jan Andree; 
Toni Riemer; Sandy Wfemerslege; Jill Hauck; Linda Kern; Chrys 
Thoeny; Pat White: Mary Kuzmickus: Dianne Johnson. Fourth Row; 

Bonnie Whiifield; Rhea Williams: Judith Wilson; Donna Wolfe: 
Patsy Stratton; Barb Steger; Sally Larson; Mary Driscolf; Nina Look. 
Kfth Row: Ellen Fonk; Colleen Fitzpatrick: Nancy Krause: Madelyn- 
Fleischmann; Colleen Nelson; Lynda Lorenz: Diane Atkins; Debbie 
Douglas; Donnene Mole; Sherry Hoger. Sixth Row: Lori Malzahn; 
Mary Polasky; Judy Gunderson; Audrey Berkholtz; Mary Stewart; 
Mergy Wood: Nancy Werner; Nancy Goodman; Nancy Schottmuller; 
Ellen Lotz. 

Delta Zeta hosts 
Founder's Day 

inviting two chapters from 

Eau Claire and LaCrosse. 

Early in the year 

a unique theme for Homecoming 

was evolved around "Black is White". 

Discussion groups 

and standards capsules 

including an outside speaker 

were included each month 
along with involvement 

in various campus activities. 

Getting spaghetti onto the plate is an interesting process. Jilt Hauck 
and Carol Breske await assistance from the kitchen at the Delta 
Zeta Spaghetti Dinner. 

Gamma Sigma Sigma 
has tripled membership 

within the past three years 
involving its members 

primarily in service projects. 
We sponsored the Bloodmobiles 

in cooperation 

with Alpha Phi Omega. 
Collecting for UNICEF 
and assisting 

with the 75th Jubilee banquet 
were included within the realm 
of projects. 

Judy Johnson greets visitors at the annual- Gamma Sig Autumr 
Ade Tea. 

Front Row: Margie Miller: Donna Frey: Sue Schmidt, treasurer: 
Faith Gurn. vice president; Rosalie Powell, president; Connie Cole- 
man, secretary; Catherine Zielenis: Sharon Moore; Clarice Gabor. 
Second Row: Victoria Nahorn; Grace Thomas: Doris Craemer; Janice 
Carpenter: Mary Fischer; Nancy Dauclc; Jean Jacobson; Gwen 
Sichler: Kethy Miller. Third Row- Bonnie Rolf; Carole Brucefc; Mary 

Paulsen; Valerie Holiman; Virginia Tippler: Jean Koiar: Ar.or.a 
Nelson: Darlene Aiken; Joanne Welheven. Fourth Row: Suianne 
James: Linda 8alson; Carol Gassenhuber: Mary Kaisar; Trudy By rum: 
Jeanne Uppena: Dianne Ebert; Mary Ann Wojtltiewici: Susan Leery- 
Jeanne Swanson. 

Front Row: Alice Nussbeum. advisor; Barbara Schmidt; Carol Kite- 
mann, recording secretary: Nancy Richards, vice president; Carolyn 
Ziegelbeuer, president; Rosemary Koziolek, treasurer; Sue Donnelly, 
corresponding secretary; Bobbie Morris; Barbara Hoffman. Second 
Row: Joanne Bod man; Susan Wiegand; Sharon Perry; Norma Greney; 
Lena Lawreni: Robyn Vosz; Carol Whitbecfc; Sheila Postal; Jennifer 
Pacyga; Eileen Christenson; Lonetta Jensen. Third Row; Kathy Miller; 
Carol Barbiaux; Mary Gaye Bilelc; Susan Renner; Susan Tanner; 

Beverly Anderson; Becky Wright; Alice Benninghoff; Kathy Hey- 
derhoff: Kathy A!cock. Fourth Row: Jill Counselman; Beth Van- 
Vechten; Patricia Tills; Mary White; Leah Lamprecht; Bonnie 8ridg- 
mon; Anne Bucheger; Betty Murray: Cher! Wdowcryk. Fifth Row: 
Lena Chenoweth; Patricia Noonan; Jean Huth; Mary Schneider; 
Mary Behlman; Mary Jensen; Peggy Wery: Shirley Stewart; Jan 
Schmidt; Mary Merkowih. 

Sigma Sigma Sigma 
sponsors "Our Marines." 

The project involves members 

with sending food and communicating 

with men in Vietnam. 
During the summer months, 
several members attended 

the national convention 

held in Roanoke, Virginia. 
Along with a variety of national projects, 
we held our first annual State Days 

in Eau Claire with other chapters. 

A special project for Tri Sigmas is baking cookies for Vietnam soldiers 
throughout the year. 

Front Row: Mr. Wood, advisor; Mike Simpson, secretary: Dick Trul- 
son. vice president: Loren Jensen, vice president- Jerry Price, presi- 
dent; Richard Lodle. treasurer: Kerry Meier, corresponding secretary: 
John Dorsey, alumni secretary; Dr. James RunnalU, advisor. Second 
Row: Dr. Armand Hofer. advisor: Michael Benz; Robert Debner: 

Richard Felts; Donald Sponholtz: Robert Newman; James Peterson; 
Lawrence Lemont, advisor. Fourth Row: Curtis Peters; Thomas Ander- 
son; Louis Menako; Paul Kielas; Robert Dorobiala; Steve Kreemer; 
Eddie Kerley. 

Alpha Phi Omega 
sponsors UMOC. 

Ushering at school functions 

also involved members within a program 

oriented towards service. 
Honoring our twentieth anniversary, 
a state convention was held in March 



The spring pledge class is dedicated 
to our late advisor 

O. Bruce Walley. 

Three bloodmobiles are a major service project for Alpha Phi Omega 
throughout the year. 

Chi Lambda's 

hold a Christmas party 

for the International Students. 
For the third year, 
we sponsored 

computerized match making 

followed up by a mixer. 

in Homecoming float competition 

and construction of an ice carving 

for Winter Carnival 

were included in year's activities. 
We sponsored Rosanne Cuda for 

Winter Carnival Queen competition. 

Chi Lambda'* sponsored a Christmas party In The Pawn for in- 
ternational students. 

Front Row- Paul Goede -3; Bohn; Vernon Johnson; 

-cording secretary; Pa u | Wilting, president; Kenneth 
Lahmann. vie* president; Donald Kistler. treasurer- Ronald Johns- 
ton. corresponding secretary; David McNeughton, adviser. Second 
Row: Charles Weber; James Thommes: Dennis Koepp; Lawrence Da- 
Robert McCord; Joseph Beftfowsfci; Norman Re-:-: Ro-ald 
Nelson. Third Row: Ronald Velich; Gordon Speete: Ray Peterson; 

Albert Pionke; Roger Huebner; Rodger McCombs: Michael Smith; 
Scott Schmid, Fourth Row: David Thornton: Richard Georgason; Jack 
Simpson; S'eve Kittleson; Thomas Martin; Michael Kubacfci; Donald 
Folborsli; John Messner. Fifth Row: Darall Larson; Larry Welch; 
Kan Latourelle: Thomas McArdle: Wi'Iiam Stoahr; John Mueller: 
Walter Grees: Philip Bavs: Lawrence Wiela-d. 

Kappa Lambda Beta 
held their Corn Roast 

along with usual participation 
in Homecoming and 
Winter Carnival activities. 

Participation also included 

Greek workshops and 

serenading at Northern Colony 

in a service project. 
KLB's also sponsored a candidate 
for Winter Carnival Queen. 

Two members find that quick manipulation of the product is nec- 
essary at the first annual KLB corn roast. 


1 ! 

m Bk^K ■ I' i |V I) 1 

TO^Kf ^V^^S 

1 /^l 

^LNjK ^r^"^ 1 ^^|J ' 

I flH 


isv fl L ' m &W aI 


1 afl LiJ 

^^L- "- -^| 

Front Row: Steve Akiyema: Gary Moldenhauer; Ronald Jacoby, 
treasurer: Allen Pesavento. vice president; Raymond Wagner, presi- 
dent; Thomas Jansen, secretary; Daniel Etten; Dennis Peierson; 
William Bogaard. Second Row: Roger Salow; Robert Zwissler; Dale 
Zimmerman: Randy Marine: Jon Fuller; Roger Johnson; Gary Wat- 
kins; John Belisle. Third Row: John Iverson: Henry Swangstu; Steven 

Peterson; Steven Pate: Robert Dennis Bioy; Lawrence Wrass. 
Fourth Row: Robert Schottmuller; Jeffrey Benson; Roger Kolberg; 
Gregory Sipek: Gary Groh; Rodney Hedeen; Thomas Gasner; Terry 
Miland. Fifth Row; James Windsor; Kevin Wahl; David Carney; 
Ronald Dunham; Thomas Mieheletti: Michael Boris. 

Front Row: Gary Brummeyer; Robert Schaefer; Jack Everson. advisor; 
John McCallister, treasurer; Dean Peterson, president; Rich Enobon, 
secretary: Richard Martinson: Michael Shell; Edward Maier, Second 
Row: James Franti; Gregory Send: Ronald Policy ; Gary Nelson; 
Thomas Bird: Lorry Helgaton; Gregg Gunderson; Gary Detander. 
Third Row: Terry Turk: Kenneth Ziebell; Gale Volbreeht; Jerome 

Erickson; Kenneth Lacount; Don Reich; Rich 
Karl Lasica: Glenn Krai: Michael Henkelman; 
Warring to-, advisor; Roger Cipov; Timothy 
Marc Bergen; John Zeknewski; Mic Schimten; 
Jeff Nelson; Ha Hen Olson; Jerry Beguhn. 

Pauly. Fourth Row: 
John Foley: James 
Oomle. Fifth Row: 
Gregory Banaszynski; 

Phi Omega Beta 
sponsors Stunt Nite. 

Proceeds are donated to 

the Donald Keller Memorial Fund. 

Duffy's Tavern is held 

in September 
followed by competition in the 

most humorous category 
in Homecoming float competition. 
A Spring Dinner Dance and pig roast 

culminated the year's activities. 

Pledge Rocky Mexon spends time involved with a variety of "unique" 
activities in the student union. 

Front Row: Edward Phillip*: Kenneth Klima: Robert Sromalski: Oleic 
Lamen, recording secretary: George Kriske. president; Jerry De- 
quardo. vice president: Alan Tieti treasurer; Bill Berre'. corresponding 
secretary; Jim Campbell. Second Row: Dennis Ferstenou: Tobias 
Johnson; Duane Meyers; Herman Oswald; Paul Kamin; Scott An- 
derson: Dann Kann; Bill Sehuli. Third Row: Leo Udee: Rick Kasper; 

James Jercnow: Alan LePine: Jonathan Iverton; Did Trinkl; Carl 
Foster. Fourth Row: Ralph Hunslnger; John Phillips; Wayne Orsted; 
Mark Bryn; Paul Poller; Larry Wolff; William Nerbun; Steven Van- 
dervest. Fifth Row: Erie Heil; John Mylin; John Hesselman; Joe 
Stout; Rob VanValkenburg; Pat Freedom. 

Phi Sigma Epsiion 
regains national award 

for efficiency. 
Cell Hemmerich was selected 

as national sweetheart for the 

The Phi Sigs received 

the grand champion award 
for float competition during Homecoming. 
Parents of the members 
were Invited for a spring Brat Fry. 

The Phi Sig cannon was en added attraction at home football 
games and pep rallies. 

Sigma Pi sponsored 
a philanthropy project 

inviting children 
of Dunn County servicemen 

to a Christmas party. 
Along with the annual 

"Tacky Drag" mixer, 
members also participated 

intramural sports 

Homecoming activities 
and, as in the past, 
formulated an all-out effort 

for Stunt Nite competition. 

Jeff Trendel tttnH Santa «t the annual Sig Pi Chmtmas party lor 
children of Dunn County servicemen. 

Front Row: Ray Hanien. edvlior: David Patten; Richard Vincent, 
secretary: Grag Keetly. vice president; David Close, treasurer; Dtnnis 
Knaalc; Dick Peterson; Nick Rassbach. Sacond Row: Jaff Trendal; 
Fred Albright; Don Olsert; Herb Sotinsky; Michael Chopin: Gregg 
Nolt: Ron Brown: Tom Lavy; Al Brebowski. Third Row; Thomas An- 

derson; Gerald Schneck; Dan Mendlni; Don Allison; John Pepper; 
Stave Ge-ske: Dan Smrakar; Dava Paterion; Gary Linhert. Fourth Row: 
Rogar Cabo: Bruce La Rose: Tom Rabna: Tarry Engefivann: Tom 
Wljniewiki: Daniel Stawart; Nick S*oI$o!ovIch: Danni$ Golnar: Hartand 

Front Row: Mike Anderson; Gerald Falkowski; William Mugen. 
r#r; Ricrard Reindl, vice president; Dennis Reinert, president; 
Gregg Zener, secretary; Daniel Breitzmen; John Grus:; Robert 
Lawrence. Second Row: Lloyd Dumke: David Myers; Gerald Stanton; 
Jack Ayers: Craig Nissen; Scott Wilson; Patrick Rentmeester; Ronald 
McDowell. Third Row: S*eve Robinson; Dave Schmidt; Kemp Shobe; 

Gary M ■ ---an Oberma 

Fourth Row: 
Edwards: William Finlie-: Ken K' 

Lee Buvid. Fifth Row: Za-'t' 
* r«nce Earl' 

: John Carce; Richard NoH 

Mielke; Thomas TJtmejy: Sherman 

Wayne Johnson: Robert 

John Rossmeier; 

Willian- James 

Sigma Tau Gamma 
holds calendar contest 

selects a calendar queen 

and follows with the White Rose Mixer. 

Concessions at football games 

serve as fund raising projects. 
In the spring, our annual Brat Fry 

and car wash are held. 
A culture trip is also included 
in the year's activities. 

Sig Tau calendars were distributed at registration featuring their 
selection of this year's calendar queens. 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 
sponsors a spring road rally 

during Spring Carnival. 
Members also participate m 

a National Public Service Weekend 
through assistance 

at the Dunn County Mental Hospital 

and a bicycle rodeo 

and safety check. 
Esther Fong reigns as 

TKE sweetheart. 
The Red Carnation Ball is our 

final major activity of the year. 

TKE sweetheart, Either Fong, draws lor a winner in the ski raffle 
sponsored by the fraternity. 

Front Row: Jeffry Pepla;,- James Hendnckson; Richard Dockter: 
Anthony Mihelko, secretary; Ttrry Weiss, president; Sy Were, vice 
president; Dale Herbeth, treasurer; Donald Tupper; Gregory Kauha. 
Second Row: Henry Netaingor; Glenn Domokos; Kenneth Rons; Robert 
Harvey: James Lyon; Gary Winkler; Alan Skell: Patrick Schneider; 
Glen Pewlitike. Third Row: Patrick Cochrane; Gerald Guyer; Gary 
Gluth; Raymond Birk; Ronald Anderson; Richard Froom; Michael 

Lover; Kenneth Schlag: David Friday, Fourth Row: Ronald Tills: 
Gary Fitipatrick; James Helgesen; Michael Springer; Gary Mohr; 
i-ek; Galen Raether; Alan Anderson; Dale Lueck; Larry Peeters! 
Fifth Row: Matt Vender Veldon: Timothy Brown; Larry Bat-- 
David Bloomqgist; Douglas Bainbridge: James Conachen; Edward 
Miklavcic; Thomas Backes: Lee Gehrke. 

Senior Index 

ABRAHAM. RICHARD E, Green Bay, Wis. Industrial Education. Luth 

Col 1-2: STOUTONIA 3-4, photo ed 3-4: TOWER 1-4. 
ABRAHAMSON. KAY J. Felrchlld. Wis. Home Economics Education. 

SNEA 4: He Club 2-4; Publicity chr 4. 
ADAM. MARY K. Milwaukee. Wis. Dietetics. New Apos I; Phi Upsllor. 

Omicron 3-4: FNA 3-4; He Club 2-4: UF 3. Advisory Council: 

Dean's List: He Club Service Award 3. 
ADAMS. GREGORY E. White Bear Lake. Minn. Industrial Education. 

Gymn 1-3: S-CIub 3. 
AIKEN. DARLENE ANN Boulder Junction. Wis. Home Economics 

Education Broadfield. UCM 1-2: SNEA 2. 4: 4-H 4: Sym Sing 

1-2: Gamma Sigma Sigma 2-4; trees 3. 
AINSWORTH. MARY E. Richfield. Minn. Home Economics General. 
AKIYAMA. STEVE T. Kahului. Maui. Hawaii. Industrial Education. 

Kappa Lambda Beta 2-4. 
ALLAMAN, GAYLE L. Bloomtngton, Minn. Home Economies Business. 

LSA 3-4. sec 4; A Psi O 3-4: 4-H 3-4; WRA 2-4: AOC 3-4: 

Syn Swim 2-4. sec 4: Sym Sing 4; CC 2-3, vice pres 2, pres 

AMICK. GORDIE W. Menomonie, Wis. Food Administration. 
ANDERSON. ALAN G. Carver. Wis. Industrial Education. Tau Kappa 

Epsilon 2-4. 
ANDERSON, CRAIG L. New Richmond. Wis. Business Administration. 

UCM I: Tau Kappa Epsilon 3-4, pres 3; SAM 4: IEEE 3-4; 

Tract 2: Radio Elec 1-3. pres 3. 
ARNESON. HAROLD N. Mondovi. Wis. Industrial Technology. IEEE 

3-4. chr 4: Radio Elec 1-2: Dean's List. 
ARNESON. PAULETTE H. Sheboygan. Wis. Pre-school Education. Gam- 

ma Delta 2-3. 
ARTHUR. LEO S. Trinida and Tobago. West Indies. Industrial Educa- 
AUCONE. DORIS Bernardsville. NJ. Psychology. 
BALISTRERI, THOMAS W. West Allis. Wis. Industrial Education. AIDD 

vice-pres 3: Swim 2-3: Assistant swim coach. 
BALSON. LINDA G. Lomira. Wis. Home Economics Education. Gamma 

Sigma Sigma 3-4: Syn Swim 2-4: P-P 1-3: 4-H I. 
BANASlK, JANE E. LaCrosse. Wis. Home Economics Education. Alpha 

Sigma Alpha 3-4. 
BARBER. JEAN E. Arlcansaw. Wis. Home Economics Education. HE 

Club 3: SNEA 4: Public Relations Comm 3. 
BARRETTE. FRAN E. Kewaunee. W's. Home Economics General. New 

Apos I: IRC 1-3. sec 2: Film Soc 1-2. publicity dir 2. 
BATTER MAN, LARRY E. Rosendale. Wis. Industrial Education. Tau 

Kappa Epsilon 3-4: IFC 3-4; AlAA 4; SNEA 4: IRHC 3: Dorm 

Council 3, vice pres 3: Dean's List. 
BEARD. KAREN G. Whitehall. Wis. Home Economies General. HE 

Club 1-3: Sigma Sigma Sigma award I. 
BECCAV1N. MARILYN A. Chicago. III. Home Economics General. 

New Apos 1-2: Alpha Omicron Pi 2-4: HE Club 1-2. 
BELISLE. JOHN L. Somerset, Wis. Industrial Technology. Kappa 

Lambda Beta 2-4; IFC 3-4. 
BELL. DARCEY J. Camp Douglas, Wis. Home Economics General. 

UCM I: HE Club 4: 4-H 1-4. treas 3. 
BENHAN. JEFFREY K. Shawano Wis. Industrial Education. LSA 2: 

MH Club 3-4. 
BENKOWSKI. JOSEPH A. Milwaukee. Wis. Vocational Education. Chi 

Lambda 3-4: AVA 3-4. 
BENNINGHOFF. ALICE L. Menhasset. N.Y. Preschool Education. Sigma 

Sigma Sigma 2-4. music chr 3: Orehesis 2. pres 2: Gym Club 

4: AOC I . 
BENZEL. GERALDINE L. Menomonie, Wis. Business Administration. 

SAM 3-4. sec 3: Dean's List. 
BENZEL. WILLIAM G. Wetertown, Wis. Industrial Technology. Phi 

Sigma Epsilon 3-4. cor sec 4: Ten M: S-Club 2-3. 
BERG. MICHAEL A. Eau Claire. Wis. Industrial Technology. SSlT 

I; IEEE 3-4, vice chr 4: Dean's List. 
BERGLUND. JUDY HENDRICKSON Menomonie. Wis. Home Economics 

Education. LSA 1-2: Alpha Phi 2-4: Phi Upsilon Omicron 2-4: 

HE Club 1-4. pres 4: P-P 1-2; Head Majorette 1-2: Who's Who 

4: Medallion, 
8ERKHOLTZ. AUDREY L Brillion. Wis. Home Economics Education. 

Delta Zete 2-3. vice pres 2: HE Club 1-2: Speech Club I; 

Panhel sec 2: Most Humorous Stunt Night 2. 
BEST. ROBERT A. Eau Claire. Wis. Industrial Technology. SSlT 3: 

AIDD 3. 
BIEVER. CHRISTINE A. Milwaukee. Wis. Home Economics General. 

Alpha Siqma Alpha 2-4; SNEA 4: HE Club 1-2. 
BILEK. MARYGAYE E. Kewaunee. Wis. Home Economics Education. 

New Apos I; Sigma Sigma Sigma 1-4; SNEA 3-4; HE Club 

2. 4: TOWER 3: Baton Twirler I. 
BIRD. THOMAS P. Arlington Heights. 111. Business Administration, 

Phi Omega Beta 3-4: SAM 3-4. 
BLANCHARD. JOHN B. Osceola, Wis. American Industry. SSlT 3; 

AOC 2-4. vice pres 3, pres 4; Ant Auto 2-3. trees 3. 
BODE. DAVID B. Milwaukee. Wis. Psychology. Can I; Alpha Phi Omega 

3-4: Psychovector Analysis 3: Sports announcer 2-3. 
BOEHNER. JERRY L Joliet. 111. Industrial Technology & Vocational 

Education. AlAA 4; SNEA 4: IEEE 4: Rifle Club 3: Dorm floor 

pres 3: Dorm vice pres 3: South Area Council 3; IRHC 3; 

Co-chr Spring Carnival 3. 
BOESE. ROGER J. Oshkosh. Wis. Industrial Education. SNEA 3-4; 

AlAA 3-4: Intr 1-2. 
BOHLE. DARLENE E. Highland. Wis. Home Economics. New Apos 

3-4: HE Club 2-4: SNEA 3-4. 
BOHN. THOMAS A. Kenosha. Wis. Industrial Technology. Chi Lambda 

2-4, alumni sec 4: Epsilon PI Tau 2-4: STS 2-4, vice pres 3, 

pres 4: SSlT I; STOUTONIA 1-3. managing ed 3: Who's Who 

4; Medallion. 
BOYEA, LINDA K. Milwaukee, Wis. Home Economies Education. New 

Apos 1-4: Phi Upsilon Omicron 3-4: WRA 3-4. 
BRINKMAN. KAREN N. LaCrosse. Wis. Home Economics General. 

LSA I ; HE Club 3-4; SNEA 2; AOC 2: UF 3-4: Dean's List. 
BRION. LAMOINE E. Eau Claire. Wis. Industrial Technology. Gamma 

Delta 2-4, vice pres 3. trees 3: LSA 3: IEEE 3-4: Vets 2-4: 

Radio Elec 3: SSlT 3-4. 
BROWN. SANDRA A. Fountain, Minn. Home Economics Education. 

LSA 3: P-P I : Judicial Board 2: Dorm Council 2. 
BRUNKOW. PAUL M. Eau Claire. Wis. Industrial Technology. NAHB 

3-4: Dean's List. 
BUCHHOLZ. JUDY A. South Milwaukee. Wis. Home Economics Educa- 
tion. New Ados 1-3: UF 2-4: SYV 3: Dorm Council 3. 
BUCK I. WALTER Medford. Wis. Industrial Education. Epsilon Pi Tau 

3-4: NAHB 3. 
BURGHER. CATHERINE A. Virginia. Minn. Home Economics Educa- 
tion. Phi Upsilon Omicron: SNEA 3-4: HE Club 3-4; Dorm Council 

sec 3: Floor pres 2-3. 
BURMEISTER, THOMAS J. Dansville, HI. Industrial Technology. Chi 

Sigma Nu 1-2: Baktb 3: SSlT 4. 
BURNS. THOMAS E. Manitowoc. Wis. Industrial Education. Stage 

Band 2-3: AOC 2-3: Rifle Club 4; Pep band 1-3. 
BUSCH. KATHLEEN A. Janesville, Wis. Home Economics Education. 

Phi Upsilon Omicron 2-4; Syn Swim 2: HE Club 2. 
BYRUM. TRUDY E. Anoka, Minn. Home Economics Education. Gamma 

Sigma Sigma 3-4: SNEA 3-4. 
CARLSON. HERBERT C. Abbotsford. Wis. Industrial Education. Judo 

I: AOC 1. 
CHAPMAN. CAROL A. River Falls, Wis. Home Economics Education. 

SNEA 4: HE Club 2-4; Intr 3: C Chr 3. 
CHOPIN. MICHAEL J. Kaukauna. Wis. Industrial Education. Sigma 

Pi 2-4. 
CHRISTENSEN. RUSSELL E. Jim Falls. Wis. Industrial Education. 
CHRISTOPHERSON. REBECCA L. St. Paul, Minn. Home Economies 

in Business. Alpha Sigma Alpha 2-4, treas 2-3: HE Club 1-4; 

AOC 1-2. 
CLARKSEN, ARLYN W. Two Rivers. Wis. Industrial Education. STS 

COLEMAN, MELVIN D. Cleveland. Ohio Psychology. Baktb 1-4. All 

conference 3, Leadership award 3, most valuable player 3, best 

defensive player 3; Lit Club 3-4; Afro-Amer 3-4, social chr 3-4; 

S-club 4. 
COSTA. BERGETTA A. Northfield, Minn. Art Education. SNEA 4: 

WRA 2-4: Film Soc 2-3; IRC I : AA 3-4: Irene Erdleti Award 

CRONK. RHODA J. Superior, Wis. Home Economics Education. SNEA 

CROS8Y, BRUCE R. Glencoe. Minn. Industrial Technology. IEEE 3-4, 

co-chr Awards Comm 3-4. 
CZAPLEWSK1. GREGORY A. Milwaukee, Wis. Industrial Education. 
DANIEL. MARY C. Chippewa Falls, Wis. Preschool Education. Alpha 

Sigma Alpha 1-4: Pom Pom 2. treas 2: Panhel 3-4, treas 4; 

Union Board Coffee House Comm 4; Homecoming queen candi- 
date: Who's Who 4. 
DANIELEWICZ. RICHARD C. Thorp. Wis. Industrial Technology. New 

Apos I ; NAHB 2-4. 
DAVIS. LINDA D. Aitkin, Minn. Home Economics Education. HE Club 

DAY. RONALD E. Eau Claire. Wis. Psychology. S-Club 3-4; Gymn 
1-4. capt 3-4. most valuable 2-3. state title 2. NAIA all state 

team 2-3. 

DEBNER. ROBERT A. Bruce. Wis. Industrial Education, Alpha Phi 

Omega 2-4: SNEA 4: NAHB 3-4. 
DEHNE. MARVIN L. Burnett. Wis. Psychology. 
DELONGE. LAWRENCE A. Mequon, Wis. Industrial Technology. Chi 

Lambda 3-4; SSIT 2-4. 
DEMARS. DONNA J. Cameron. Wis. Dietetics. Phi Upsilon Omicron 

4; FNA 2-4. 
DIETRICH. RUSSELL L. East Jordan. Mich. Industrial Education. 
DIGMAN. GEORGE H. Wauseu. Wis. Industrial Education. 
DOM BROCK. LARRY L St. Croix Falls. Wis. Industrial Education. 

Ftbl 1-3: Base 1-4; AOC 3-4; Athletic Trainer 3-4; Bsktb Man 

DOMKE. TIMOTHY G. Detroit, Mich. American Industry. Phi Omega 

Beta 2-4; Bsktb 2-4. 
DONICA. JOHN E. Livonia. Mich. Industrial Education. 
DONNELLY. SARA J. Richfield. Minn. Home Economics Education. 

Sigma Sigma Sigma 1-4, cor sec 4; SNEA 4; HE Club 3-4; 

Pom Pom 1-2. trees I. 
DORSEY. JOHN C. New London. Wis. Industrial Education. Alpha 

Phi Omega 2-4, alumni sec 3. 
DOTTAVIO. ELIZABETH M. Glenview. III. Home Economics Education. 

New Apos 1-2; Pom Pom I; Orchesis 2. 
DRESDEN. PAT Eau Claire. Wis. Fashion Merchandising. Alpha Sigma 

Sigma 2-4. membership dir 4. 
DUESCHER. LINDA F. Peshtigo. Wis. Home Economics Education. 

Luth Col 1-3: Phi Upsilon Omicron 2-4: Pi Kappa Delta 3-4, 

pres 4; HE Club 2. 4: SNEA 4: Syn Swim 1-4. sec 2. show-coordi- 
nator 3: Who's Who 4: Medallion. 
DUITMAN. JUDY M. Fond du Lac. Wis. Home Economies Education. 

Alpha Omicron Pi 2-4, cor sec 3-4: SNEA 3-4: Homecoming 

queen candidate 4. 
DUMKE. LLOYD E. Portage. Wis. Industrial Technology. Sigma Tau 

Gamma 2-4. alumni sec 3. cor sec 4; NAHB 2-4, sec 4: SSIT 

DUNHAM. RONALD J. Jefferson. Wis. Industrial Education. Kappa 

Lambda Beta 2-4. 
DUNLAP. JOHN P. Ashla.-d. Wis. Industrial Technology. SSIT 3-4. 

publicity chr 4: UF 4. 
ESERHARDT, DARREL C. Black River Falls. Wis. Industrial Technology. 

New Apos 1-2: Ftbl I: Radio Elec 3: SSIT 3-4. 
ENGLISH. CORINNE M. South St. Paul. Minn. Home Economics 

Education. Phi Upsilon Omicron 3-4; HE Club 3: UF 2. 
ENRICO. SHARON M. Chisholm. Minn. Home Economies Education, 

Alpha Phi 2-4. cor sec 3-4: HE Club I ; SNEA 4. 

HE Club 2-4; SNEA 3-4; Band 1-4. 
ER1CKSON, NANCY E. Goodhue. Minn. Home Economies Education. 
ESLINGER. CHERYL J. Chipoewa Falls. Wis, Preschool Education. 

New Apos I : WRA 2-3: AOC 4. 
ETTEN. DANIEL C. Brookefield. Wis. Industrial Technology. Kappa 

Lambda Beta 2-4. Corr Sec 3-4. 
ERICKSON. NANCY 8. LaGrange, III. Home Economics Education. 

Alpha Sigma Alpha 1-4. ed hist 3: SNEA 2-4: Pom Pom 1-2. 

co-cept I; TOWER 3: STOUTON1A 2: RA 2-3: Grap w Ideas 

EVERT. LOIS E. Pewaukee. Wis. Home Economics Education. HE Club 

2. 4- SNEA 4: WRA 2. 
FALKOWSK1. GERALD F. Hatley, Wis. Industrial Technology. Sigma 

Tou Gamma 2-4; Track 1-4: SSIT 2. 4; Oess pres 2. Class 

vice pres 3: Who's Who 4; Medallion. 
FELDKAMP, JANICE E. Madison. Wis. Home Economics Education. 

HE Club 2-4; Bowl 2: TOWER 2. 
FELDKAMP. RICHARD N. Kaukeune. Wis. Industrial Education. Epsilon 

Pi Tau 3-4: IEEE 3-4; Intr 1-2. 
FELDKAMP. ROBERT L. Kaukauna. Wis. Industrial Technology. New 

Apos I: Epsilon Pi Tau 4: IEEE 3-4: SSIT 3-4: Dean's List. 
FELSK1. RICHARD P. Hagaman. N.Y. Industrial Technology. Vets 2-4. 
FERSTENOU. DENNIS A. Bloomer. Wis. Industrial Technology. Phi 

Sigma Epsilon 2-4; NAHB 3-4. vice pres 3-4; SSIT 3: SSA senator 

3: Who's Who 4. 
FILLINSKY. JR.. WALTER P. Chicago. III. Industrial Technology. 
FOLEY. JACKIE C. Milwaukee. Wis. Home Economics Education. 

Delta Zeta 2-4. guard 2-3: Pom Pom I; AOC I: Syn Swim 

I: Dorm floor social chr 3: Winter sports queen candidate 3. 
FOX. DAVID R. Milwaukee. Wis. Industrial Education. STS 3-4: Intr 

FRAHM, JON E. Spoon er. Wis. Industrial Education. AIAA 3-4. 
FREIERMUTH. ROBERT L Kenilworth. NJ. Industrial Education. 
GALLEY, CHARLOTTE G. Hibbing. Minn. Home Economies Education. 

Alpha Phi 2-3: SYB 2: HE Club 2. 
GAR Dl PEE. GEORGE D. Black River Falls. Wis. Industrial Education. 

Sigma Pi 2-4; AIAA 4. 
GAY. CHARLENE J. Columbus, Wis. Presehool Education. 
GAZDA. TED J. Mosinee. Wis. American Industry. SNEA 3-4; UF 


Industrial Education. Wres 

- = 


GEARHART. RANDALL F. Indiana, Penn. 

1-2, 4; Motorcycle Club 3-4, pres 3-4. 
GENSKOW, PATRICIA A. Suring. Wis. Home Economies Education. 

Luth Col 2-3, trees 3: Alpha Omicron Pi 2-4: HE Club 1-4. 

trees 3: SNEA 4. 
GLENZ. DAVID C. Cadott, Wis. Industrial Education. 
GOLDSMITH MARY E. LaCrosse. Wis. Fashion Merchandising. 

Club 1-2. 4; Fash For 3-4: SNEA 1-2: Bowl 4. 
GRACYALNY. STAN V. Green Bey. Wis. Industrial Education, 

2-4, trees 3. 
GRANCHALEK. DALE R. Green Bay. Wis. Psychology. New Apos 

I: UF 1-4: TOWER 1-4. STOUTONIA 1-4. SSA pres 3-4: Class 

pres 3: Who's Who 4: Medallion 4. 
GRAY. BARBARA PAUSTIAN Greenfield. Wis. Dietetics. UCM I: 

Phi Upsilon Omicron 3-4: Band 1-4. sec-treas 2. 
GROMMESH, LOIS ARMBRUSTER Menomonie, Wis. Fash For 3-4: 

Messiah Orchestra 1-3: Nat'l Wool Comp 3. 
GROMMESH. ROBERT J. Menomonie. Wis. Industrial Technology. 

New Apos 1-2: NAHB 2-4. 
GRUSZ, JOHN K. Villa Park. Ill, Business Administration. Sigma Tau 

Gamma 2-4: SAM 3-4. 

Epsilon Pi Tau 2-4; STS 1-4, pres 3. 

2-4. production ed 3. associate ed 4: 

4: Medallion. 
GUELLO, SAMUEL F. Superior. Wis. Industrial Education. AIAA 2. 

4: AOC 2. 4. 
GUNDERSON. JUDITH A. Edina. Minn. Home Economics Business. 

Delta Zeta 2-4: Phi Upsilon Omicron 3-4. music chr 4; Sym 

Sing 1-3: TOWER 3. asst literary ed 3: Dorm Council 2-3. dorm 

treas 2. floor pres 2: Panhel 2-4. pres 4; Who's Who 4; Medallion. 
GURN. FAITH E. Greenfield. Wis. Home Economies Education. LSA 

1-3: Gamma Sigma Sigma 2-4, vice pres 4: HE Club 4: SNEA 

4: Lit Club 2. 
GURNEA. BARBARA A. Elmhurst. III. Art Education. Eques Club 

4; Ouafter Square 1-3: Dean's List. 
GUSTAFSON, ERICA R. Ladysmith. Wis. Home Economies General. 

New Ados 1-2: Pom Pom I; Syn Swim 3-4. vice pres 4; TOWER 

HAM MEN. ANN D. Ripon, Wis. Home Economics Education. UC 
of Christ advisor 4; HE Club 1-4; SNEA 3-4; RA 2-3: UF 
4. steering comm 4: Band 1-2. 4. publicity chr 2: Dance Band 

1-2: 4-H 1-3, vice pres 2. hist 1-2. pres 3. 

Wis. Industrial Education, 
sgt at arms 4: TOWER 
Dean's List; Who's Wi>i 

President Michaels and Dale Granchalek, SSA President, answer stu- 
dent questions about Stout's role in regards to the Mission Statement 
at a President's convocation. 




HANLEY, WILLIAM J. Sun Prairie. Wis. Industrial Technology & 

Applied Mathematics. New Apos 1-3; Epsilon PI Tau 3-4. sec-treas 

4: IEEE 3-4; SSIT 4; AOC 2-3: Radio Elec 3. 
HANSON. TRUDIE Strum. Wis. Home Economies General. LSA I; 

SNEA 2: AOC 3-4; TOWER 3. 
HAPPEL. CAROLYN A. Richfield. Wis. Clothing & Textiles. Phi Upsilon 

Omlcron 3-4: RA 3-4: HE Club 1-2: UF 3-4: exec sec 4; Dean's 

List; Medallion. 
HARBATH. DALE D. Clintonville. Wis. Industrial Technology. New Apos 

1-2: Tau Kappa Epsilon 2-4. trees 3-4; Intr 1-4: SSIT 1-4: UUB 

coffee house comm 3-4. 
HAZELTON. BRUCE E. Milwaukee. Wis. Industrial Education. New 

Apos I : AlAA I. 4: AVA I; Intr 1-4; Floor pres 3; RA 4. 
HEEBINK. JEROME C. Baldwin. Wis. Industrial Technology. Epsilon 

Pi Tau 3-4. program chr 4; NAHB 3-4; SSIT 3-4. 
HELMING. THOMAS A. Tomeh. Wis. Industrial Technology. 
HENKELMAN. MICHAEL R. White Beer. Minn. Industrial Technology. 

Phi Omega Beta 3-4; Wres I -2. 4. 
HENR1CKSON. JAMES M. Clintonville. Wis. Industrial Technology. 

Teu Kappa Epsilon 2-4, sgt-at-arms 3-4; SSIT 2-4; Intr 2-4: Syn 

Swim 1-4. pres 4. 
HICKEY. JANET A. Fond du Lac. Wis. Home Economics Education. 

New Apos 3-4: Phi Upsllon Omicron 3-4. cor sec 4: SNEA 

3.4. trees 4: HE Club 4: TOWER 2. 
H INKLE. ALAN Skokle. III. Industrial Education. SNEA 4: Track 2: 

AOC 3-4: Photo staff 2-4. 
HODGKINSON. WILLIAM K. Milwaukee. Wis. Industrial Education. 

Epsilon Pi Tau 3-4: IEEE 4; Radio Elec 1-4. trees 3. pres 4. 
HOLMES. ELIZABETH A. King, Wis. Fashion Merchandising. 

For 3-4: HE Club 2-3. . 

HOPP KATHLEEN A. Milwaukee. Wis. Fashion Merchandising. 

Apos I: Delta Zete 2-4, treas 3-4: HE Club 1-2: Fash For 

Dorm Coun 3. , 

HUEBNER ROGER L. Hortonville. Wis. Industrial Education. 

Lambda 2-4: Base 1-2: Intr 1-4: S-Club 1-2. 
HUNSINGER. JR.. RALPH H. Waukegan, 111. Industrial Education. 

Phi Sigma Epsilon 3-4. _ 

HUSET. ARLENE L. Cass Lake. Minn. Home Economics Education, 

SNEA 4: Band I. .__ - 

HUTINS. JUDITH M. Chicago. III. Fashion Merchandising. AUt S. 

Fash For 3: SAM 3. 
IRLBECK. ALLAN N. Hinckley. Minn. Industrial Technology. New Apos 

1-2; Teu Kappa Epsilon 2-4: Intr 1-4. 
JACOBSON SHARON L. Hammond. Wis. Home Educa- 
tion. Phi Upsilon Omicron 3-4: SNEA 4: HE Club 2-3: Academic 

Forum 3: ST0UT0N1A 2. 
JANKE. KURT A. Rhinelander. Wis. Industrial Technology. 
JARVAR. DOUGLAS A. Eau Claire. Wis. Industrial Education. Photo 

JESCHKE. KENNETH H. Menomonie. Wis. Industrial Education. IEEE 


3.4. sec 3-4: SNEA 3-4: Epsilon Pi 

JOHNSON. DIANE M. Osseo, Wis. 

1-2: HE Club 2: SNEA 4. 
JOHNSON ELIZABETH M. Minneapolis. Minn. Home Economies 

Education. Delta Zeta 1-4; SNEA 3-4: HE Club 1-2. 
JOHNSON. KENNETH S. Kingston. Jamaica Industrial Education, ui- 

4: IRC 3-4; Dean's List. - _ ., 

JOHNSON. ROBERT W. Chetek. Wis. Industrial Technology. Epsilon 

Pi Tau 3-4: SSIT 3-4. 

JOHNSON. RONALD C. Barring ton. III. Industrial Education. 

JOHNSON, VERNON G. Sunburg. Minn. Industrial Education & Indus- 
trial Technology & Vocational Education. Ch. Lambda _ - k his 
3-4: Radio Elec I: SNEA 3-4: Base 1-4; Bowl 11-4; WSU Honor 
Team 1-4; Athlete of the Week 3: AOC M: S-Club 2-4 pledge- 
master 2. pres 3-4; Intr 1-4; Dean's List: Who's Who 4: Medallion. 

JOHNSON. WAYNE D. Pine City. Minn. Industrial Technology. Sigma 
Tau Gamma 3-4: SSIT 4. ..-•-• ere t a 

JOOS. BRUCE A. New London. Wis. Industrial Education. 5TS 2-4. 

sec 3, vice pres 4. . .. . . 

JUNGE. ILMAR Milwaukee. Wis. "| B di«*ri*l T^ehnology. Selonye. 1-4. 

Economics: Engineering Assoc 1-3: ASCE 1-3: NAHB 2-4; SSIT 

3-4: "Guys end Dolls." , kJ - ,, , 

JUREK. GLENN A. Skokle. III. Industrial Education. SMS 2-3. trees 

3: Swim 1-3. co-capt 3: UF 3-4. .... M 

JUREK. JANE M. Chippewa Falls. Wis. Fashion Merchandising. New 

Apos I: HE Club 3: Fash For 3: UF 2-4: Dorm Council 3: 

Floor pres 3: Catherine SkeeU Award 2: Stout Foundation Scholar- 

shlo 4. , 

KAISER. JEAN L. Menomonie. Wis. Preschool Education. 
KAMPS. DIANE EBERT Marshfield. Wis. Home Education. 

Wis. Industrial Education. AlDD 

Tau 4. 

Minn. Industrial Education. SMS 

Home Eeonomics Education. LSA 

S-club members use an assembly-line method of clearing icy side- 
walks in front of The Commons. 

Gamma Sigma Sigma 3-4; SNEA 4; Sym Sing 2-3. 
KELIHER, KENNETH P. Brookfield, III. Industrial Education. Sigma 

Tau Gamma 2-4, cor sec 2, rec sec 3, pledge master 4. 
KERSTEN. JOAN M. Stone Lake. Wis. Home Economies Education. 

SSA senator 2-3; Academic Forum 3-4: Medallion. 
KETTERL. KAREN L Cypress. Calif. Fashion Merchandising. LSA I: 

SOIF 2-3: Lit Club 2-3. pres 3. 
KIM. YIL BOK Seoul. Korea Art. 
KINGSTON, JOHN A. Stevens Point. Wis. Industrial Technology. 

SSIT 3-4. 
KIRK. JUDITH J. Menomonie. Wis. Preschool Education. LSA I : Alpha 

Phi 1-4. 
KIRK. THOMAS R. Menomonie. Wis. Industrial Education. Sigma 

Pi 1-4. pres 3-4; I FC 2-3: AlAA 3-4. 
KIRTZ. JANET A. Mauston. Wis. Clothing & Textiles. SCF 1-4. sec 

KISTLER, DONALD F. Waukegan. 111. American Industry. Chi Lambda 

1-4. treas 4; Sym Sing 1-2: SSA treas 3: Who's Who 3; Medallion. 
KtTZMANN. CAROL A. Eland. Wis. Home Economics Education. 

New Apos I; Sigma Sigma Sigma 1-4, vice pres 3. rec sec 

4: HE Club 1-4: SNEA 2-3: Student Court 2-3: UF 2-4. advisory 

board 4; Who's Who 4; Medallion. 
KLAWITER. THERESE R. Weyerhauser. Wis. Home Economies Eduea- 

tion. Rifle Club 1-2. sec 2. 
KLAWITTER. DENNIS M. Mosinee. Wis. Industrial Edueation. 
KLIMA, KENNETH N. Racine. Wis. Industrial Technology. Phi Sigma 

Epsilon 1-4. 
KNAAK. DENNIS I. Birnamwood, Wis. Industrial Edueation. Sigma 

Pi 2-4. counselor 3-4. 
KCEPP. DENNIS A. Evansvitle. Wis. Industrial Technology. LSA I; 

Chi Lambda 2-4; SSIT 1-4, vice pres 4: TOWER 2: AOC 14. 
KOLMOS. KANDY A. Whitewater. Wis. Fashion Merchandising. LSA 

1-2: Alpha Gamma Delta 1-2; Phi Upsilon Omicron 3-4: Fash 

For 3-4;' UF 4; RA 4: Dean's List. 
KOZAR, JEAN E. Mason, Wis. Home Economics Edueetion. Gemma 

Sigma Sigma 3-4; HE Club 3-4: Sym Sing 1-3. 
KRAUSE. NANCY L. Forest Park. III. Home Economies Education. 

Delta Zeta 2-4: Phi Upsilon Omicron 3-4; SNEA 4; Alcoholic 

Beverages Comm 3; Winter Carnival Comm 3: Curriculum Develop- 

Industrial Technology. Phi 
Forum 4: Homecoming 


Wis. Fashion Merchandising. HE 
4; Fash For 3-4; WRA 2. point 

ment Comm 3-4: SSA senator 3: Campus Improvement Comm 
chr 3; Senator Election Comm, chr 3: Student Services- Comm 
4: Class trees 2; STOUTONIA, society ed 3: 2nd place Talent 
Night 3: Dean's List: Who's Who 4: Medallion. 
KREUTZ. RICHARD A. Sheboygan. Wis. Industrial Technology. NAHB 

1-4: Bowl 2-3. 
KRISKE. GEORGE E. Forest Part, III. 
Epsilon 2-4, pres 4: Academic 
marshall 3*4, 
Club 2-4. rec sec 3. vice pres 
sec 2: STOUTONIA 3-4. 
KUBAT, CHRISTINE M. Minneapolis. Mtnn. Home Economics Educa- 
tion. Alpha Phi 1-4. trees 3: SNEA 4; HE Club 1-2: Syn Swim 
2: SSA senator 3: Academic Forum 3-4; Activities Board 4. 
KUSMER. RAYMOND J. Addison. III. Industrial Technology. Arts & 

Crafts 2-3. 
KUTCHER. YVONNE SCHROEDER Camp Douglas. Wis. Clothing & 
Textiles. UCM 2: Phi Upsilon Omieron 3-4; Fash For 3-4: 4-H 
1-4, sec 2: Band 1-3. vice pres 3: Dean's List. 
LACOMBE. GERALD P. Marinette. Wis. Industrial Education. A!DD 

4: MH Club 3-4. 
LACOUNT. KENNETH H. Green Bay. Wis. Industrial Technology. 

Phi Omega Beta 3-4; SSIT 3-4: IFC 3-4. 
LANGE. STEVE P. Waldo. Wis. Industrial Technology. IEEE 3-4; Radio 

Elec 2-4: Ant Auto 2-4. trees 4. 
LARS EN, WAYNE A. Fort Atkinson. Wis. Industrial Education. AIAA 

LARSON. LARRY Joliet, III. Industrial Education. NAHB 4: SNEA 

LASICA. KARL S. Beaver Dam. Wis. Industrial Education. Phi Omega 

Beta 2-4; STS 2-4. 
LAWRENCE. ROBERT A. Hollideysburg. Penn. Business Administration. 
Sigma Tau Gamma 2-4: SAM 3-4: Bsktb 1-4; Base 1-4. capt 
LAWRENZ, LANA P. Algoma. Wis. Home Economics Education. Sigma 
Sigma Sigma 2-4, public relations chr 2-4: Phi Upsilon Omieron 
2-4. rec sec 4: HE Club 1-4, council 3: SNEA 1-3: TOWER 
2-4, literary ed 3. ed-in-chief 4: Publications Board 3-4; J. R. 
Watltins award: Stout Found Scholarship; Delta Kappa Gamma 
Scholarship; Phi Upsilon Omieron Natl Award: Dean's List; Who's 
Who 3: Grap w Ideas 3-4; Medallion. 

WILLIAM L. Stanley. Wis. Art Education. Art Club 1-2: P-P 
2: Film Soc 3-4. pres 3-4; Lit Club 3-4. 


LEEHE. LINDA M. Wilson. Wis. Home Economics Education. LSA 

2-4; Phi Upsilon Omieron 3-4, chaplain 4; HE Club 2-4, council 

4; SNEA 3-4; 4-H 1-4. sec 3; Alpha Phi Scholarship 2; Nat'l 

Science Found Scholarship 2: HE Club Service Award 3: Legislative 

Rant A Scholarship I ; Dean's List; State Leadership Grant 4. 
LEHMANN. KENNETH A. Beaver Dam, Wis. Industrial Education. 

Chi Lambda 2-4. vice pres 4; IFC 2-3. 
LIESKE. KRISTIN E. Loyal. Wis. Home Economics Education. HE Club 

1-2; SNEA 4. 
LINDERT. CAROL A. Waupun, Wis. Preschool Education. SNEA 4: 

IRC 2-3: P-P 2-3. 
LIN HART, GARY W. Chippewa Falls. Wis. Industrial Technology. 

Sigma Pi 3-4. 
LOBERGER. CAROL M. Denmark. Wis. Dietetics. Alpha Sigma Alpha 

2-4: FNA 2-4: HE Club 2-3. 
LORENZ. LYNDA L. Manitowoc. Wis. Psychology. Delta Zeta 2-4. 

song leader 3-4; Cheer 1-3. capt 2-3: Gymn Club 2-3: HE 

Club 2-3: Psych Club 3: Winter Cam Oueen Cand I: Sports 

Oueen Cand 3; Natl Cheer Clinic 4. 
LOVER. MICHAEL W. Mondovi. Wis. Industrial Education. New Apos 

1-3; Tau Kappa Epsilon 3-4: Intr 1-4. 
LUECK. JOHN C. Dundee, III. Industrial Education. Track 1. 
LUHM, JUDITH B. Milwaukee, Wis. Home Economics Education. SNEA 

1-4; HE Club 1-4. 
LUND. SUSAN A. Zumbrote, Minn. Preschool Education. HE Club 

2: C Chr 3: TOWER 3-4. 
M AH LOCH, LORRIE L. Kohler. Wis. Preschool Education. New Apos 

2-4: SNEA 3. 
MAHR. BETTY L Oak Creek. Wis. Home Economics Education. SNEA 

4: Bend 1; Speech Club I; Public Relations Comm 4; Dorm 

Council I. 3-4, sec 3; Homecoming Queen cand 4. 
MAIN. ALAN A. Independence, Iowa Industrial Education. SNEA 

3-4, pres 4: NAHB 3. 
MAIN. JAC0UEL1NE J. Loyal. Wis. Home Economies Education. 

Phi Upsilon Omieron 3-4; HE Club 2-4: SNEA 4; Band 1-3. 
MAJESKI. BOB E. Krakow. Wis. Industrial Education. New Apos 1: 

NAHB 1-4; Rifle Club 1-4. vice pres 2: AOC 1-2. 
MAKI. DON L. Aurora. Minn. Industrial Education. AIAA 4. 
MARTIN. MARY, JO Sheboygan. Wis. Home Economics Education. 

A Psi O 2-4. sec 4: SYV 3. Natl coordinator 3. 
MARTIN, ROBERT W. Ladysmith. Wis. Industrial Education. AIAA 

I. 3-4: Vets 2-4, trees 3; Dean's List. 
MARVIN. SANDRA L. Milwautee. Wis. Home Economics General. 

SCF 1-2: UCM 1-2: P-P 1-4: IRC 2-4. 
McCALLISTER, JEAN MATTINGLY South Beloit, III. Fashion Mer- 

chandising. Alpra Phi 3-4. 
McCLINTOCK. DAVID R. Worcester, N.Y. Industrial Education. 
McCOMBS. RODGER P. Hartland. Wis. Industrial Technology. Chi 

Lambda 3-4: IRHC 3: Dorm vice pres 3. 

Dale Granchetek presides over one of the most dynamic SSA meetings 
when student elections are declared null and void. 

Prospective Stout students touring 
directions from the sheet metal man. 

the metals department ask for 

McGINNITY. SUE E. Argyle. Wis. Home Economics Education. New 

Apos 1-4, cor sec 2-3: Phi Upsilon Omicron 3-4, vice pres 4; 

SNEA 4: HE Club 1-2; Sym Sing 3-4; Stout Found Scholarship 

McGlNTY, BONNIE A. Hopkins. Minn. Fashion Merchandising. New 

Apos 3-4. sec 4; Fash For 3-4: HE Club 2-4; Dean's List. 
MEIER. KERRY L. White Bear Lake, Minn. Industrial Education. Gamma 

Delta 1-4, vice pres I. 4: Alpha Phi Omega 2-4. cor sec 4: 

Rifle Club 2-3, trees 3: Radio E'ec 2. 
MEYER. CARYN A. New Berlin. Wis. Home Economics Education. 

LSA 1-4, vice pres 2: AOC 1-4; Photo Contest Winner 3. 
MIHALKO. ANTHONY F. South Milwaukee. Wis. Psychology. New 

Apos 1-4: Tau Kappa Epsilon 2-4. sec 3-4: UF 2-4. 
MIHALKO. JAMES L. South Milwaukee. Wis. Industrial Education. 

New Apos I. sgt at arms I. 
MILLER. BRADFORD A. Des Plaines. 111. Industrial Technology. UCM 

2: Epsilon Pi Tau 3-4. 
MILLER GLORIA J. Menomonie, Wis. Art Education. 
MJAANES. KRISTINE M. Edine. Minn. Fashion Merchandising. Phi 

Upsilon Omicron 3-4: Fash For 3-4; Dean's List, 
MOLE. DONNENE M. Burlington. Wis. Home Economies Education. 

Delta Zeta 1-4. treas 2-3: Phi Upsilon Omicron 4: SNEA I -4; 

HE Club t. 
MORRIS. BARBARA L. Madison, Wis. Home Economics Education. 

Sigma Sigma Sigma 1-4, scholastic chr 4; HE Club 1-3; SNEA 

2-4: AOC 1-4; Dorm vice pres 1. 
MUELLER. JOHN A. Appleton. Wis. Industrial Technology. Chi 

Lambda 3-4: SSI T 1-2; Intr 1-4. 
MUGAN. WILLIAM D. Cascade. Wis. Business Administration. New 

Apos 2; Sigma Tau Gamma 2-4. treas 3-4; Pi Kappa Delta 3-4; 

SAM 3-4. pres 4: STOUTONIA 3. business man 3: Debate 2-3: 

For 3-4; Dean's List: State Leadership Grant: Grap w Ideas 4: 

RA 3-4: Who's Who 4; Medallion. 

MURRAY, ELIZABETH L. Menomonie, Wis. Home Economics Educa- 
tion. Sigma Sigma Sigma 2-4; Phi Upsilon Omicron 3-4; Dietetic 
Scholarship I. 

NELSON. GARY W. Sunburg. Minn. Industrial Education. Phi Omega 
Beta 2-4. 

Appleton, Wis. Industrial Technology. SSIT 

Epsilon PI 

Wis. Industrial Technology. Phi 
Tau 2-4; SSIT 1-2. rec sec 2; 

Education. Epsilon Pi 

New Apos 

HE Club 



3-4: UF4. 

Sigma Epsilon 2-4; 

AOC 4: Student Services 4; Who's Who 4. 
NESBITT, JOHN Green Bay. Wis. Industrial 

Tau 3-4. 
NETZINGER. HENRY E. Ringle. Wis. Industrial Education. Tau Kappa 

Epsilon 2-4. 
NEVICOS1. JOHN F. Beloit, Wis. Industrial Education. Kappa Lambda 

Beta 1-4. sec 3: AOC 2. 
NIELSEN. DAVID J. Minneapolis. Minn. Industrial Education. A Psi 

O 1-4. trees 2. pres 3; Univ Theatre 1-4; freshman book award. 
NIELSEN, DOROTHY J. Green Bay. Wis. Preschool Education. A Psi 

O 2-4: hist 4: Univ Theatre M. 
NIELSEN. WAYNE ROBERT Long Lake. III. Industrial Education. AIDD 

3-4. pres 4. 
NISSEN. CRAIG J. Appleton, Wis. Industrial Technology. Sioma Tau 

Gamma 2-4; STOUTONIA 3: SSIT 3. 
NOFFKE. LAURENE M. Beaver Dam, Wis. Art Education. SNEA 3-4; 

RA 3-4. 
NOFFKE. THOMAS J. Neenah. Wis. Industrial Education. AIAA 1-2: 

NAHB 3-4. 
OBERMAN, JONATHAN K. Nelsonville. Wis. Business Administration. 

Sigma Tau Gamma 2-4. auditor 3. cor sec 4; SAM 3-4; Dean's 

O'BRIEN. PEGGY E. Rice Lake. Wis. Preschool Education. 

1-4: Phi Upsilon Omicron 4: Band 1-4. 
OESTREICH. LEROY G. Merrill. Wis. Industrial Education. 
OLSON. AUGIE JO Neillsville. Wis. Home Economics 

LSA 3-4. publicity chr 4; Phi Upsilon Omicron 4; 

2-4; Intr 3-4: WRA 3-4. 
OLSON. DAVID G. Minneapolis. Minn. Industrial Education 

3-4; Track I : Wres 3-4. 
OLSON. KENNETH A. Hudson. Wis. American Industry. Golf 1-4; 

Sym Sing 3. 
OPPERMANN. DOROTHY A. Shawano. Wis. Home Economics Educa- 
tion. SNEA 4: HE Club 4; STOUTONIA 1-2. 
OSEGARD. LARRY L. Hixton. Wis. Industrial Technology. SSIT 3-4: 

IRHC 4: Dorm pres 4. 
OSWALD. HERMAN JOHN Milwaukee. Wis, Industrial Technology. 

Phi Sigma Epsilon 2-4; Wres I; Tennis 2; Golf 3: SSA senator 

4; Medallion. 
OTT, KAREN A. Greenfield. Wis. Home Economics Education. LSA 

I; SNEA 4: Band 1-4; Choir wind ensemble 1-4: UF 3-4. 
OVER BY. GORDON J. Chetek, Wis. Industrial Education. 
PALFREY. SUE L. Lancaster. Wis. Art. Sym Sing 2-4; Winter Carnival 

PARR, MARLENE Green Bay. Wis. American Industry. LSA I: SNEA 

3-4: Orchesis 3. 
PATTERSON. CARRIE A. Waukesha. Wis. Preschool Education. UCM 

I: UF I, 4: TOWER 1-3, section ed 3. 
PAULSON. ARTHUR I. Osceola. Wis. Industrial Education. Luth Col 

4: AIDD 3-4. 
PAWLITZKE. GLEN R. Two Rivers. Wis. Vocational Education & Indus- 

trial Education. Tau Kappa Epsilon 2-4. hypophetes 3; Dean's 

PECKMAN, JR., STEVE W. Arbor Vitee. Wis. Industrial Education. 

New Apos 1-4: Sigma Tau Gamma 1-4. 
PEDRETTI, D I ANNE K. Viroqua. Wis. Home Economics Education. Alpha 

Phi 2-4; Phi Upsilon Omicron 2-4; SNEA 2-4: HE Club 2. 4; 

P-P 2-3. sec 3: Judicial Board 3: Dean's List: Wis HE Assn 

Scholarship 3; Ball Canning Scholarship I. 
PEIL. LYNNE M. West Bend. Wis. Home Economics Education. Alpha 

Omicrom Pi I.*: SNEA 3-4; Pom Pom 1-3: co-capt 2: SSA senate 

4; Calendar Girl 3. 
PELLOW, 8RUCE E. North Field. Ohio Industrial Technology. SSIT 

3-4: Dean's List. 
PERLEBERG. WILLIAM A. Plymouth. Wis. Industrial Education. LSA 

2-4: Epsilon Pi Tau 3-4: Dean's List: Ant Auto 3. 
PERRY. SHARON M. Chetek. Wis. Home Economics Education. LSA 

1-2: Sigma Sigma Sigma 1-4; HE Club I, 3-4: SNEA 4; Class 

treas 3-4. 
PESAVENTO. ALLEN R. Green Bay. Wis. Industrial Technology. Kappa 

Lambda Beta 3-4, vice pres 4; SSIT 2; Intr 1-4; Dean's List. 
PETERS. WAYNE R. Fond du Lac. Wis. Industrial Education. SCF 

1-4. pres 2: Epsilon Pi Tau 3-4: NAHB 3-4. 
PETERSEN. DARRELL L. Elroy. Wis. Industrial Education. IEEE 3-4. 
treas 4; 4-H 2-4. treas 2. 

PETERSON, LINDA B. Glen view. Ill, Preschool Education. Delta Zeta 

2-4: hist 3-4: Pom Pom I. hist I. 
PETERSON. LINDA K. Madison. Wis. Fashion Merchandising. Alpha 

Sigma Alpha 1-4, vice pres 4; Pom Pom 1-2, hist 2. 
PFLUGHOEFT, CHERYL R. Algome, Wis, Home Economics Education. 

Luth Col I. 4; Alpha Sigma Alpha 3-4. treas 4; HE Club 1-4; 

SNEA 1-2: AOC 3-4: TOWER 3. 
PLATTA, RENEE M. Hatley. Wis. Dietetics. Delta Zeta 2-4. cor sec 

2-3. vice pros rush 3-4: FNA 1*4. public relations chr 3-4; HE 

Club I ; SSA senator 3; Medallion. 
POL RAND, DEE A. Viola. Wis. Home Economics Education. Phi Upsilon 

Omicron 3-4; SNEA 3. 
POLASKY, MARY L. Menomonie, Wis. Preschool Education. Delta 

Zeta 2-4. activities chr 2-4. 
POWELL, ROSALIE Milwaukee. Wis. Home Economies Business. Sam- 

ma Sigma Sigma 1-4, social chr 3, pres 4: HE Club 3: Intr 

I, 3-4; Winter Cam 2-3; TOWER 3, section ed 3; Dorm Council 

1-2; RA 3-4; UF 4; Medallion. 
PRICE, JERRY W. Menomonie. Wis. Industrial Education. Alpha Phi 

Omega 2-4. pres 4; Rifle Club 1-3. hist 3. 
PRIEBE. FRED A. Bryant, Wis. Industrial Education. Gamma Delta 1-4. 

pres 4, region pres 4; Alpha Phi Omega 2-4; AOC 2; STOUT 

ONJA 3-4. sports ed 3. 
PRIEM. JACOULYN J, Columbus. Wis. Home Economics Education. 

Luth 1-4, vice pres 4; HE Club 2-4; SNEA 3-4; Dorm Council 

PRYGA. LAURA J. Mosinee, Wis. Home Economics Education. New 

Apos 1-2: HE Club 4; Miss Newmentte I. 
PRYOR, JUDITH K. Menomonie, Wis. Home Economics Education. 

C Chr 2-4. 
PURMAN. LEE A. Milwaukee, Wis. Home Economics Education. New 

Apos I; Alpha Phi 1-4, Siggins Scholarship 3; Panhel 3-4, vice 

pres 4; SNEA 4; Publications Board 3-4. sec 4; Dorm pres It 

IRHC sec 2; Homecoming convo chr 4; RA 4: Winter Cam 

queen cand I; Dean's List; UF 2-4; Who's Who 4; Medallion. 
RAESS, MARILYN A. Grafton. Wis. Home Economics Education. HE 

Club I. 3-4; SNEA 4. 
RASSBACH. NICHOLS Menomonie. Wis. Business Administration. 

Sigma Pi 1-4; SAM 3-4; Intr 1-4. 
RATZBURG. WILLIAM J. Racine. Wis. Industrial Education. Sigma 

Teu Gamma 2-4; AIDD 3-4; NAHB 3-4; SSA senator 2; Speaker 

Review 3-4; Health & Physical Ed Advisory Comm 3: Dorm Council 

READER. ROGER C. Almond, Wis. Industrial Education. STS 3-4; 

Band 1-4. 
REBARCHIK. LEN R. Black River Falls, Wis. Industrial Education. 

New Apos I, 3-4. treas 3-4. 

REINDL, RICHARD A. Milwaukee, Wis. Industrial Education. Sigma 
Tau Gamma 1-4, sec 2-3, vice pres 3-4; Intr 1-4; STS 2-4. pledge 
trainer 3: Intnatl Assn Printing House Craftsmen 3-4; SSA senator 
4; Who's Who 4. 
REINHARD. JAMES G. Shorewood, Wis. Industrial Education. 
REINERT. DENNIS M. Minneapolis, Minn. Industrial Education. Sigma 
Tau Gamma 1-4, pres 4; SNEA 1-2; AIAA 1-2: UF 3-4; Dean's 
RIERSGORD, DEBORAH L. Milwaukee. Wis. Fashion Merchandising. 
Alpha Phi 3-4, vice pres scholarship 4; Phi Upsilon Omicron 
3-4; Homecoming queens coronation chr 3-4; UF 4; Assembly 
Lyceum 4. 
RICHTER, JEROME J. Sheboygan. Wis. Industrial Education. SNEA 

3-4. vice pres 4. 
RIHN, BEVERLY A. Chippewa Falls, Wis. Home Economics Education. 
HE Club 3: SNEA 4; WRA 2-4. intr chr 3-4: Irene Erdlitz 
Award 3. 
ROBINSON. STEVEN R. DeKalb. III. Industrial Education. Sigma Tau 
Gamma 2-4, alumni sec 3-4; Golf I ; Intnatl Assn Printing House 
Craftsmen 3-4: Class vice pres 4; IRHC 1-2; STS 3-4; STOUTONIA 
2-3, business man 2-3. advertising man 3: UUB 3-4. publicity 
chr 3-4. 
RODMAN. ANN S. Gladstone. Mich. Home Economics General. HE 

Club 1-2. 4: AOC 3-4. 
ROMANG, JUNE F. Athens. Wis. Clothing & Textiles. Alpha Phi 

3-4; HE Club 1-2; AOC 3; TOWER 3. 
ROMAYKO. SHARON A. Campbells port, Wis. American Industry. 

Gamma Sigma Sigma 3-4. 
RORTVEDT. JUDY A. Madison. Wis. Home Economies Education. Phi 
Epsilon Omicron 3-4: SNEA 3. 

Wis. Industrial Technology. 
2-4; AOC 2; IFC pres 4; 



U = 

Apos I ; Sigma Teu Gamma 
Council 1-2: Who's Who 4. 

iZHH' w A n?k D D * Wisco ™ n Rapids- Wis. Industrial Education. 
RYUN. MARGO MUELLER Milwaukee. Wis. Clothing & Textiles. 
SALMON. RICHARD M. Milwaukee. Wis. Industrial Education. 

SAMPLE, TIMOTHY J. Owen, Wis. Industrial Education. New Apos 

1-2; Alpha Phi Omega 2-4; hist 3. 
SETTER. ALICE M. Dresser. Wis. Home Economies Education. Phi 

Upsilon Omicron 3-4, frees 3: SNEA 3-4; HE Club 2-4: 4-H 

1-4. vice pres 2, pres 3. 
SEVERSON. JOAN C. Bloomington. Minn. Home Economics Education. 

Alpha Phi 1-4, social chr 3. chaplain 4; Pom Pom 1-4, sec 

2. 4; Winter Cam Queen I ; Calendar Girl 3. 
SOMMERFELD. LINDA A. Glllett, Wis. Fashion Merchandising. Gamma 

Delta I: University Club 1-4; SOIF 4. hist 4; Film Soc 4; Fash 

For 3-4. 

SCHAFFNER. FRIEDA M. Trempealeau, Wis. Home Economics Educa- 
tion. HE Club I. 4; SNEA 4. 
SCHARP, NORMAN H. Ashland. Wis. Industrial Education. Rifle 

Club I. 
SCHEPS. JUDITH C. Eau Claire, Wis. Home Economics Education. 

Gamma Delta I : SOIF 4; Film Soc 4. 
SCHLAG. KENNETH Wausau, Wis. Industrial Education. New Apos 

2-3; Tau Kappa Epsilon 2-4; STS 2-4; Intnatl Assn Printing House 

Craftsmen 3-4. 
SCHLEUSNER. JANET M. Ridgeland, Wis. Home Economics Education. 

Alpha Omicron Pi 2-4, pres 3-4: Phi Upsilon Omicron 3-4; SNEA 

1-4: HE Club 1-4; Union Activities Board 4; General Motors 

Scholarship 1-4; Who's Who 4. 
SCHMID. SCOn A. DesPlaines. III. Industrial Technology. Chi Lambda 

2-4; Bsktb I: Ten 1-4; AOC 1-4, trip chr 4: Sym Sing 1-4; 

S-CIub 2-4; SSA senator 4; IRHC 2-3. pres 2; Dorm treas I. 

pres 2: Who's Who 4; Medallion. 
SCHMIDT, BARBARA E. Milwaukee. Wis. Home Economics Education. 

Sigma Sigma Sigma 2-4; HE Club 2; AOC 2-3. hist 3: Psnhel 

3-4, rush chr 4. 
SCHMIDT. DAVID E. New Berlin. Wis. Industrial Technology. Sigma 

Tau Gamma 2-4. house man 3-4; Ftbl 1-2: Track I. 
SCHMIDT. JANICE FOLBRECHT Madison, Wis. Home Economics 

Education. Sigma Sigma Sigma 2-4, song chr 2, membership 

chr 2-3: SNEA 3-4; HE Club 3-4; Sym Sing I. 
SCHMIDT, KENTON W. Collins, Wis. Industrial Education. NAHB 

2-4- Vets 2-4. treas 2. pres 3. 
SCHNEIDER, MARY C. Fennimore, Wis. Home Economics Education. 

Sigma Sigma Sigma 1-4: HE Club I, 4; SNEA 4. 
SCHNEIDER. PATRICK A. Rothschild. Wis. Industrial Education. Tau 

Kappa Epsilon 2-4. Hegeman 2; AIDD 3-4; SNEA 4. 
SCHON. KARL E. St. Paul. Minn. Art Education. Sigma Tau Gamma 

3-4, rush chr 3-4: AOC 1-2. 
SCHOTTMULLER. NANCY L. Manitowoc. Wis. Fashion Merchandising. 

Delta Zeta 1-4. standards chr 2: STOUTONIA 3. news ed 3. 
SCHOTTMULLER, ROBERT L Newport. Minn. Industrial Education. 

Kappa Lambda Beta 2-4. treas 3r Ftbl 1-3; Wres 1-4; Track 


Bulbs, trees and window greetings spread Christmas cheer to North 
Hall residents end their guests. 

Dr. Barnard, chairman of the A-V department, adjusts the cape of a guidance M.S. degree 
candidate during the January commencement exercises. 

SCHUFF, LEROY E. Oshkosh. Wis. Industrial Education. Epsilon Pi 

Tau 2-4, pres 4; UUB 2-4, pros 4; Union Physical Facilities 

Comm 3-4 ; Who's Who 4; Medallion. 
SCHULZE. CAROL J. Crystal Falls, Mich. Fashion Merchandising. 

Alpha Psi Omega 3-4. 
SCOTT, PENELOPE S. Woodruff, Wis. Dietetics. New Apos 1-3; FN A 

SCHRINER. MICHAEL W. Madison, Wis. Industrial Education. 
SCHROEDL. TOM E. Minneapolis, Minn. Industrial Education. AOC 

1-4; SOIF 3-4: Film Soc 4: Motorcycle Club 3-4. 
SCHROLL. MARY L. Hammond. Wis. Fashion Merchandising. Inter-re- 

ligious Council 1-3. vice pres 3; Gamma Delta 1-2, sec 2; Fash 

For 3-4: Dorm Council 3. 
SCHWARZ. GERALD W. Milwaukee. Wis. Industrial Education. 
SCHULTZE. LINDA L. Batavie, III. Homo Economics Education. SNEA 

4; HE Club 4; Sym Sing 1-4, librarian 3. 
SEVERSON. MICHAEL D. Dallas. Wis. Industrial Education. SCF 2: 

Epsilon Pi Tau 3-4; SNEA 4; AIAA 3-4; IRHC 3: Dorm pros 

3: Dean's List: Who's Who 4. 
SHADINGER, SANDRA L. Edina, Minn. Home Economics Education. 

Alpha Psi Omega 2-4, hist 3, vice pres 4: AOC 1-2. 
SHE1L, MICHAEL L Merrill. Wis. Industrial Technology. Phi Omega 

Beta 1-4: Golf 1-4: I FC 2-3: S-Club 2-4. 
SHERRY. DANIEL C. Viroqua. Wis. Industrial Technology. Sigma Pi 

2-4; Ftbl I. 3. 
SHILHA. ROBERT J. Chippewa Falls. Wis. Industrial Technology. Vets 

SHOBE, W. KEMP Indianapolis, Ind. Industrial Education. Sigma Tau 

Gamma 2-4, house trees 2-3, pledge master 3-4. 
SIBLEY. DAVID J. Mundelein, 111. Industrial Education. AIAA 4: Dean's 

SIGGELKOW. LINDA K. Janesville. Wis. Home Economies Education. 

HE Club 2-4: SNEA 3. 
SIMPSON. MICHAEL M. Durand. Wis. Industrial Education. New Apos 

1-4; Alpha Phi Omega 2-4, rec sec 4: AIAA 3-4. 
SINGULAR. JO A. Grafton, Wis. Home Economics Education. Alpha 

Phi 1-4. chaplain 4; HE Club I, 3-4: SNEA 3-4; Sym Sing 

1-4; Dance Band 2-3; IRHC 3, sec 3; Dorm vice pres 3; United 

Council Coordinator 3; 2nd place Talent Night; Winter Cam 

queen cand I; Best individual Stunt Night 1-3; Messiah soloist 

I, 3; Calendar Girl 3; Homecoming queen 4; Who's Who 4; 

SITTE, HANS J. Rochester. Minn. Industrial Technology. IEEE 2-4. 

co-chr awards comm 2-4. 
SITTIG. JAMES A. Whitewater, Wis. Industrial Education. AIAA 4; 

SNEA 4. 
SLADKY, MARY BETH T. Milwaukee. Wis. Food Service Administration. 

New Apos 1-2: Model United Nations 2-3. 
SMERDA, JOHN J. Racine, Wis. Industrial Education. Am Soc Tool 

& Manufac Eng 1-4; SNEA 4: AIAA 4: Bowl I, 3-4. 
SMITH. BRUCE A. Dalton. Wis. Industrial Technology. SSIT 3-4; RA 

SMITH. PATRICIA R. Boscobel. Wis. Home Economics Education. 

UCM 1-4. sec 3: SNEA 4: HE Club I, 3-4. 
SOLINSKY. HERBERT P. Hartland. Wis. Industrial Education. Sigma 

Pi 1-4. herald 3-4; Swim I; Intr 1-4. 
SPIELVOGEL. PATSY A. Ripon, Wis. Fashion Merchandising. Alpha 

Sigma Alpha 2-4, chaplain 2-3, hist 3-4. 
STEFANIAK. LEE R. Two Rivers. Wis. Industrial Technology. SSIT 

2-4; Dean's List. 
STEIN ER. STEPHANIE S. Mauston, Wis. Home Economics Education. 

New Apos 2-4: SNEA 3-4; HE Club 3-4; AOC 3. 
STIBBE, DONNA L. Richland Center. Wis. Home Economics Education. 

UCM I; Phi Upsilon Omicron 3-4; HE Club 1-4, Wis vice com- 

munications chr AHEA-College Clubs 4: SNEA 4; WRA 1-2: 

Dean's List; Who's Who 4; Medallion. 
STOLPE, SHARON L Milwaukee. Wis. Preschool Education. New Apos 

2: Alpha Omieron Pi 2-4, education chr 4. 
STONE. JEAN A. Ripon, Wis. Fashion Merchandising. HE Club 1-2; 

Fash For 4; SAM 4. 
STROM. JANICE V. Des Plalnes. III. Fashion Merchandising. Alpha 
Omicron Pi 1-4. education chr 2; Panhel 3-4, see 4; Fash For 

3-4, pres 4. 
SWALVE. JOAN L. Galesville. Wis. Dietetics. UCM 1-4; FNA 1-3. 
SWANSON. JEANNE H. Albany. Wis. Preschool Education. Gamma 
Sigma Sigma 3-4. society ed 4; SYV 2: Phi Upsilon Omicron 
3-4; HE Club 2. 
SZYMASZEK. EUGENE E. Harwood Heights, III. Industrial Education. 

Epsilon Pi Tau 3-4; AIAA 3-4; SSA senator 4: UF 4: Radio 
Elec 4: Dorm Council 2; IRHC 2: Dorm pres 2: Who's Who 
TALBOT. JR.. JOHN H. Cumberland. Wis. Industrial Technology. 
TAPLIN. IRVIN C. Menomonie. Wis. Industrial Education. AIAA 3-4; 

Intr 1-2; Arts & Crafts 2-4. trees 3-4. 
TAYLOR. KATHLEEN M. Cicero. III. Home Economies Education. 

IRHC 3. 
TAYLOR. PHYLLIS J. Waukesha, Wis. Food Service Administration. 

FNA 3-4. 
THIBADO. WILLIS A. Virginia. Minn. Psychology. 
THOMMES. JAMES W. Morton Grove. III. Industrial Technology. 

Chi Lambda 1-4; SSIT 2-4. pres 4. 
THOMPSON. JOAN K. Hurley. Wis. Preschool Education. HE Club 

THOMPSON. SUSAN C. Milwaukee. Wis. Home Economics Business. 

HE Club 1-4; FNA 3: WRA I. 
TILLS. PATRICIA A. Milwaukee. Wis. Home Economics Business. Sigma 

Sigma Sigma 2-4, philanthropic chr 4: STOUTON1A 2. 
TINBERG. SHELBY J. Wetertown. Wis. Home Economics Education. 
Luth Col 2-3: HE Club 2-4. newsletter ed 3: SNEA 3-4: Merrill 
Palmer 3. 
TRIMBERSER. RONALD S. New Holstein. Wis. Business Administration. 
New Apos I: Sigma Tau Gamma 2-4, house trees 3: SSIT 1-2; 
SAM 3-4; SOIF 3; UF 3-4; Who's Who 4. 
UBEL. DINA L Knapp. Wis. Dietetics. Alpha Phi 1-3: FNA 1-4, trees 

3: Pres Placement Follow-up Comm 1-4. 
UE8ELE. JOHN L. Waterford. Wis. Industrial Education. New Apos 

3: SMS 2-4. vice pres 4; Dean's List, 
ULLMANN, LARRY L. Luxemburg. Wis. Industrial Education. IEEE 

4; Radio Elec 3-4. trees 4: Dean's List. 
UM, BE Kendal, Cambodia Industrial Education. IEEE 3-4. 
URICK. JOSEPH W. Virginia. Minn. Industrial Education. Ftbl 1-3: 

Golf 1-4: S-Club2-4. pres 4. 
UTPADEL DAVID R. Menomonie. Wis. Industrial Education. 
VANCE. DIANE K. Altoona. Wis. Home Economies Education. Phi 

Upsllon Omicron 3-4; HE Club 2-4: SNEA 2-4. 
VANDERVELDEN, MATT P. Little Chute. Wis. Industrial Education. 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 2-4; Intr 1-4. 
VANVECHTEN. BETH L. Wauwatosa. Wis. Fashion Merchandising. 

Sigma Sigma Sigma 2-4; Fash For 4. 
VELICH. RONALD J. Menominee. Mich. Industrial Education. Chi 

Lambda 3-4: Bsktb 2: S-Club 3-4: Dorm pres 3. 
VERBRICK. TRUDY A. Menasha. Wis. Home Economies Education. 
Alpha Phi 2-4; Phi Upsllon Omicron 2-4; SNEA 3-4; STOUTONIA 
2-3. feature ed 3. 
VOIGTSCHILD. WAYNE D. Menomonie, Wis. Business Administration. 

SAM 4. 
WAGNER. MARCIA D. Gillett. Wis. Home Economics General. LSA 

1-4: HE Club I. 4. 
WAGNER. RAYMOND M. Milwaukee. Wis. Industrial Education. Kappa 

Lambda Beta 1-4. pres 3-4: AOC 1-2. 
WATK1NS. GARY T. St. Paul. Minn, Industrial Technology. Kappa 

Lambda Beta 3-4; RA 3-4. 
WEAVER. MARGARET C. Arpin, Wis. Preschool Education. HE Club 

WAUPOCH1CK. ANTHONY Keshena, Wis. Industrial Education. Epsi- 
lon Pi Tau 3-4; IEEE 3-4. sec 4. 
WAUPOCHICK. FAY A, Keshena. Wis. Home Economies Education. 
WEILER. JO C. Burlington, Wis. Home Economics Education. New 
Apos I; Alpha Phi 1-4, pres 4; Phi Upsilon Omicron 3-4; HE 
Club 2-3: SNEA 3: SSA cor sec 2-3: AOC 2-3; United Council 
2-3: UF 2-4; Student Services Comm 2, 4; Code of Conduct 
3: Who's Who 4; Alumni Scholarship 3; Medallion. 
WEISS. TERRY J. Mondovi. Wis. Industrial Technology, New Apos 
I: Tau Kappa Epsilon 2-4. trees 2. pres 3-4: SSIT 3-4; RA 
WELHAVEN. JOANNE Sturgeon Bay, Wis. Home Economics Educa- 
tion. LSA 1-3, sec 2: Gamma Sigma Sigma 2-4, vice pres 3. 
alumnae sec 4; HE Club I; Floor pres 2; Dorm Council 2; 
TOWER 3. Greek ed 3. 
WERA, SY F. Marathon. Wis. Industrial Education. New Apos t-4; 
Tau Kappa Epsilon 2-4. vice pres 3-4; IFC 3: NAHB 4: AIDD 
4: SNEA 3-4: Class vice pres 2: Who's Who 4: Medallion. 
WHIT BECK. CAROL A. Richfield, Minn. Clotking & Textiles. Sigma 
Sigma Sigma 2-4: TOWER 2-4. assoriete ed 3: STOUTONIA 
2-4. managing ed 3. ed-in-'hief 3-4; Publications Board 3-4; Speak- 
er Review Comm 4: Who's Who 4: Medetlion. 
WHITE. LEROY J. Menomonie. Wis. Business Administration. SAM 

3-4, treas 3. vice pres 4: Vets 2-4. trees 3, 
WHITE. MARY A. Maiden Rock. Wis. Art Education. Sigma Sigma 

Sigma 1-4: SNEA 2. 4. 
WHITE. PATRICIA A. Rothschild. Wis. Home Economics Education. 

Delta Zeta 1-4: SNEA 1-4; HE Club I. 
WIEMAN, MARLENE C. Menomonie, Wis. Business Administration. 

SAM 4: Gymn 2-4; WRA 2-4. treas 2-4: UUB 3: Dean's List. 

WIEMERSLAGE. SANDRA K. LaCrosse. Wis. Clothing & Textiles. Delta 
Zeta t-4; AOC I : Fash For 3-4; RA 3-4. 

W1ETZKE. SANDRA R. Milwaukee. Wis. Fashion Merchandising, Alpha 
Sigma Alpha 3-4: Fash For 4; HE Club 1-2. 

WILHELM. MARIE E. Spring Green, Wis. Home Economics Education, 
Phi Upsllon Omicron 3-4: HE Club 3-4; SNEA 2-4; RA 3-4. 

WILLIS. GERALDINE E. Piano. III. Home Economies Education, SNEA 
4: AOC 2. 

WILSON, JUDITH R. West Allis, Wis. Home Economics Education. 
Delta Zeta t-4; HE Club 1-2. 

WILTING. PAUL H. Beaver. Wis. Industrial Education. New Apos 
I ; Chi Lambda 2-4. vice pres 3. pres 4: Epsilon Pi Tau 4. 

WIRTHWEIN. SUSAN L. Milwaukee. Wis. Fashion Merchandising. Fash 
For 3-4. 

W1SNEFSKE. MARILYN J. West Bend. Wis. Preschool Education. Delta 
Zeta 2-4. standards chr 3: rec sec 4; HE Club 1-2; Orchesis 

WISNIEWSKI. THOMAS I. Lansing. III. Industrial Technology. Sigma 
Pi 2-4; Bsktb 2-4. 

WITTCHOW. JOY L. Rosendale. Wis. Home Economics Education. 
SNEA 4: HE Club 4: Academic For 4; United Council 3-4: 
AOC 4: Class social chr 4: Dorm pres 3: South Area pres 
3; IRHC public relations chr 4. 

WOJTKIEWICZ, MARY ANN F. Thorp. Wis. Home Economics Educa- 
tion. New Apos 1-4; Inter- Religious Council 2-4. vice pres 4, 
cor sec 3: Gemma Sigma Sigma 2-4. cor sec 2: Phi Upsilon 
Omicron 2-4. pres 4: HE Club I. 4: SNEA 1-2, 4; UF 2-4. 
advisory board 4; RA 3-4; AOC I ; Tau Kappa Epsilon Sweetheart 
3: Dean's List; Who's Who 4; Medallion. 

WOLF. SUSAN F. North Fond du Lac. Wis. Home Economics General. 

WOLFF. LAURIE L. Schofield. Wis. Home Economies Education. Delta 
Zeta 1-4: HE Club 1-2; SNEA 4: Panhel 2-3. vice pres 2-3. 

WOLFORD, MARSHA M. Fergus Falls, Min*. Home Economics Educa- 
tion. Alpha Chi Omega 1-4; AHEA 1-2. 

WARDEN. ROBERT Wisconsin Rapids. Wis. Business Administration. 
SAM 3-4. membership chr 3-4. 

WOYTASIK. ROBERT A. Hatley. Wis. Industrial Technology. SSIT 

ZAHN. CINDA G. Janesville, Wis. Home Economics Education. SNEA 
3-4: HE Club 1-4. 

ZANDER. THOMAS R. Livonia. Mich. Industrial Education. 

ZANER. GREGG W. Milwaukee, Wis. Industrial Education. Sigma 
Tau Gamma 1-4; sec 3-4. 

ZIEGELBAUER. CAROLYN M, North Fond du Lac. Wis. Home Eco- 
nomies Education. New Apos 1; Sigma Sigma Sigma 2-4, pres 
4; HE Club 4; SNEA 4; Class sec 3: Homecoming queen cand 

ZIMDARS. DONNA M. Sullivan. Wis. Home Economics Education. 
Luth Col 1-3. vice pres 2; Phi Upsilon Omicron 3-4: HE Club 
1-2: SNEA 3-4; MH Club 3-4, director 3; UF 2-4: Dean's List. 

Frank Mankiewicz, press secretary for Robert Kennedy, gives opinions 
about the 1968 Presidential election to Stout questioners after his 
talks to the student body. 

General Index 

Aasen, Patricia IV 107 
Abraham. Richard IV 107. 17? 

226. 228. 232 
Ab'ehemson. Kay IV 107. 235 
Ackert. Alan II 142 
Adam. Mary IV 107. 234. 236 
Adams. Eric I 153 
Adams, Judy I 153 
Adams. Kathleen I 154. 26? 
Agnew, Thomas I 153 
Ahlberq. Ingrid II 141. 226. 229 
Ahlers. Gayle II 142 
Aiken. Darlene IV 107. 280 
Ainsworth, Mary IV 107 
Aisenbrey. Mary II 142 
Akiyama. Steve IV 107, 284 
Atbertson. Christine I 153 
Albright. Fred IV 287 
Albright. Greg 86 
Albright, Kathleen II 276 
Alcoelt. Kathy III 133. 233. 28i 
Alder. Kathryn I 154 
Alfresco Outing Club 246 
Allaman. Gayle IV 96. 107. 247 

250. 251. 253. 269 
Allen. Jean IV 264 
Allen. Sharon III 133. 245 
Allison. Don III 287 
Alpha Omicron Pi 276 
Alpha Phi 277 
Alpha Phi Omega 282 
Alpha Psi Omega 251 
Alpha Sigma Alpha 278 
Alton. Helen HI 133 
Amick. Gordie IV )07 
Anastesia. Karen II 142 
Anderl. Frederick I 153 
Anderl. Lynda I IS4 
Anders, Mary II 141 
Andersen. Bruce I 154 
Andersen. Martin II 142. 23? 
Andersen. Peggy I 153 
Anderson. Alan IV 107, 289 
Anderson. Barbara I 153. 248 
Ande-son. Beverly 11 142. 281 
Anderson. Cheryl III 133 
Anderson. Craig A. I IS3 
Anderson. Craig L. IV 107 
Anderson, David I 7i 
Anderson, Diane II 142 
Anderson, Elaine t 154. 246 
Anderson. I ng red III 278 
Anderson. Jean II 142 
Anderson, Linda L. Ill 133, 229 
Anderson. Linda M. II 142 
Anderson. Lonnee I 153. 233, 248 
Anderson. Maurice III 133 
Anderson. Michael II 141. 288 
Anderson. Pat 276 
Anderson. Pearl IV 107 
Anderson. Richard I 153 
Anderson. Roberta GR. 130 
Anderson. Ronald II 269. 80 
Anderson, Ray IV 107 
Anderson, Roxene I 154 
Anderson. Scott III 286 
Anderson, Susan I 153 
Anderson, Tom III 287 
Anderson, Tom 8. 1 1 1 282 
Anderson. Wesley III 133. 237 

238. 240. 242 
Andree. Janet III 133. 233. 247. 

Andres. Michael II 86. 266 
Andrews. Lona II 141 
Andrews. Randall II 141 
Anfinson. Gladys I 153. 255. 260 
Annis, Gerald I 154 
Anthony, Barbara H 141. 248 
Applehans, Kenneth II 145.270 
Arazny. Paul I 153. 255 
Arhens. John 79 
Arko. Roxanne I 1 54 
Arndorfer. Robert III 105. 222 
Arndt. Thorn III 133 
Arneson. Harold IV 107. 238 
Arneson. Paulette IV 107 
Arthur. Leo IV 107. 264 
Aschenbauer. Paul I 153 
Asher. Patricia 1 1 55 
Ashley. Candace I 153 
Athman. Phyllis III 133. 226. 233. 

Atkins. Diane II 142. 279 
Aucone, Doris IV 107 
Aukland. Monica III 134. 278 
Ausderau. Bruce II 141. 253 
Avdek. Joseph II 73. 141. 219 
Ayers. Jack III 288 


Babler. Dorothy I 154 
Babst. Beverly 111 133. 234. 271 
Backes. Thomas 111 133. 289 
Baeseman, Ronald III 133. 253 
Baggett. Ann II 146 
Baler. Linda I 155 
Bailey. Dianne II 264. 269 
Salnbridge. Douglas IV 289 
Baker, Barbara I 153 
Baker. Mary I 154 
Baker. Walter IV 107 
Balistreri. Thomas IV 107. 266. 82 
Balko. Colleen IV 226. 229, 275. 

Ballard. Cynthia I 154. 252. 255 
Ballard. George III 265 
Balson. Linda IV 107. 250. 255. 280 
Banasik. Jane IV 107. 278 
Benaszynski. Gregory II 141. 285 
Banaszynski. Norbert I 154 
Banaszynski. Thomas I 153 
Band 254. 255 
Banks, Barbara III 219 
Banks. John IV 223 
Barbeau. Thomas I 153 
Barber. Jean IV 107 
Barber, Linda II 278 
Barbiaux, Barbara II 141. 219. 278 
Barbiaux. Carol II 142. 281 
Barfuss. Dennis III 133. 222. 238. 

Barfuss. Linda II 143 
BARNARD. DAVID 179. 226 
Barnes. Lyndell I (64 
Barnhart, Larry I 153. 255 
Barowsky. Deda I 153. 224. 271 
Barr, Karen I 154 
Barrette, Fran IV 107 
Barrel, Dennis III 71 
Bartels. Christine II 141 
Bartelson, LeVonne I 153 
Bartletl. Thomas II 141. 259 
BASEBALL 90. 91 
BASKETBALL 74. 75. 76. 77 
BasJa . Barbara III 133. 245. 248 
Betterman. Larry IV 107. 222. 27S ( 


Bauer. Wilma II 141 
Beum. Patricia I 153. 247 
Sauman. Ann III 273 
Baumann. Kathleen I 154 
Bavs. Philip III 283 
Beal. Linda IV 247 
Beal. Luann II 142 
Beagie. Helena II 141 
Beard, Karen IV 107 
Beccavin. Marilyn IV 107. 276 
Becher. Dennis I 153. 82 
Secher. Ridgely tt 141. 76 
Beck. Keith I 154 
Becker. Susan II 142 
Bedner, Richard II 149 
Bedsworth. Donna HI 133. 233. 

236. 277 
Bee. Nancy II 141 
Beebe. Deborah I 153. 271 
Beeck. James GR. 141, 80 
Sees ley. Jane I 67. 154 
Seguhn, Jerry III 285 
Behlmen. Mary II 142 
Sehringer, Dale I 153 
Behrle. James II 142 
Beirne. Beverly I 154 
Bel isle. Jon IV 284 
Bell. Darcy IV lOS. 188. 260 
Bell. Lance III 263 
Bellin. Mary I 153 
Bender. Diane III 133 
Bender. Lynn II 142 
Series . Gal! I 152. 154 
Benham, Jeffrey IV 108 
Benkowski, Joseph IV 108. 237. 283 
Benning, Mary I 153 
Benninger. Linae I 1 54. 232, 252. 

Senninghoff, Alice IV 108. 281 
Benson. Jeffrey II 141. 284 
Bern. Michael IV 108. 260 
Benzel. William IV 88. 89, 108, 

Benzel. Gereldine IV 244 
Berg. Karen II 262. 263 
Berg, Larry I 153 
Berg. Michael IV 238 
Berg, Patricia I 155 
Berg, Shirley I 154 
Berg, Susan III 133 
Bergelin, Donald II 141 
Sergei in, Richard III 133. 242 
Berg in. Mark II 285 
Berger. Doris I 154 
Bergh. Susan II 142 
Berglund. Judy IV 100. 235 
Bergman. Ramona I 153 
Bergsholm, Velaug I 154 
Berkholti. Audrey IV 108. 279 
Berd. Mary II 141 
Bersch, Jacquelyn I 270 
Berrler. Margaret I 154, 232 
Bethke. Susan III 133. 234 
Beutler. Allen II 141 
BEVERlDGE. DAVIO 176. 179 
Beyer. Anthony II 141 
Bibeau. Mary I 153 
Bibeeu. Michael 1 259. 265 
Bibeau. Martin IV 64. 283 
Bickel. Nancy I 154 
Biesemeier, Clarice III 133 
Bieske. Judith I 154 
Biever, Christine IV 108 
Bigley. John II 141 
Bilek. Mary IV 108. 281 
Bird. Thomas IV 108. 244. 285 
Birk. Raymond III 133. 289 
5 .... :- ~.j < 

Bishop, Ann II 141 
Bishop, James III 133 
Bjerke. Jane II 142. 255 
Blair. James II 141 
Blake. Mary I 153 
Blanchard, John IV 187. 246 
Blenker, Brenda I 154. 245 
Bliven, Carol II 141 
Bloch. Kathleen III 133 
Bloodworth. Judith III 133. 233 

236. 246. 277 
Bloohm, Eric II 71 
Bloomquist. David III 244. 289 
Bloxham. Ronald II 91. 85 
Soy. Dennis III 284 
Blunk, David I IS4 
Bockman. Joanne 111 133. 281 
Bode. David IV 108 
Bodecker. Margaret II 141 
Boehm. Curtis I 153 
Boehmer. George III 133 
Soehner, Jerry IV 108 
Boese. Roger IV 108 
Boetmann, Barbara 270 
Bogaard, William IV 284 
Bohle. Darlene IV 109 
Bohm. Randall III 133 
Bohmen. Jane II 142, 279 
Bohn, Thomas IV 100 105 109 

237, 243. 283 
Bohnert. Linda II 142 
Boivin, Janet I 153 
Bojniewicz, Patricia II 141 
Boland. Nancy III 133 
Bolle, Sandra III 96. 133 
Bollman. Daniel HI 253 
Bollman, Marvin II 141. 246 
Bonini. James I 154 
Bon lender, James I 153 
Bonk. John III 133. 241 
Sons. Kenneth 289 
Sonus, Kenneth 133 
Bootz. Gary II 153 
Borchert. Barbara I 154 
Borden, Peggy III 133 
Bornhoft, Steven I 154, 25? 
Boris. Michael HI 134. 284 
Boser. Joyce I 142 
SOSTROM. JAKE 172. 230. 23 1 
Both well, Thomas I 152, 154 
BOWLING 84, 85 
Box. John HI 133. 243 
Boyee, Linda IV 109. 236. 245 
Boyer, Bonnie II 141 
Boynton. Robert III 133 
Soyum, Richard GR. 79 
Brabowski. Al 287 
Bradley. Marilynn II 142. 255. 271 
Bremer. Kathy II Ml. 234.248 
Brantner. Marie II 141 
Breun. Noreen I 153 
Bray. Allen II 141 
Bray. Cheryl I 1S3. 271 
Bray, Vaughn I 154. 248 
Brayton, Sheryl I 154 
Brecher, Barbara I 154 
Brechler. Jane II 141 
Bredl. William III 133, 263 
Breidinger Terry I 71, 79, 154 
Breitengrass. Judith I 153 
Breitung. Daryl II .141 
Breitweiser. Ann I 154 
Breitzmen. Daniel III 134. 244. 288 
Brekke. Fauneil I 154 
Branegan. Steve IV 109 

I l$4 

IwM. J«o» ftt. J.i 

C*«o in 47 J7» 

. •*• ■ is* 

•*•♦'. U«t M tl. 141 

%-*** Aib^« in in m zm 


III 111. Bl 

Co»OJ I IS4 

«*J4lfcO 110 
K«<o« 61 IP* 

§*••. UotiM IV 10* 2M 

■WH<<»4. JOO* I 141 

froOOO. L*3t ' IS) 244 

II 142 
II 142. 2M 

tmm* *».* * iv os io» 2T 

l-ow S«*4-« IV 10* 

l-0-« «Aoro« II 141 211 270 

I IS4 

III «) 
|fO«« Ti-****, IV 10*. 10* 

ft<Ott«« H.v. I ISS 

■***•* C«-o Ml 111 

h*v» I )S4 
6o«* H 142. 222 
lumiitt Coro> I iSl 200 
in 2* 

I 1*4 

i iSl 
iv 10* 
•-*» Do.* III 2S2 

■*Mt. M«*c« . 


••-4 IV 20* 


I-.. >.-• • ii 142 2)4 
•Utf. Hi 

III 111 
l ISl 2K 
Ml ill 2)1 Mi 
il OMH . J** IV 10* 

«tHv IV 10*. 227 
lUliOw CHUCK 171 
I.. m 

Do*** ill 270 
•Wo* Do— • I iSl 

MMUM ftt. i» 

•4J4 1 IB 

•V**?. Co******* IV 10*. 2)4 
■o*4— ». SWHo» I ISS 

Tfco~o» IV 10* 

• :-**d in 

:-» IV 10* 
l»H*4' MUM *. I IS4 

•.*©« * 

»•. II 141 
Bwfl i ISO 
tVtya** lorfeo'a M 142 

• 3* 2)4 
•W*. J»«« mi D) 244 

l.ll .• A ,- |$J 

• ■ i9» 244 m 

^* 200 

*0» I 1)4 
C*-»c- D»-- in in 2)4 7)4 

C»»o« «•«• I 2*4 24* 
Co**** L*oo I m 
C*Hw«. I '*oo I ISS 

CoH*T«~ looo* II 142 240 

Coro*. Do»;o IV -7* 2K 2t* 
Cimi» . j— :<> 11 !42 200 
C«'04»ir. Soo Hi 271 
CAlTfl. KAY 202 
Ccv S I *4?** m i Ii 
Cm— >. D«.0 I ISS 7SS 
. ImWi 

c t«# <:»•*♦• -. 1 iss 

C**— U U'ft ill 114. 24f 

-. Dobo*.' I iSS 
Oobo* K«r II 14 2)4 24*. 277 
II 148 

■ »♦ 

I ISS 2)) 
C * i M *i. S*i*o» II 142 
Oo — — , Co**i IV no 
O a— ♦. M«^»^t I l» 
O— ♦. I<»»«t» l ISS 
C*of* Md JoM I 71 
Cimw. M«r4 1 IK 
Oma. Bo** l iSS 
C*o». Win;*- 1 1S4 
CWWr. Scot l ISS 2SS 

lm Ml i>4. 2K 2li 

II 142 

©>;o«*j. T*«#OM &• 2*4 
0>i * M 44«4. J* II 142 
Oi-fc^t. W, W. 120 
CM 1 LAMHA fll 

III 1)4 244> 

CfcctVa. Ml* IV 317 

O^ a* (hmi lU 

OMUMW. E >oo* III 1)4 2H 
2)4 211 

Cfc K mi n i. «• 

C*** 0w« III i)4 

QwtlKmai. C»4X> i i in i)4 244 
Ca t W aaaaa. S» *o» l IB 
CM*J»a. N ulin I IB. 210 
0*V»«a* S«m« III 2SJ 
C arf aHa^ TW , SNwoa II 142 
Ol»m»ll4 l. I 4B4 C C4 IV IB 

C«u. un,i is« 
Cpo. Iooo- III 2B 

©4P4J. loWt I IB 
• %0*0 I IB 

• Njaj 11 142 2S) 2** 

C • .«••* lotty I IB 
Q 4I4J44'. So**'* III 1)4 
Jon IV 242. 241 

• Do*** I IB 24* 
ClEsOEss ss Lff 101 
C«4« Alaaa 1 IB 

C om D«. d iv 744 2*7 

C060 C.--- . H 2)4,247. 


Coe-«-# »•• 20* 

On*** 142. 2B 

Colawta* Co- < 71) 210 

Co*-»a* Mo.'* IV 74 HO 

C o W oa. 0)4)l4 iq II 7* 
Co****. Mo«V II 142 
Co--»o S*o>o* I IB 
Co~«'o<« Iooo* I IB 
C«-»:*»- -•-♦. . 7T 

Co*-** B4*m» I IB 2S2 

IB 240 2SS 

Co«4 P4«'tl I ISS 

COOKE ma 10 ID i*S Bi 84 

Coo* J«-«i II 143 
C4M4MT. M wi a— I IB 27' 

C m — r l»M4ji4 1 IB 

Ci w ' h. 0«vM 11 142 

6^*M «d II 142 7)4 
La^lV 110. 2SS 
0«..d III *1 

C4K«Wll. &•*>« I IB 

C*i«« SV«4)rt4 IV 11O 

.«• :t« 11 142 
Co*. H***** I IB 
C*«»- SVtraMd I IB 
II 142 

Com* m.-, I 47 IB 
C^ot *•*» II 142 142 270 

C»4. 04M-4J 241 

Co. 0om« H 142 
Co***. v;^.*;« 111 2)4 
Cm c»^*.4 1 IB 
C*«o»»*o» 0ofi« 200 
Cnmm. Iorto'4 II 
C-»-*o^ 0mo« III 1)4 
C#4joov. Mkboot II 142 

.-ll 71 
C- - S» 

Ommm •*••» 1 ib js« 
C-*-i» i*oo« IV no 
CfJ44» tWco IV IB 
C-».:' * .- 1 H 
&«^4ov. M<kool I IB 
Cfrt. Hoc*o# I 7* 

C««o. I ISS 240 

» N4J DOUGLAS 1*7 

III 114 

CIhk.1 Yott. rov4ioM koo«J of Nort* H«ll. 49th • tWt'i 
Capooo'i Cii»o «i •>•" "9 of fOoUtt*. ci-di «-<j jtix i of < 
•*4f >M4 mol i»4J Mf »d by NoMtt «i»d Sovtfc Aroo C »wc»W. 

koiNi of bUci 

i«cfc •* 

C. «. 


•000' IV »7 
HIPI 1 ll 142 2B 
t-od Hi IB 

S«o»o« I IB 

ITS 84 

' n 

tl III 1)4 

Joo4i II 277 


9m > ss 

General Index 

• --•in 244 
-t- .-a iv no 24S 
C.-f loo ♦) 

- i iSS 
3 I 71. ISS 
CtAptowit G-»<jo'» IV 

•«rd II ISS 
Pajdn HW in M«rg«f«t III 1)4 

:«♦'- c*-«- -• !i lo 

0*' S««3* i ISS 
i III 2*3 
KtWM III 1)4 
0. t Ooo'tt I iSS 
0» »o't- S-t'c II 142 
Di-.>. SS 

Dome*. Robort I 142 

^•ry IV lOS. MO. 275. 271 
:«- . i Jotap* l ISS. 12 
0»- • i Rom I ISS. IS 
0— i t*>0 " , Ca« a II 142 

0«"»M I ISS. 2»S 
••'.'v I ISS. 2SJ 

i IV HO. 2J» 
- -•>•• »«. I ISS 
-• III 270 
Hm* in iK 210 
Dovooporr Dabby II 144 


D«. I M»-g.»- •• I ISS 

•da iv no 

-•3 IV K 110. IH. 244 
Da«* klMM Ml IM. 270 
0t«- ;:-."•« III IJ4 
Dabao Tso^«i l ISS 
Dob*o'. Root iv no 2K 2t2 
Dockor Jtati iv 2M 

i I ISS 

Da«3'C. J«4W II 14) 

Dot. Dorla I iSS 

0oo/4»a. C«'o ill 14). 275 271 

DoWoa. Dtttit 1)4 

iv no 
Doino. MidMtl II 142 
Doiaadar Gar, ill 2tS 
0. ••.« 142. 2SS 

Doloaoo. LQTaaca IV 110 242 

I II 142 
:< M* Do«<« 3 III 
>-«t 244 

£«-••» Donna iv no 

DtMWfet Da a I ISS 
D»w*> S.»«i in IK 224 

:«-♦« »ot>«- in 2K 

: M.-, Ill 1)4 

DENNIS. EftviN (12 

:o S«'» 3 IV 214 
Datta ao.n Gab* ill 244 
:«•♦ S*aroa II 142 

Jo-n II 142. 240. 244 27. 
D«.t-t_. Scm 3 II 142 

'•9m«i III 240 
D«-t-. 0«» 3 II 142 

II 47. 1)2 IH 271 
JoM 10 

,-d iv no 
- Robar* I 


>->. Gao-ga IV 110 
JwlM iii IX 
rtj FV 

II IK 222 
Dobr©-. i. m :-,«■ 54 

Dockttr Ic^rd IV III. 117 2*» 
Dodoa. UMa II 142 
Dosga Nanc, I iSS 
041 I ISS 

■la. 2)7. 
Do ••• C-- »♦ no I IS) 

•■'•«> II 1)4 
Do-txoo An«n i 
Do^tKOck. L«"v IV M, 111.244 

Do-^ka Tmots IV 74. III. 2*5 
Oo~ko» Gann II 140. 2t* 
— Id a on. Dana in i)4 

» lit 
%. |oa«;« iv in 
I Im iv in. 2ii 
D©ro»d©H. M!cK««i II 1)4 
. *da it 142 

D«r*. C«n<3 C« II 142 
Dom'r SS 

Do'ob«'« Roba* II 142 2t2 
Dor«ay Jofca IV III 
Dotodal. Roaa'd GR 2S2 

labor* IV in 
Do»»«»;o. M.3« •>• || 14) 
Doa«jMy. Svl«« II 142 

Doofjloe. Oabora" Ill 44. IK 27V 
Dov«U». Robort I 154 
Do-d. Michel l 

Do*«<"-.«* • C" »*r I" )4 

Do, • »o»ay III 1)4 

Do-o i 142 


D'aooi o> c» So- * i 155 
DtA'Eft HENRY 140 

D'lM' • 

Droo». Walter III 1)4 

O'aada* FV 

- Da.d III 7). 14 
D- tb« C" i*ina II 142 

-V CkrittOO**' I ISS 25: 
i. 155 
M.-, Ill 1)4 27? 
Drvry. John 71 

,- II 142 

Dw*K»*r. L'id« IV 100 : 

2)4 250 25) 
O aaaaabar,, R-^«rd IV 240 

:. •-.- *.z. . ** 

rd IV III. 2K 2M 
Ow*«k. DatMti l 245 
Dw«*4- SS 

3 IV III. 2*4 
/ III 

D.3.« « Karon III 1)4 
:.»• E a« III IK 270 
D.wb*', RkKard IV 2SS 2U 
Dvorak. Gwon II 14) 222 

.-•»««• lit 
244 2M 

>•< I • • 55 :• 

•oaay I ISS 

Tko coAcroto buckat t-ayt wr tKo r;w»»4j Adminiffrotiofi IwiMinaj 

during oorJy morning conttrvction. 


Eborfa-- D«'« IV III. 242 
toe- Dana IV III 2t0 
Ebaoa. Grogg III 74 

I 14) 247 
►••«• III IK 247 
::-:--! $-f— >- ^5 

IM 2)4 244. 271 

bid I 155 

En'ort. Roymoad I 154 
BkaJOrt. A.3-t« M 144 

■.' S"a a I ISS 
Eki u ad Mary I 47 ISS 241 

larbara I I Si 23). 241 

144 240 
Bloabockor. tatymoad III 1)7 
> 154 
.3fn IV 250 244 t0 
rWa i 155 

~— II 142 
Ekw—ror. Doaaiit II 142 

Eva-a« I 155 
Eadr^a. M. 2*4 * 
Itaja -ana. Torry III 1)4, 244. 217 
Ea«jlobrot*o«. Y»«tto II 
Joan I 154 
I 124 
taftre- a a- I It* 

- iv iii. m 

Ea awortn |«vca III D7 
E»SlLON »l TAU 2)7 
E'cagovac. Mkhaol II 142 
v Datwu I ISS 
tea. D...d II 14 
Ertcboa. Joromo III 2t5 
Erkkaoa. Jwi.a Gt. 1)0. 21 1 

- Nancy IV III. 112. 255 
• rd IV 71. 2tS 

E'ic»on. Nancy IV 111.245 
Enoamar. Raymood II 

.ryl II 142 

»-a III 1)4 
•,i IV III. 247 
E"«« Dan a' IV in 2t4 

*•*''. * .s:t al^ 

Evoraoa Ronald I 154 

.51 IV in 

-an II 144 
Karoa III 1)4 2)5 

rocjorbolm. todar II 71. 7*. 240 
M Hm • I 154. 254 
r*hrm—. Patricia I 154 

• Donald II 14) 25*. 2t) 

h • Um hi 2K 

Faikowtk!. Gorald IV 105 III 2tt 
<ithia«m GR. 1)0 

ayor. Donnlt I 154 
ff Oanai I 2oS 
'.-»- Jo"n || 14) 

JOHN 205 
formor. Tnoma* III 14) 
rWl 'r°* C-' I'oc't' >4 


Jajaj III 1)4 
inay I 25) 

Fedke-e « ; c»-«rd IV Hi. 2)7 
Fa m Jo*n II Ml 
Feliai. 1 e»e*d IV n2. US 
•a-d III IK 292 
■ e-e'd II M) 

»4W' II 94 


Fen'a-o,.. De«n"i IV 105. M2. 219. 

Feita D«t« IV 90. 15* 2a* 

p«»;«- s.mb iii zn 

. oea II Ml 
Nei»cy l 154 24 
Fitba*. Fa-aa I 152. IS*. 251 
Mid. Joanne I 154 
F*id. Suten III 114. 241 
F l««k, W*lttr IV 112 

'^» . m** im 

PfaUv. WWom III in. 241. 2M 
Kmf. Ufy | ||4 

Mary II 241. 2*3 
r ».-•• S-«'o« in IM 270 
Fi>er !••♦, II 144. 255 25* 

i i>4 255 
f i*a' .»'*' I 154. 241 
Fltiol. Galen II 144 
P -lee" <■ Co een II Ml. 271 

:t Ge*y IV 299 
f. .,-,.. ., «,,.„, || |44 

t -i\ — -»o"i. David III 241 

F #»-«• MM*. I 154 

-««» Made'** HI 27* 
Fleming. Ce"-» i "54 

M»-<ja-e* II M] 

Marine I 154 
fVMC tt M f. Ie'*e- II Ml 
FieVe' T»o-ai 1 221 
RtfdMf J. a * l 154 251 
r. «. e . >o--i I 154 
Food. Mic'Ml III 244 
Food. lobe* I 154 
I Carol I i$4 

S.e I IS* 
F© 'kedeH. V.ckl III 114 
FollMdo-l, Je«-ey I 255 
Foid E»*** f HI 49. IM. 27*. 2ff 
Fonk E-en III 271 

Foe, tmtmmKm iv ii2. 275. 27* 
. ilM IV 295 

FOOTIALL 41. 99, 70. 71 
Fo'«»'«' JtM H 144 
Foti lead I IS*. 2S1 
Fore- C*- iv lOLM 
Fot'e- la c- III IS 
4H CLUI 240 

Ne«<y IV 112 
Fo**be Jemei II Ml 
Fo- «• w «t*o* I IS* 
Fot De»d iv 112 
Fo. Do.cjat H 144 
For Mrldl l IS* 
F-en»ee Do-g •% I IS* 

:-••» i is* 

. »-e« IV 295 
Frock, low I 154 

tot) K«"een II 144 
Freedo- Fa* 294 
F-« • — .•* Robert IV 112 
c 't *aa. r%k C • I 1 54 
F-a-e- Ivtf I 154 

»•«-?«- a ml m 
FMn-Md ;.a A Ml 114. 2*4 
MM* ii 141. 290 
Km is* 
' IS* 
Frlagi. Joyce III 114 
- 0o» m I IS* 241 
- I«2 

•d II 144. 140. 299 

Ffyo. K«M»«tti I IS*. 271 

FvcM. tto. ii 95 

«'. Joiec- II 144 
F plkfWH H m. Ja- ;• I IS* 

D*n«, III 114 
F„'ia*. Jon II 294 
f.-. M.-» *7 779 

Gab©' CWm ii t« 290 

joo Dov«j *i III 2*4 
Sol ley. Cheriote iv 277 

G« '-en Jemef) I IS* 
Ga o't Karon III 1)4 214 
Gamma S<Gma SiGMA 299 
Gt*»«'. Ji«ci I IS* 

He"y IS* 
S* •'.»». Undo II M2 
Ge"on Joan I tl* 

■ •. j - i 92 
Gai-a- T«o-»i III 14 294 
G«i*t*h ¥ t>#f Ce*o ill IM. 2*7. 

••Mi bhlM II 244 
Ga-ger Kef ee« I 144 
w#»^t. &•**♦* •**• I I #4 
Go*. Chorion© IV 1)2 
•mm, Tod IV 112 

G«»r*4<*. 9e*dy iv 2 

Gebeger. Loo • i IS* 241 
Gobtft. Staphaii II 144 

F«| II 144 
S«'-.r L.« 2«S 2S1 299 

•Mft, Thomoj I 154 
Go 9*'. «obo" I 154 

U c^«o: III IM. 219 
• *v n;»m I 71. 1ST 
•iMltJi, lobort III 245 
Gottk* Sto*o III 217 

< n2 27* 
GMftjo. Un*t4 I 71. IS* 
William I 144 

• a II ISI. 244, 
Gor«rd. 04. d I IS* 
G«rt>«' S«iM<t II 141 

G«'b no; Fo a II 144 
G«*<t«k L ; «d« II M] 
G«'o«i J»« ct in IM 
Go'koo KorklMi I 1 5*. 2*0.2*1 
&•• oH. Karon II 144 
•jmx Lao l)S 

MM, Madq- IV 2*4 
3- ' MMM 2*4 
G •<» t' Frod I If* 
GiElKE EAIl 200 

o -3» e mmM ;; :** 

S Mjaa * 'rod l IS*. 240. 2S5. 

GIaoow. CortU II 14] 
G M l«'b«r« l 15*. 271 
G -•« Ji»v ca I IS* 
G **» Fatfkia I IS* 
Gocktt. Stovon I IS* 
G ovor. Cal.In II 7*. 9* 
G'»H». Gary || 144. 299 
GOEDE. FAUL iTl. 21) 
Gov and Ick 79 
Goat. W4MV I IS*. 247.271 
Goa'K- C-.i*. IS* 

.•:«•; »oo*r« I 144 

Goatt. Swiaano I IS* 
Goafiiaejor. David I Tl . 154 
Goidboch. Ko«or I) 144 
Goldam.Mi. Mary IV 112 
GOLF 92. 91 

Go *a' Da-* t II 217 
Go-. •« U- a* . I IS* 
GoA.a M#-, II 144 
Good-*- Da. 3 It 141 
Good-a* Jo»« in Hi 24) 24! 
Good- a » Sa-K, II 144. 23) 2* 
Goodt. A»o-o«r ll 14 
Gok- Jan ca N <44 

05 24) 
- - - W 219. 277 

Go*. Goo*tjo Ml US 
Grab.- - in 1)7 

-4 -. S'an IV tl) 24) 
G'«-a- Ja"» l IS* 
•MMMM Dia IV 101. 105. 111. 

2H 214 221 291. 291 

«VmI Mary I IS* 

&-.-•. Mmmj iii IK 2)) 291 
•Ml IMMM 2)4 255 

•mj S-aroa I IS* 

•mJi g K»'*n I 154 

G-aa- Jo*- i 154 

G'aa* Winlar-. Ill 91. t)4 25) 

••• t'f 291 
G-oajo*. Urgti' III 1 14 
•Kmh iMl II 144 
G'a, I •) 

Gr nd'a Gan,t II M) 

G*o> Gor* III IM 294 

. II] 

•fOTMtlng ||H"I I 1*7 

G-oti J« a ni ih 244 

i ItM III 115 

»• Jo-n I 144 
Groto. l<»o-d II M] 245 
LMFM I 144 

Ho'»d; M 144. 27l 
Kafhrya II Ml 
fenny Ml IM. 21* 

G-wo-i-ac-o- fOm I 154 

Gfntt. Jo--. IV 111. 291 

&.D.»-- • 111 

•MMM4MJW IrlaMfaJ IV 101. 
I0S. ID 224 227 2)7.24) 

: Ca ,k aon I IS* 
Q^Mthor. G*o*c*on III IM. 2*0 
Gw'a« lick I 71. IS* 

I E i*ba'» II Ml 
•to" Jana i 44 
i I IS* 

.-.3 IM I)*. 211 
III IM. 25i. 25) 
III 2**. 295 
G>ada*Kia. J-rdith IV 45. 101. lOS. 
- 279 

.aan I 1 54 *9 
• 111 
• are IV ll] 249. 2*2. 2-3 
G.iVw- Erica IV II). 19) 
G.faHon, Joanna II Ml. 21). 270 
•aMMJM S ana, I IS*. 92 
G.* loga- II 1*4 
G.'Qata MH I IS* 
G." Dona d 11 Ml 
G..a- Ga-a a IV II] l< 
G..a- S«-3'a IV 111 

I 1 IS* 


Da a II Ml 
Haaej MM HI D* 

Hi-'fad Jo-n I IP 
Maai. Jo«-w I IS7 
■ ••not I 144 
Habock. S'o-t I 151 
*»t*' T-a*ata IV 1 1] 2)5 2*» 
Maca J. a.'" l IS7 
~*3. Ka" ll tl 
Had*. Yvm-» III IK. 21S. 21* 
*»**'*»* t-o— *i : isi 
H «", mi Da..d II Ml. 251 
H»"*-»*. lobort HI 114 
"•••-a- D«-»l II Ml. 242 
Haeja Art III 110 
Haoon Tnooda I ISI 
-*«g-a"«. Tho*»«o» I IS* 

:»ro' I IS* 

*•••- bm I Ml. 2SS 

v»v» II 45 144. 249. 249 
Hi- S.ian II 144 
-i • £ «- 'I 141 
Ha aa« tebort I IS7 
h« « 3 t w mi i 157 
Ha •"» Cattior-Ino I 154 241 
Ma •-» Janat 111 245 
H. «-. Wtota II 244 251 277 

Pom pom girl Marty Punk colloc+t donatiom from itudantt to h«*o 
tha K**iai C«9y Bat* at ball Tournomonti on elotod c!rcw>9 taloviflon 
produced by tKo Awdio-Viwal Confer. 

General Index 

Ha bert. Ltt III IK 240 

Helfln, James III 244 


M«ll. Amy I IS7 



He-enn. Jim 86 

Hv — M, Ann IV 113 

Ma-~ e - Ro' and I 158 

Hammer, Stephen I 221 

M»— p'on. Den II 222 

Henecek. Julienne 134 

Hank. Joseph II 144 

Hanken. <«". een I 15* 

Henley. Jane I 157 

~:-r. William IV 111. 237. 238. 

Henna. John 1 156 
Hank. Jstcoh II 218 
Henrehen. Maureen 11 144. 249 
Hlltltfi. Deryl III IK 245 

Hanson. 6 leer, I 1 57. 270 

Henten. Gary II 144 

Hum, Klrtten III 116. 233. 246. 

Hansen. Lo-relne I 156, 249 
Hanien. Margaret I 157 
HANSEN. RAY 242, 287 
Hensen. Richard A. 255 
Hanson. Richard L. I 157. Iff 
H anion. Anthony IV 114 
Hanion. Connie IV 113, 2M, 236 
Hmion, ttona'd III 239 
Hanton. lorna I 144 
Hanson. Margaret II 144 
Hanton. Marilyn II 144 
Hanson. Mary II 14], 228 
Hanton. Thartta II 144, 276 
Hanton. Trudle IV II}. 247 
Hanut. Donna II 144 
Heopel. Carolyn IV 114. 101 
Herbefh, Dal* IV 114. 242, 28? 
Ha-ot. Jill I 157 
Herdlka. Joyce III 1)4 
Hardy. Robert II 144 
Harmeye'. Cheryl II 144 
-3 — :- Ruthenn I 157 
Harnolt. Clifford IV 114 
Herooid. John III IJ4 
Harrlf. Coliaan III 135 
Hart. Ke'hleen I 158. 247 
Htrtt— fa, Gene I 157 
Hertle. Co< etn I 157 
Mortal an, Thomet II 141 
Hermann. Carynn I IS7 
Harttoll, Richard II 144 
Hartiell. Ruth IV 114. 276 
Ha rule a Joe IV 120 
Harvey. Lawrence I 157 
Harvey. Rober* III 299 
Hate*. Diane III 135. 234 
Harer Jane III 116. (89. 233. 

251. 277 
Hatfield! Ellen I 157 
H 4 . ct Jill II 144.279 
Hewcke. Richard I 157. 253 
Heughlen. Suten I 157. 248 
H tu n. Linda I 156 
Heutknecht, Wayne III 134 
Hue ton B'uce IV ||4 
Hezen. Larry I 157 
Heegy. la'ba-a I 157 
Hebe Thomas II 144 
Hebert. Krittlne II 143 
Heoeen. Rodney II IK 275. 284 
Heeblnk. Jerome IV 114. 236. 242 
Heeblnk. Michael I 157 
Heffel. Richard II 144 
Helc-el. Vleki II 144. 260. 26? 

Heloemann. William IV 76 

Helden, Gary iv 134 

Hell. Eric II 286 

Hell. Stephen Ml IK 259 

Helm. Dero'd II 144 

Helmen. Robin I 157 

Helmke, Kathleen III 1)4 

Heln. Alan III 144 

Heln, Susen I 157. 255 

HEISE. HOWARD 207. 252. 251 

Heltkemp. Jeffrey I 247 


Helgaton, Larry III 71, 295. 219 

Helke. Lelend I 158 

Helm. Key III 276 

Helttad. Sutan III 105. 223, 276 

Helwlg, Ge*eld"ne IV 114 

Hemmerlcf. Cecelia IV 114. 276. 

Hendricks, Geo'ge II 144 
Hendrlekt. Mert I 1 57 
Hendrlckton. David II 144. 241. 

Hendrlckson, Ja-et IV 299 
Hendrlckson. Joann I 157 
Hendrlckton. Kay II 215 
Hendrickton. Robert 1 (57. 240 
Hendrlckton. William I 156 
Henkeiman, Michael IV 1 14. 285 
Hennlnen, Harland 287 
Hannlng, Karla I 158 
Hennlngt, Be'iy I 158. 255 
Henrlch, Steven I 157 
Henrlckton. DoCet I 157. 250 
Henrickton, James IV 114. 242, 

HENRY, ELLEN KAY 191. 279 
He niter. Stephen II 143. 79 
H« -berg. Timothy II 246 
Herderhoff. Kethy It 144 
Herlngleke. Joseph I 151 
Herling. Richard I 156 
Herman. Kathleen III 131. 244 
Hermann. Jerry III 71, 90, 91 
Hernandez. Jaton III 136, 264 
Herron. Wllllt II 134 
Hetketh, Jamei III IK 270 
Hett, Edward II 143 
Hettelmen, John II 296 
Hetzel. Chrlttlne 1 157 
Hetiel. Mary I 158 
Hevderhoff. Kethryn II 249. 28l 
Hickey. Janet IV 1 14. 236 245 
Hlckt. Gloria II 142. 249 
Hickt, John 22S 
Hlemem, Catherine 11 144. 234. 

HUden. Sutan II IK 233. 270 
Hill. Sutan II 144 
HUtyer. Terete I 157 
Hilton. Lo't II 144 
Hilton Connie I 156 
Hlnkle. Alan IV 114, 228. 246 
Hinrzmen, David I 157 
Hint. Barbara I 158 
Hlntima'n. Monica I 158 
Hipp, Chrliflne I 157 
HieMe. Diane III 1)4 
HJelter. Mary I 158 
Hoadley. Diane I 157 
Hoagtand. William I 157 
Hocevar. Donna III 134 
Hodgkinton William IV 114. 237. 

2)8. 240 
Hoef'erle. Henry I 157 
Hoepner, Ronald III 114. 241 
Hoete. Gave I 157 
HOFEE. ARMAND 197. 282 
Hoffman. Barbara III 135. 275. 

HOFFMAN. PAUL 1 14. 175 
Hoffmann. Marie III 134 

Hoffmann. Ned II 144 
Hotme ve- Lawrence I 255 
Hoger. Sharon II 144. 233. 247. 

273. 279 
Mo ee~b. Odei I 255 
Hole. Marilyn II 144. 255. 260. 26? 
Hoi man. Aline I 157 
Ho -en, Grace I ?6. 158 
Holmet. Elizabeth IV 125. 231 
Holme*. Linda II 144 
Holmet. Reggie 11 71. 91 
Ho ten. Lone 1 161. 49 
Holt. Debo-eh I 141 
Hoi*e. Joenn II 144 
Ho ':».e?er, Vernon I 157 
Hotilnger, Roberta III 134 
Ho z : nge*. Tom 111 134 
Hotzmen, Paul IV 253 
Holzmen. Valerie III 269. 280 
Howe*, Karen 1 If*. 253. 255, 

Hooyman. Roger III 134. 23? 
Honkala. James II 143 
Hoop Kathleen IV 114, 233, 279 
Hornby. James II 144 
Home. Gall II 144 
Home. Maren 1 1 144. 278 
Hotni. Michael I 157 
Hount. Linda I 158 
Howard, lonnle 276 
Howell. Linda IV 67. 279 
Howery. Paula II 144 
Hove. Mary I 158 
Hsu. Wilma GR. 131. 264 
Hubbard. David II 144 
Huebne*. Roger IV 114, 293 
Hughes. Berbara I 156 
Huisman. E'aine I 161 
Hu i -an, Wanda II 144 
Hull. Mary I 157, 260. 268 
Hull. Stephanie I 156 
Hwnse. JoAnn II 1)4 

;«'. Ralph iv 114. 296 
Hutby. Louis IV 71. 114 
Husbv. Paul IV 114 
Heart, Arlene IV 114 
Hutchlnton, Bonnie It 144 
H g th. Jean II 144. 291 
Hutint. Judith IV 114 
Hwtt, Marilyn I 157 
Hyeck. Lynne I 157 
Hyre Martha 111 1)6 

1— e. Dennis II 64, 144. 255 
Intkeeo, Gary III 71 


CLUB 264 

Intrevala, Jennifer III 136, 255 
Irlbeck. Allen IV 2*9 
Iverton. Anlte II 144 
Iverson. Jonathan 111 286, 284 


Jackson. Jim 191 
Jackson. Teresa I 264 
Jacob. John 111 1)6 
Jacobsen. Rebecca I 158 
Jacobson, Che • las III 1J6. 2S3. 

264, 269 
Jacobson. Frederick II 144 
Jecobton, Jean 111 135.290 
Jacobson, Linda 
Jacobson. Mary II 144. 255 
Jacobson, Raymond II 14$, 240 
Jacobson. Sharon IV 114, 236 
Jecoby. Ronald III 86, 132, 136. 

266, 284 
Jaeger, Linda' I 151 
Jahr. Linda Ml 136. 236 
Jakober. Edmund 1 158 
Jemet. Susan 1 158 
James. Suzanne II 144, 290 
Janavel, Mlcheet 11 149 
Janes. Kathleen II 144 
Janke. Ku't IV 114 
Jenke. Philip I 158 
Jenot, Richard II 144 
Janten, David L. I 158 
Janten, David T. I 158 
Janten. Jane I 159 

Jjnien. T-;~j; . * 1-* 

Jantky. Charlet II 145 
Janten. Do-gat GR. 1 30, 265 
Jenzen. Paul 1 159 
Jerehow, Jamet 111 71. 296 
Jerepko, Edward I 158 
Jarepko, Thomet II 145 
Jeretky, Randy III 95 
Jarnhem, Sue II 144 
Jauquet, Chrlropher I 159 
JAX, JOE 76 
JAY, JOHN 202 

Jedreejewski. Mary II 67, 144. 278 
Jennerman. Kethleen I 159 
Jem. Mary 1 159. 224. 268 
Jensch. Warren I 159 
Jensen. John I 159 
Jensen. Judy 111* 116, 2K 236 
Jensen. Julie III 135. 2K, 269 
Jenton. Lonette II 291 
Janten. Loren III 115, 282 
Jenten. Mary III 1 35 . 291 
Jerina. Fred t 159 
Jetchke. Kenneth IV IIS 
Jlclniky. Gene IV 114 
Jobst, Diane III 112. 279 
Jochlmten. Linda I 159 
Joehimten. Roneid II 144 
Jochman, Donald II ISO 
Jochmann, Franclt II 145 
Joelson, Steven I 159. 90 
John, Gerald IN 1 15 
Johnt, Susan I 1 59 
Johnton, Bradley IV 115, 24$ 
Johnion. Bruce IV 241 
Johnton. Catherine 1 1 144, 264 
Johnton, Cyndy 276 
Johnson. Dennis IV 244 
Johnson. Diane IV 115. 279 
Johnton, Elizabeth IV MS. 279 
Johnton. Gelt III 136 
Johnton. Jacqueline II 144 233 

Johnson, Jean I 159 
Johnton. Jerry II 71. 79 
Johnion, Jennifer II 145 
Johnson. Jerel IV 237 
Johnson, Jerome GR. 242 
Johnson, Judith II 144 
Johnton. Kenneth IV IIS. 264 
Johnson, Krli I )59 
Jo'nscn. Linda I 158 

Kte' , G-etj 287 
K*3 B* Gary IV 115 
%» he* Kaa a* Hi ■ 116. 288 
Ke e. Maureen II 145 

Cathy Kopp mak*t tur* her man. Brant Retileff, ii hitched for good at tha annual Sadie 
Hawkini Dane* sponsored by Alpha Sigma Alpha, 

HI 2C* 
N -a I 158 

ird III 86 115. 24} 

- Roger D. II 143. 284 
:- Roge* L. IV 91, 11$ 

■ML M5. 117 
JJohaaoa Robe- IV . 

- S-aron It 146 

• S'anley M. I 158. 253 

- S'e-en 1 158 

" si IV 286 

on IV f|, 101. 105. 
il$. 266. 283. 8$ 

Wayne IV 11$. 289 
[ -ooreh I 158 
v 293) 

KEITH 207 
Jonas Mercel II 71. 186 

'ona II 144 
Jo-es Roc*-* A. I 135 
Jo-<et S'an >y II 145 

Jones. Thom«i I 1 58. 79 
Joos. Bruce IV H5. 243 
Jorgensen. A ice I 158 
Jorgensen. T-o-4$ II 144 
Jorgenson. SaMy I 158. 253 
Jcgenton. William I 158 
Jaajhaa, Ca'-y I 157 
2»»nn* II 144 
J-Mf, Mary II 136 
Jung*. 1 1 mar IV 1(5 239 
m Rr-onde H 278 
Jurcek. Pamela I 158 

■M IV 115 

Jvaal Jane IV 115 

-.- Jc»?c- ii 145 

Kaa». Pa''ic"a I 158 

Kadon'ky Pa*-';'j I 154 
Kate* Jean IV I IS 

KaJaar, Mary IV US. 250. 280 
Kola* »-. atta 

Kama* Mar ,n III 136. 278 
Kan - : :. -286 

i iv H5. 247 
Kenn. Oann III 86. 87. 286 
Kan* Katr, een II 145 
Kaoi'an. Swaa I 66. 158. 233. 248 
Kaolan C: »»- 145 
Kaconya. S'.ce II * 

Kaepar Rkt in 286 

Katee* Jean III 135 
Kesoe*e<. Joyce I 158 247 
Kai*er Da--, I 1 58 
Kataak <aen l 158 

! 71 

I Gregory IV 289 
Keva-- 159 

Kawc - 264 

Kee'e* Geo*ge l 265 
Keev L'nda I 159 

Ke . C 

• Petar 

. Joann 

'.i-i ill 

EdeCe II 

I snnie I 



136. 261 
2«. 282 




l -de «' 279 
Kes.a Shirt** lit 136 

Joanne IV IQ . 116 
■ 135 
KlwJir, Alan II 146. 240 
Ke'o S-erry III 135 236 
Kara* iv ii6 

IV 116 
■ Jan til 135 

V 236 
K e Donna II 145 
Keai Paul ID 89. 1 35 23'. 282 
. I 159 255 
-e Pe»nc"a 159 
■ II 146 

bet iv H6 

-,-n II 145 
■ Kaye I 158 260 

< -se- A ce III 
K ng Jon I 159 
K'ng, Kj- 
K -gs*on. John IV 

< -z:t~ Scot* IV 7i 

•* Sco** I 159 

Irfcia III 135 
i Dante* II 145 
jM IV 116 

- II 14$ 
-at IV 116 

■net iv ii6 : : 

Ca-o II 147 
Donald IV M6. 283 

< - «»:- S-eve III 64 135. 283 

- Caro iv 101. 105. 106 
116. 193 291 
Klepefeh, Michael III 116. 237 
Kiappe'c- S-j-< ay II 91 

< Ipproti Hen-y I 158 

- •-- Ariaaa n 145 
• - rt*r, Dennii IV 116 
raaalV it6 

< e-«n. Elroy II 145 

•~3>n« I 158 
< -j KaiwaHi iv ii6. 286 
David II 146 
ALLEN 173 
Donna III 136 
serg. Cle'e II I 
■• Ronald I 158 

"ed II I4S. 171, 270 
Kluevar. Susan III 136 
tm II 145 
ii I 159 
Joyce t 159 
sere III 135 
Knaabo^f Kj*r, i i S8 
Knack Dennii IV 116. 287 
'obe** I 15' 
Donald II 146 

Terrance I 159. 224 
»n, Juanita II 145 
<3, I 159 
<-.;*n- VTrglata 1 l$8 
je'r !d GR. 130 
- Le'oy III 132. 
Koc*. Lynn I 159 

*.nn» II 145 
KoCOvjky. Dc- 

<::?- Re. I 158 
KatMaaa I 

Ruth III 13$ 




Koe- - • III 136 23t 

General Index 

Koe*': ■ M 145 

(•■ I 1S8 
Ko«pp Be"v HI 134 245 247. 

268 276 
Kmcp Otnn i IV 114, 242. 213 
Koeooe I, Meryenn I 15' 
Ko» e* Jane* l iSi 
Kod -a*. Dennis I 151 

3e-y II 1*5 
<: s <• v -« II l«S 
<s ee Jean III 271 
• : •• * cef III lit 
<a rv Mary I IS*. 2*8 
Ko -ot Kendy IV 114. 234 
Ko s*e3. P»igti— I '59 
<s-*-i« MctercJ I 15* 

Jiy Ji*«t I 15' 
<:■ •:*• Z :-e III 134. 234 
Ko-ie • . J*n>tl IV 114 
KoPP C*fe''ne I IS* 
Ko"" Oi'*t i ll N5. 224. 270 
Kottewtki, MicJttoi ll US 
Kor.c- 7-o-4i II 144. 255 
<:■*«'■:. David III 135 

Ko»JC- A.3'«y I 151 

E = ~und II 44, 144 
Koie- Jeen IV 114. 2*0 
Koto «■ Rove— e*y ill I3S. 2*1 
K-ee— e'. Do-ii II l*S 
K-aft. James II 141 
Kr*»n De e II 145 
K'4 . Sim iv H4. 2*5 
*i~e- Ce- I 15? 
Kra-er S'eve 2*2 
Krooi <*-<•«- I IS*. 171 
K-ai. « Dan V • II 277 
K-4.1 Jfo mt H 144 
K -j. it Dane Ml 1)4 241 

Kre.I* J4— 41 II NS 

Kreute. Krlstine I IS* 

K-3.if ^a-Cy IV 101. 105. 117. 

234 279 
Kraui*. Toffi II I4S 
= .-. 1 90 

Krchelich. David 1 158 

Kramer, Steve 2*2 

Ken Aet I IS* 

K'ett lof'4'ie III 135 

KftH, Suienne I IS* 

K-euin Jon II '3. I4S. 259. I4S 

K-e*teh — er. Gary !! 1*5 

»C-e.*i. Richard IV 116. 239 

K i — t ur . Jydif Pest GR. 117. 241 

<■ e?e- Jed II 144 

<■ -g e SMM III IIS. 134. 241 

Ki to George IV 114.2*4 

Krinke. Kevin I IS* 

Kroegei. John n 145 224 

K-oei. Roger III 135 

K«G William II 11. 145 

Darren It 79 
KronebulCft. Judy III 134 
Kr u bs*ck. Bonnie IV 117.232.233. 

<'.ege'. G**y III 13$ 
I Cnuq te, L*r*y ill il4 
K-u*ger, Scott I 152 
K-.eger, Warren II 145. 253. 271 
<-. — cot. Je— et 1 15* 
Kfuoe. Charles II 76. 91. US. 222. 

<-.) ec Mary III 134 Brian III 1 3s 243 
K'.i.o Ge'l I 151 
Kub*ekl, Michtl II 144. 275. 2*3 
>C.D«r CWietiM IV 117. 277 
Kwd t f . Donald I IS* 
<-e**'i<;. Maieo - ll 142 144 
<.e- . Gary I 71. IS* 
K«4M Geoffrey III 134 
K. ei K»'h«r'ne II MS 
Ku 41. Kottlif*. l is* 

Kaftdt**. Jud'th || 145 

I Ktf een III Ii7 
Kunkel. Jr. Henry I 158 

Kemp Shobe lettles in lor * full night of study. 

Ku'kewtk:. C yo Hrf a I IS* 

Kurt. Linda I IS* 

Raymond IV 117. 242, 243 
K.f Sandra II 145 

• •.:--- 1 !|7. 240 
<.:- :..i. Me-y III 192, 234. 275. 

KvtHand. Rebecca I 159. 271 
-en. Jo^n II 145 


Laebs. Myron II 144 
Laco-Dt G***id IV 117 

Ktn IV (17. 275. 2*5 
iS2. IS* 
Li — s S.ia- I 1*0 
Lamtre. Mt>i II I4B 
La-^e'i. R'Ce'd 111 71, 244. 2*4 
iMMWt Lawenet GR 2J9. 237. 

La-B-ec" Lea- 11 144. 2*1 
Ler-pscn. Lavonn* I 140 
La — vc- Jc-i I 161 
La *ot— an. Jean I IS9. 247 
La-e Ka**n 111 I IS 
Lane. S.nn 24* Baccara lit 135. 196 
Lanqe CefOly*. I <59 
Lange Janet III 134 
Lange. S'eve IV 11 7. 238.240 258 
LaftQr-i-*. Alice 111 13$ 
Lenqiand. Roger IV 265 
Lapci- • e t 159. 167 

LePor-e L.cinda IV 241 
David II 134 
LaRe-i e A aa II 214 
L4R0M. S-.:e IV 217 
Larien. Carol II 144 
Lerten. Eve I 140 
Le-ion. Oere 1 II 144. 2*3 
Larson. Di»-ne II 144 
Larion Gary IV 117 
Larson. Jeanne I IS* 
Larton. Ka*en I 140 
LattOa Ka-e-yn II 144 
Larson. L4*r> IV 117 
Larson Lind* III 134 
L«rson. L4u-ice II 144. 247 
L^-ta- Ma'y I IS9 
L4'Son R c k ard II 144. 219. 225 

242. 263 
.3-.;- $4 y HI 134. 279 
Le'ton Sn>ltv » <44. 24* 
L41C4. Ka-i IV 117. 241, 2*5 
La-10*. Barba-a I IS9 
Lato.*e e Kenne*'- II 144, 2*3 
Laudt Ge'ad II 144 
Leu'erserg Daniel II 144 
L«uf«nburge' Lea III 134. 254. 274 
^j-e-'.-e Kenne'l" I 159. 2S9 
.a.r e -:e Robet IV 91. 117. 244. 

La--eni. Lene IV 102. 117. 224. 

227. 234 281 
Lea-. S.tJ- IV I IT 2*0 
Lebe««en Lo-a II 144. 23S Mil 


:-«.«n II I44> 

Lee Ho-a-3 GR- HI 

Lee. Skypp II 71, 84 

Lee Wi' la- IV lit. 225 242. 261 

Le* 1 . W# ¥ ne I IS* 

LeV>t. L'nd* IV 117, 235. 236 

Legrara Mary II 14| 

Len-er* £3-ard It 144. 242. 247 

L«hm*M K— tt» IV 2*3 

.- :. Leo I 144 

Leinoeckev Oav'a 11 84. 144 

• e-e III I3S. 271 
Le -'a e- Mar 1 1 144 26* 
Le z't- I '-sa I 160 
>c.*t . '-- 

Le-a* Joanne I 159 E itabeth III 1 35. 245 

.e->e T ~o*hy III US. 241 

Le — lenei Kafhryn I 140. 27l 

Le--e-ei Mary III 115. 234. 271 

Lenegar, Frances II 144 


Leoat. Jacquelyn II 144 

LePine. Alert III 2*6 

Lookowici. Sharon I IS9 

Leou*. Bette I 160 

Levy. Tom II 2*7 


LOfdke, David I 159 

Lotfco, PauMne II 144 

Lewcer. Ruth I 140 

Lt« : t. Jemos I 79. IS* 

L««it. Jonathan IV 24$ 

Lewii. Juliann II 134 

'•Ma II 144 
Libert. Tholes 11 147. 242. 247 
Lloboch. KM ll SO 
Liege!. Mary II 144 
John II 144 
L'e-:o» Bert I 159 
--o-e II 242 
Lincoln. Lucinde 144 

Can I |$4 
Lieike. Kristin IV III. 245 
Li nd berg. Karen I 247 
Llndert. Carol IV III 
L'naback. Richard IV MB 
Lindg'en. Rosalind I 140. 24* 
UahOft, Gary IV I IB. 2*7 
Link, John III 132. 135. 244. 252 

253 29* 
L'nse. Judith I IS9 
. -ie--eye". Da* ene III 23L 232. 

L'oton. Rechelte III 134 
,. ii-erikl. Dortna I 159 
Lett*, Keren ll 144 
. **-a-n Lee II 144 
Lioyd. Ei it* both III 94. 278 
Lobe'ger. Carol IV 1 16 

Mary I l$9 
Locke, Terriann I 140 
Loo!*. Richard III 1 35. 2*2 
Loofftar. Wovoo I IS* 
Lee- , Ru'h Ann II 270 
Lofl S-eryl II 144 
Log a. Larry II 265 
Lohmille*. Mary II 144 
Lohie. Jowph IV I IB. 28* 
Lokken. A'don I 12. 159 
Long. James IV III 
Longfellow. Judith 274 
Look. Harvey || 144, 2*2. SO 
.cc-i Mary I IS9 
Look. Nina til 279 
LorejM Lynd* IV III, 279 
Loreni. Sandra I 140. 233 
lot». Ellen II 144. 247. 279 

Ann II 144 
Loveioy. Ann II IIS, 240 
Lover, Michael IV III, 289 
Lube«* Roberta I 140 
Luce. David II 144 
Ludy. Debar* I 1 59 
Lueck. Da e 2Vt 
..'•e- Janice II 144 

..-- Juflith IV III. 2*5 
UkOt, John I 159 
L.tav Scott I 159 
>.-i2en. Fay* I 140 
Load Alan I IS9 
.ian IV I IB 
Lei He III 192. 23«. 27> 
. 1*. Steven ll i*S 
«.i:-e'. Glenn I 159 
^-•: Craig I IS9 
Lynn LOylt* III l]S 

-w« III 2SI. 2*9 

Wendy Olson and Norm Rieman count their roulette winnings be- 
fore the auction at Capone's Casino. 


Meas, Barbara I 160 
Maas. Rick tl 76 
Maess, Peter tl 146 
MacGregc-. Chrli'ie HI 136, 246, 

Mecke. Donna I 160. 226. 264. 271 
Mackle. Margaret I 160 
Medary, Linda II 147 
Madson. Grefchen I 160 
Meehler. Kathleen II 146 
Magee. Lynne III 1 36. 236 
Mahnke.Donalynn III 136 
Mahr, Betty IV 44. I IB 
Meier. Edward IV 118. 287 
Maiman. Michael II 146 
Main, Alan IV 1 18. 245 
Ma'n. Jacqueline IV 118. 236, 24S 
Mateski. Robert I 119 
Makholm, Alice II 147 
Maki, Don IV 118 
MAKI. El NO 200 
Maki. Patricia It 146 
Maki. Roberta II 147 
Malani. Priscilla II 147 
Maldonis, Jane I 161 
Maleski. Steve I 160 
Mailing. Bonnie I 161. 248 
Ma Ho. John III 136 
Maimer, Dale I 160 
Maloney. Tim II 64. 146 
Malzahn. Lori III 232. 236. 256. 

Mannisto, Dyann III 133. 248 
Mannke. Donna 276 
Manor. Richard II 159 
Menosky .David I 160 
Manske. David I 160 

Man thei . Linda I 161. 226. 260 
Marcks, Deloris 119 
Marcks, Marjory II 146 
Marek. Judith I 161 
Meresh, John II 71. 148 
Marine. Randy III 284 
Market, Gary II 147. 242 
Larkwardt. Pamela I 264 
Marohl, Daniel III 136, 288 
Maroh. Alan II 82. 161 
Merquardt, Vicki I 161 
Marshall. Bradford II 76.146 
Marshall, William I 79, 160 
Martens. James III 243 
Martin, Bonnie II 146 
Martin, Darlene I 161.269 
Martin. Jean III 67. 136 
Martin, Jonathan I 160 
Martin, James I. 161 
Martin. Mary IV 1 19. 251 
Martin. Michael 76 
Martin. Robert IV 119 
Martin. Sandra I 161 
Martin. Thomas III 136. 283 
Martinson, Gail IV 34 
Martinson. Richard IV 1 19, 235 
Marvin. Sandra IV 119. 264 
Marx, Bruce II 136 
Marx, James Ml 136. 266 
Mesbrueh. Carol It 146 
Masciola. Mark II 147 
Masek. Audrey I 160 
Mason. Becky II 146 
Masiey. Robert I 161 
Massopusi. David II 147 
Masterson, Michael II 147 
Mather, Mary I 160 
Mathey. Nancy II 140 
Methwig, Jennifer II 146 
Meisui. Tusru II 146. 264 

Matteson. John II 64. 86 

Matthais, Blen I 161 

Matti'ngty. Jean IV 1 19. 211. 233. 

Mattis. Larry I 160 

Mattner. David II 149 

Mattson. Jerry III 136 

Matula. Jerry 111 136 

Metula. Lois I 160 

Maul. Kathleen I 161 

Maxson. Lyle It 68, 70, 71 

May. Donna I 161 

May, Kathleen III 138. 256. 276 

May, Thomas tl 146 

May. William I 160 

Mayer. Cathleen II 146 

Mayer. Conrad II 73. 148, 79 

Mayo, Richard II 147 

McArdle. Thomas IV 1 19. 222. 275, 

McCabe. Gerald J. IV 1 19 

McCabe. Gerald R. I 161 

McCabe. Michael 111 136 

MacCelllster, John 285 

McCarthy. Jeff I 161 
McCarthy. Patrick I 160 

McCerrier. William II 146 
McChesney. Karen I 67. 161. 233. 

McClain. Lynn II 255 
McCture. Timothy I 161 
McClurg. Gary IV 106. 119. 288 

McComb. Rodger IV 222. 283 
MeCord. Robert III 105. 179. 219. 

221. 283 
MeCeirmiek, John I 160 
McCultick. Delores II 146. 276 
McDonald. Andrew GR. 131, 232. 

McDonough, Thomas II 71. 146. 

McDowell. Ronald tl 288 
McElroy, John II 146 
McFarland. Mark II 150 
McGrath. Susan II 147. 252. 253. 

McGinnity. Sue IV 119. 236, 256 
McGinty, Bonnie IV 119. 233 
Me&lin. Shirley I 160 
McGowan. Mary II 147, 222. 233. 

McGuckin. Marion III 137. 239 
McHugh. Michael IV 71 
Mclver, Janice I 161 
McKenzie, Kathryn II 147 
McKenzie. Mary I 161 
McLain, Sandra I 161 
McLaughlin. Margaret II 147 
McLean. Susan I 161 
Mc Lester. Ron a Id II 146 

mcmillan. sara 207. 252 .253 

McNemare. Sandra I 96. 160, 246 
Me Newer. Julie I 160 
McNaugton, Rick 86 
McNulty, Maripat I 250 
McNutt. Thomas II 219. 288 
McPhillips, George II 147 
Medgeerden, Ruth II 147 
Meehan. Susan I 161 
Mehls, Constance 1 161. 255 
Mehring. Catherine I 161, 255 
Meier. Barbara I 161 
Meier. James I 161 
Meier. Kerry IV 119. 268 
Meindel. Michael I 161 
Meiner, Sandra I 161 
Meister. Marvin II 147 
Melcher. Carolyn I 161 
Melin. Jerome I 161 
Mailer. Cheryl III 136. 270 
Menako. Louis III 88. 136. 239. 
266. 282. 82 

Mence. Kirsten I 161. 248 
Menec, Carolyn II 147 
Mendini. Daniel II 147. 287 
MENGES. PAUL 198. 244 
Menna. Cindy I 160 
Merkley. Mary II 147 
Merkowitz. Mary II 147, 281 
Merkt. Patricia IV 259 
Merry, Ruby II 147 
Merten, Janice III 136, 236 
Mertes. Anthony I 147 
Mesfen. Terefe III 264 
Messner. John II 252. 283 
Metling. Tim I 160 
Metrauf. Nancy I 160 
Metzger. Bruce I 160 
Meyer. Ceryn IV 119 
Meyer, Chris I 160 
Meyer, Charles I 161 
Meyer. John IV 239 
Meyer, Kathleen II 146 
Meyer. Linda II 137. 233 
Meyer, Marta I 161 
Meyer. Steve I 71. 161 
Meyers. Ouane HI 286 
Miehelowski. Barbara II 130. 146 

Micheletti. Thomas 1 1 147. 284 
Mickelson, Greg 71 
Mickelson. Karen I 161 
Mickelson, Linda I 161 
Mickelson, Teri III 279 
Mields. Linda III 276 
Mielke. Robert II 147 
Mihallo, Anthony IV 119. 271. 289 
Mihalko. James IV 119 
Miklevcie. Jr. Edward II 146. 289 
Miles. Roy I 160 
Milinovkh. Paul I 161. 82 
Miland. Terry II 284 
Millar. Holland II 71 
Miller. Anthony I IS9 
Miller. Bradford IV 119. 237 
Miller. Deanna II 147. 277 
Miller. James I 158 
Miller. Jeffery I 160 
Miller. Kathleen M. II. 136. 147. 

Miller. Kathleen J. 270. 281 
Miller. Marjorie II 145. 280 
Miller. Marilyn II 67. 146. 276 
M"'P&. RICHARD 200 
Miller. Theresa I 160. 226 
Miltz .Michael I 160. 248. 259 
Min. Byung Ju GR 131 
Minter, William III 136. 226. 226. 

229, 232 
MINTZ. DWAIN 91, 202. 76 
Misch, Nick II 71, 86 
Mischke, Kerilyn I 161. 264 
Mitchell, Kathleen I 161 
Mitchell. Keith I 147 
Mitchell. Robert I 160. 258 
Mitshulis, George IV 86 
Mitten. Patrick IV 119 
Miyagawa. Estelle HI 136 
Miaanes. Krijtine IV 119. 233. 235 
Mlodzik. Mary I 161. 252 
Moan. Aksel III 265 
Moberg. Judith III 67. 136 
Moen. Richard I 161 
Mohamad. Dominic GR 131 
Mohn, Gary III 140 
Molde. Arnold IV 1 19 
Moede. Ronald 136. 228 
Mohr. Gary II 147. 289 
Mole. Donnene IV 119. 236 27? 
Mol'et. Kenneth It 147 
Moldenhauer. Gary IV n9. 284 
Molter. Bernadette I 161 
Mompier. Ronald I 160 
Momten. Ellen III 136. 236. 276 
Monten. Linda I 161. 247 

General Index 

Moon, E.gene IV 120 21*. 2S8 
Moore Qurlw I 160. 247 
Moore. Jonathan I 72 
Moor*. Mark 1 160. 82 
MoO'e Rxherd I 141 
Moor*. Sharon II 147. 280 
Mo't'end. Jemet III 71 
Morgan. Jeanne II 144. 244. 277 
v.- ■; Linda I 141, 24* 
Morrit. Barbara IV 120. 211 
Motif, G o* a I 141 
Mo<"iton John II 144 
Mori**d. Jo h n II 147 
Mor'on, K*tM*M I 140. 247 
Motc^-OK^. Ctrl III 154. 237. 

Mot*. Edward I 71 
Mown'. Dennit I 141 
Mouttf. S k e-yi II 242 

Mowlietu. Pritcille II 144 

Mutggtt Mldml GR 174 
8-uct I 141 

/.t t- Jot* IV 120. 21) 
Mutiif. Jtfi'et IV 120. 219. 2A 

-42, 26) 
Mieller. Kenneth III 1)4 
Mutlltr. M>S«rl II 222 
v e e- S-tron L. II 147. 270 
/.e f S"«rvn R. 
Muff. Robert 'II 
Metier. Karen II! 
Mugen. William IV 

2«4 212. 2S). 281 
M«4m Janet I 141 
MaM Z,— * II 144. 254 
Mgnton. Dtv'd Ml 2S4 
Murk ley. Sandra II 1)4 
Mu'phy, D«» d II IS 
Murray. EH»*b »H IV 120. 234. 281 

W*ry II 144 
Murrty. Michael II 14° 
Mutolf. Suien III 67. 23S 
Mrf-t Dtvid 111 134 238. 27S. 288 
Mvei Keith II 147 
Myert. Patricia I 141 
M,.n. Stwrtt H 144. 274. 4? 
Myhra. Kathleen I 141 
Myhre. Sharon I 141 
MyKn, John III 27S 
Myrvo'd. CWilH— * 1*0 

Neriton. Linda III 1)3. 247. 278 
Nets •• John IV 120 
Natl. Roger IV 120 

• Men'y IV 120. 28° 
Nauburg. Laura II 147 

Nelion Lloyd IV 120 

Neuverf. R'Ca'd GR 111. 214. 



Ne ion. Ly'e 1 141 

Ntvicov. John IV 120 

Nelion. Lila 1 141 

Neville. Leo 1 71. 141. 79 

Ne'ton, Penelope 1 141 

Newco—b. Jr. Edward 1 141 

Ne ion Mtlltia II 147 

Na*man. Tefeta 1 141. 247. 249 


New r-an. Robert IV 120. 282 

Nelion. Richard IV 120. 242 

Newton. Robert II 148 

Ne ton Ronald II 148. 283 

Nichoii. Michael 1 141 

Nelton. Svian III 134. 270 


Nalion. Steven III 134 

Niedt. Cathy 1 47. 141 

Nelion. Wendy II 147 

Nit lien. David IV 251 


Nieiten. Dorothy IV 251 

Nemecek. John IV 1 20. 242 

Nielien. Kenneth 1 141 

Nerbun. Wit! lam I OS. 120. 237. 

Nit'itn. Sally 1 141 

244. 284 

Mil te- Wayne IV 1 20 

Nienow. Ca'hy III 1 34. 2*8 
Nieviniki. Janalle II 134. 248. 279 
Nikolay. Marianne I 161. 2SS 
Niisen. Craig IV 120. 288 

N Iter N cki II 148 

NIT2. O. W. 204 
Noffke, Peter I 141 
Noffke, Thomai IV 120 
Nog e Michael II 147 
Noll. Nancy II 147. 248 

-egg II 287 
Noonan. Patricia II 147. 281 
Nordin. John II 149. 270 
Norheim Johanna I 141 
Northrop, Richard 111 134. 288 
Nortmen. Jill HI 1)4 
Noveiic. Mara III 1)4 
Novey. Edward II 148. 242 
Nowek. Rick II 148 
No-*> Carol I 141. 250 
T'-o^ai HI 137 
N„nbaum. Alice Gt 1)1. 28 1 

Mr Paul Goede tervet the gigantic 

the BluedYvil Basketball Champion*. 

victory oak* at the all-ichool celebration honoring 

II 144, 249 

134. 249 

102. I OS 



Nage . Stephen 1 148 

Victoria III 114. 2S4. 280 
Nakafeni. Arthur II 148 
Natctn*. Nancy II 148 
Neih. Roba-t 111 1)7. 82 
Nan Ladonna II 148. 248 

Neckve'al. Th©met HI D4 
Neiii. Eddie I 141 
Ne ton. Anon a It 1)4. 270. 280 
Ne w Ajajoi I 141, 248 
Nalion. Anita II 144. 248 
Ne ion. Audrey I 141. 244 
HlTioa, Barbara I 141 
Nelion. Barbara I 141 

Colleen III I3S. 279 
\e is- Darrell GR 241 
Nelton. Donald II 134. 148 
Ne ion, Gary IV 120. 28S 
Ne i=- Jemet II 2SS 

.anice III 1)4 

Ne ion j t » IV 285 
JO* Ml 1)4 

Ne'ton, Katharine til 134. 244 

Ne ion Krittine 111 1)4. 277 
Neil. Mary II 147 


x-v cm 

f 'I 

7 V K/ 

-* i * 


C>l lv\ir4M 



NuSSbaum, Mary II 278 
Nyhui, Renee I 161 
S.ii- Sharon 111 136 
Nystrom. Ron niece III 136. 278 

Oberman. Jonathan IV 120, 244. 

C 3-'er Mary III 137 

O'Brien, Maureen II 148 

O'Brien. Peggy IV 120, 236. 255 

O'Brien. Susan I 162 

Ochi. Erlene II 148 

O'Connor. Danny I 160 

Oelke. Nyla [ 162 

Oen. Julie II 148 

OETTING. ERICH 209. 210 

Offerdahl, Karen II 96. 147. 233 

Olbrenti. Larry I 148 

Oiia. Mary I 162 

Qlipra. Susan II 67. 148. 278 

Oliver. Craig M 148 

Ollenburg. Patricia II 146 

O - Janell II 148, 276 

Olsen. Carl I 161 

Olsen. Eugene I IS? 

Olson. Anita I 161. 269 


O! son. Augie IV l2l. 236. 269 

Olson. Byron I 161 

Olson. David G. IV 121. 239, 250 

Olson, David N. I 161 

Olson, David G. I 161 

Olson, Diane I 162 

Olson, Donald J. II 148 

Olson, Harlan IV 285 

Olson. Judith I 162. 250 

OLSON. K. T. 187 

Olson. Kenneth IV 93, 121 

Olson, Leon I 247 

Olson, Linda I 161 

Olson, Mark 111 27. 136. 251 

Olson. Mary Lou III 105. 136. 21?. 

221. 234, 246. 277 
Olson. Natalie I 162 
Olson. Roger 11 148. 247. 265 
OIso.i. Ronald J. 1 161. 287 
Olson. Ronald S. Ill 136 
Olson. Wendy I 161. 270 
Oman. Ronald II 162 
Ommaerfs, Brad I 161 
Opalinski. Barbara III 121.278 
Opiela. Carol I 161. 250 
Oppermann. Dorothy IV 121 
Crs: -i. ft I 162 
Orf. Edith III 135 
Orsted. Wayne III 136. 286 
Orth, Maryiene II 66. 148. 27B 
Osegard, Larry IV 121.222 
Ossrrtann, Darlene I 162 
Oswald. Herman IV 93. 102. 121. 

219. 221, 286 
Ott. Karen IV I2t. 255 
OH. TOM 91 
Otto. Kathleen III 121. 278 
Ottum. Ruth I 162 
Ou. George GR 131 
Ovanin. Pierre I 161 
Ovans. Gordon III 136 
Overby, Gordon IV 121 
Ovick. Jane* III 136. 277 

Packer. Peqgy I !42 
Pacyga. Jennifer II 271 28; 
Pagels. James II 149 
Pagenkopf. Mary I 162 
Paisley. Leann II 146 
Palfrey. Sue IV I2i. i2S. 256 

Palmer, Bruce ill 261 
Panico. Margie III 137. 224 
Pankau, Alan II 148 
Papendieck. William IV 121 
Papinear, ConnJe II 246. 277 
Parker. John II 265 
Parks. Gerald I 162 
Parks. Marquita I 162 
Parmeter. Kay III 137 
Parr. Marlene IV 121. 178 
Passow. Judy I 269, 162 
Pasteski. Jack III 137 
Pate. Steven III 275. 27. 284 
Patek. Barbara II 143 
Peterson. James 282 
Patkowski, Gregory 275 
Patten. David 287 
Patterson. Carrie IV 121 
Patron. Patricia 193 
Paul. Rose Marie. 1 1 137 
Paulsen. Mary 111 137. 280 
Paulson, Arthur IV 121 
Paulson, Caro! I 162. 246 
Paulson. Rita II 148 
Paulus. Robert 71 
Pauly. Rich 285. 79 
Pawlitike. Glen IV 121.289 
Pecha. Janice I 162. 231, 66 
Pedersen. Cleric* II 148 
Pedretti, Dianne IV 121. 234. 245. 

Peeters. Lorry IV 137. 255 
Peihn. Linda 66 
Pell. Lynne IV 2l9. 276 
Peil. Bill II 149. 255 
Peine. Wayne Ml 2S2 
Peikowski. Camilla II 148 
Pelky. Ronald IV 285 
Pel low, Bruce IV 242 
PELTIER. GEORGE 109. 185. 241 
Pennanen, Julie I 162. 248 
Pepleu. Jeffrey III 134, 271, 289 
Pepper, John III 287 
Perkins, Donald I 71 
Perleberg. William IV 237 
Pernsteiner. De o-es III 137 
Perry. Sharon IV 122, 106. 35. 281 
Perteete. Cliff II 149. 86. 76 
Pesavento. Alan IV 284 
Peter. Waldo II 259 
Peters. Curtis IV 1 37. 282 
Peters. Jake GR 131 
Pe'ers, Larry IV 289 
Pe'ers. Petricia II 148 
Peters. Wayne IV 122. 270 
Petersen. Darrell IV 122. 238 
Petersen, Peter III 137 
Petersen, Susan III 137 
Peterson. Ray III 138. 283 
Peterson. Bruce I 162 
Peterson. David II 287 
Peterson. Dean IV 285 
Peterson. Dennis III 137. 244.284 
Peterson, Donald GR 131 
Peterson. Elizabeth II M8. 255 
Peterson. Jim 239 
Peterson. Janet I 162. 248 
Peterson, John II 79 
Peterson. Karen III 233. 255. 275. 

Peterson. Keith I 162 
Peterson. Linda IV 122. 279 
Peterson. Linda K. IV 1 22. 273 
Peterson. Linda J. I 162 
Peterson. Maureen I 162 
Peterson, Richard I 7 1 
Peterson. Richard W. IV 122. 287 
Peterson. Steven II 137. 284 
Peterson. Virginia 111 247. 277 
Peterson. Wayne I 162. 255 
Petig. Constance II 148 
Petri*. Fred IV 162 
Petropoulos. Alexander I 161 

Petta. Mary I 162 
Pevonka. Mary III 137. 279 
Pfeifer. Sharon II 148. 247 
Pfeiffer. Larry II (48. 250. 267 

269. 80 
Pflughoefr. Cherly IV 122. 278 
PHELPS. ROBERT 199. 226 
Phillips. John III 286 
Phillips. Thomas IV 148 
Pierce. Jan 276 
PEIRCE. STEN 202. 79 
Pierremeont. Geoffrey II 148 
Pillar. Lesslie Ann II 148. 222 
Pinney. Barbara Ml 137, 248 
Pintens. Patricia I 162 
Pionke. Albert III 138, 275. 283 
Pirri. Linda I 162 
Pitts. Thomas II 148 
P ass Charles I 162. 240 
Platte. Renee IV 122, 102. 234, 279 
Pleft. Sharon I 162 
Pliska. Suzanne II 148 
Ploeder:. Mary II 148 
Podgurski. Nick II 149 
Pokrand. Dee IV 122. 236 
Polacek. John I 161 
Polasky. Mary IV 122. 279 
Pollock. Bruce IV 122 
Poizer. Paul II 286 
Polzin. Sandra II 148. 251. 252. 

Pomrening. Michael 1 161 
Pontillo. Raiph I 161 
Popoutsis, Mickolas I 161 
Popp. Robert IV 122 
Poquerte. Robert III 137. 242 
Poquette, Theodore I 161 
Postel. Sheila II 281 
Pom. Ken II 148 
Po'retz. Judith I 162 
Potts. James 1 162 
Powell. Rosalie IV 122. 102. 280 
Powers. Kathleen III 138. 256 
Powers. Margaret II 148. 276 
Powers, Mary III 137 
Powers. Mary GR 131. 2ii 
Prahl. Steven I 162 
Prast, Jeanne I 126 
Pregent. Stephen II 148 
PRICE. M. M. 129. 220. 174,264 
Price. Jerry IV 122. 282 
PRICHARD. NEAL 209. 212 
Prickett. Mary I 162 
Prideeu*. Margaret III 137 
Priebe. Fred IV 122. 268 
Priebe. Scott 1 161 
Priem, Jacqulyn IV 122 
Prill. Sheri II 148. 234 
?r - ;:';- Sj-^"C 2&4 

Prochnow. Donald I 162. 247 
Primrose. Glenn IV 122 
?•'-; » :•:■• 62 2*i 

PRJTCHARD. LYNN 201. 254. 255 
Prodoehl. Andrew II 149 
Prokop. Jane III 132. 137. 235. 276 
Promis, Mary II 96. 148 
Propst. Mary 111 138 
Pruce. Elizabeth | 1 62 
Prge. William II 148 
Prutz. Rosalie 1 162 
Pryge. Laura IV 123 
Purchatzke. Michael I 161 
Pu.-man. Lee Anne 102. 105. 123. 

275. 277 
Pyrcioch. Janet I 162 
Pytlarz. Charles II 149. 242 
Pytlerz. Robert II 148 

Quandi. Mary II 147 
Ouilllng. Ardith 1 162. 224 
Quilling. Mary I 162 
Quirt. Charles I 162 

Rabbit*. Paul III 137 

Rachick. Clarence II 149 

Rachubinski, Ann I 163 

Rader. Terry II 149 

Radesk. Marilyn I 162 


Raess. Marilyn IV 123 

Raether, Galen IV 275. 289 

Re hoy. William II 149. 260 

Ramsay. Renee II 162. 27i 

Ramseur. Christine II 149 

Rank. Joann II 149 

Rankin. Steven II 149 

Resko. Thomas 11 149. 226 

Rasmussen, Bonnie II 149. 255. 
260. 268 

Rasmussen. Robert III 223. 241. 
275. 288 

Rasmussen. David I 137 

Rasmussen. Linda I 162 

Rassbach, Marilyn II 149. 219. 233. 

246. 255. 277 
Rassbach. Nichols IV 123. 244. 287 
Ratkowski. Gregory I 162 
Ratzburg. William IV 123. 239. 

Ravn. Thomas GR 259 
Raymond. James I 162 
Reader, Kenneth I 162 
Reader, Roger IV 123. 243 
Ream, Lynn II 149, 222. 247 
Reames. Jeffrey II 149. 256 
Rebne. Thomas II 93. 287 
Redman. Russell II 149, 247 
Ree. Richard III 246 
Reed. Donald III 137 
Reese. Dennis II 91 
Reeves. Grant III 137. 225 
Reeves. Sandy II 144 
Regan. Mary II 149. 247 
Rehberg. Patricia II 149 
Rehdantz, Georgina I 162 
Rehn. Gloria III 219, 221. 245. 269 

Reich. Donn III 71, 285 
Reifenberg. Robert I 162 
Reimann. William I 162. 80 
Reindl. Richard IV lOS, 123. 243. 

Re inert. Dennis IV 123, 238 
Reinhard. James IV 123 
Reints. Kafhryn II 149. 230. 232 
Reischel. Allen I 162 
Reischel. Frank II 149 
Remlinger. George II 147 
RENESON. M. W. 200 
Renner. Susan II 149. 222. 252. 

253. 281 
Rentmeester. Patrick II 288 
Repp. Christine II 149. 232 
Rertke, William II 137 
Re'rle-f. Peter II 256 
Reynolds. Robert GR. 131 
Rheeume. Denise I 162 
Rhoades. Doris III 137, 224 
Rice, •ritdlla HI 137 
Richards. Nancy III 138. 236 28: 
Richardson. Robert I 162 
Richardson. Sue III 138 
Richardson. William I 255 
RSchter. Jerome IV 1 23. 245 
Richter. Stephen I 162 
Rieaerer. James II 149 
Re'dl. Rosemary III 137 

General Index 

R : esne*. Herbert I 149. 239 
Rieman. Norman III 13?. 222. 283 
Riemer. Margaret III 137, 276 
Riemer. Tom II 149, 279 
Riersgord. Deborah IV 123. 23a. 

Riese. Virgene III 137 
RIM EL. EVELYN 206. 210 
Riha, Beverly IV 123 
Rindsig. Martina II 143. 271 
Ring. Rote GR 131 
Ringetspaugh. John II 137 
Ringler, Judith II 248 
Ritter. Ted II 149 
Robbint. Gregory III 137 
Robert. Linda I 162. 2S6 
Roberts. Jeffrey I 162 
Roberts, Kenneth I 71 
Roberts. Lorena I 162 
Roberts. Rebecca tl 149. 248 
Robertson, Carolyn III 137, 276 
Robinson. Steven IV 106. 123. 243. 

Rodney. Richard III 137. 224 
Rodey. Stephen II 149 
Rodger*. Linda Ml 137. 233 
Rodgers. Susan II 149 
Rodman, Ann IV 123 
Roecker. Susan IV 123 
Rodgers. Kathryn It 147 
Rodgers, Lillian I 162 
Rolf. Bonita III 137, 268. 280 
Romang, June 277 
Romeyko. Sharon IV 123 
Romblom, Raymond I 162. 258 
Romness. Kay I 162 
Romuth, Karen 245 
Ronnerud. Martha III 137. 236. 

245. 271 

Rood. Wesley t 162 
Roots. Linda I 162. 224. 250 
Ropiek, Robert II 142, 144 
Rortvedt. Judith IV 123, 236 
Rortvedt, Susan til 138 
Rose! and. Dean IV 224, 242. 268 
Rosenberg. Terry I 162 
Ross Mary III 278 
Rossman, David I 162 
Rossmeier. John IV 10S. 123. 275. 

Ron. Thomas I 162 
Rouse. Jeffrey I 162 
Rouier. Pamela I 162 
Rowe. Janell II 149, 269, 270 
Rowland, Marjorie II 149. 24? 
Rubner. Carolyn IV 124 
Ruck. James It 149 
Ruda. Janice I 96. 162. 226. 232. 

246. 269 

Rudd. Janet I 162 
Rudd. Joel I 71. 162 
Rode. Benita I 163 
RUE. K. L. 205 
Ruh. Kathryn II 149 
Runge, Nancy 149. 256 
Rungler. Judith II 149 
RUNNALS. JAMES 187. 282 
Rupiper. Ailen 86 
Rupkalvis. Barbara tl 138, 246 
Rupprecht. Constance I 162 
Rusch. Bernard I 162 Dean IV 138 
Rusch. Donna III 137 
Rusch. Gerald II 91 
Rusch. John IV 124 

Ruskell. Linda I 162 
Russo, Anthony 111 9|. 266 
Ruter, Teresa II 149. 224. 248 
Ruth. John I 255 
Rutishauser. Kristine I 162 
Ryan. Michael II 149 
Ryberg. John II 265 
Ryun, Harold IV 124 
Ryun. Mergo IV 124 

SSA 218. 219. 220. 221 

S-CLU6 266 


Saeger. Michael II 149, 240. 25S. 

Sales. Ramiro 149. 242 
Sa'esky, Jane III 13? 
Saltzgiver, Mary III 138. 267. 271 
Selow. Roger Ml 219. 284 
Selbeugh, James 241 
Sambur, Ned II 149 
Samplawski. Marvin I 163 
Sample. Timothy IV 124 
Sampson, Dennis I 163. 259 
Sand berg. William I 162 
Sanderson, Bruce III 13? 
Sand. Gregory III 285 
Sannes. Lynda III 138 
Saupe, Bonnie I 163 
Scalfe. Robert II ISO 
Scanlan, Michael I 162 
Scepple. Judith I 164 
Schaefer, Leslie I 164 
Schaefer. Robert III 187. 285 
Schaffer. Ann I 164. 248 
Scheffner. Frieda IV 124 
Schaller. William II 138. 27l 
Schanzenbach, Rox I 163 
Scharf. Penelope II 149 
Scharp. Norman IV 124 
Schaumberg, Larry IV 138 
Scheiber. Michael I 162 
Schelley, Ann I 163 
Schemelin. Michael III 139 
Scheperd. Bill I6S 
Scheps. Judith IV 1 24. 262. 263 
Scherrer Susan II 150, 277 
Scheunemann. Daniel II 14? 
Scheve, Susan I 163 
Schiebtl. Linda III 139 
Schimlen. Mic 285 
Schindhelm. John II 149 
Schindler. Lucille I 163 
Schlag. Ken IV 124, 243. 28? 
Schleder. Judy II 149 
Schelgel, Georgia III 138. 204. 

Schleker. James III 64, 256 
Schleusner. Jan IV I OS, m, 236, 

275. 276 
Schlottman. Jeanne I 164 
Schluter. Robin II 149 
Schmadebeck. Robert I 164 
Schmid. Scott IV 88. 89, 102, I OS. 

124. 219. 246. 256. 266. 283 
Schmidt, Carolyn 67, 14?. 236 
Schmidt. David I 164 
Schmidt. Janice IV 124. 281 
Schmidt. Susan III 138. 267 
Schmidt. Barbara IV 124. 275. 2Bl 
Schmidt. David IV 124. 288. 7? 
Schmidt. Kenton IV 124 
Schmidt. Sue 268, 280 
Schmitr. Charles I 163 
Schmitt, Thomas I 164 
Schmiti. Dale III 138 
Schneclc. Gerald III 287 

Mel Coleman helps Mr. Goede serve trie victory cake. 

Sehneek. Lawrence 1 225 
Schneider. Craig II 14? 
Schneider. Nancy 139. 276 
Schneider. James I 162 
Schneider. Margaret lit 13?. 236 
Schneider. Mary IV 281 
Schneider. Nancy 276 
Schneider. Pat IV 289 
Schneider. Ronald I 164 
Schotbohm. William I 80 
Sehoblocher, Nancy III 67. 239. 

235. 275. 276 
Schoen. EMyn III 67 247. 261. 262. 

263. 278 
Schoenborn, Jon I 164 
Schoenrock. Terry I 73. 164 
SCHOEPP. E. J. 170 
Scholfield. Kevin I 164 
Schon, Karl IV 124 
Schoonhoven. LareHe 1 163, 246 
Schottmuller, Nancy IV 124, 279 
Schottmut'er. Robert IV 124. 266, 

284. 79 
Schrader Loren I 163. 268 
Schreiber. Sherry II 149 
Schriner. Michael IV 124 
Schroeder, Daniel III 138. 238. 260 
Schroeder. Gerald II 149 
Schroeder, Klaud'a III 139 
Schroeder. James IV 125 
Schroeder. Peter 111 138 
Schroedl. Thomas IV 125. 247. 262. 

Schroll. Mary IV 125 
Schick, William I 163 
Schuestler, Evelyn III 139 
Schuetz. Aleda I 164. 233 
Schuert. Renee 111 139. 235. 276 
Schuff. Leroy IV 103. 105. 125. 237 
Schuh. Sandy III 133. 247 
Schult. Timothy I 162 
Schultz, Barbara I 164 
Schultz. Christina I 163 
Schultz. Connie I 162. 260 
Schultz. Deborah II 149 
Schultz. Fredrick IV 125 
Schultz, Marianne 137 
Schultz. Randy III 88 
Schultz, Steven II 150. 224 
Schuifze. Linda IV 125 

Schultze. Ann III 96. 138. 245, 249. 
260. 26? 

Schulz. Dale 164 

Schulz, Steven I 164 

Schulz. Bill III 42. 86. 219. 286 

Schwbxe. Carol IV 125. 251 

Schulze, Lois I 163 


Schwartz. Joseph I 163 

Schwartz. Kenneth I 164 

Schwarz. Barbara II 149 

Schwa rz. Gerald 1 25 

Schartz. Mary II 149 

Schwarz, Steven I 164 

Schwebke, James II 149 

Schweiss. Robert I 163. 79 

Schwilt. Kenton 265 

Sciuti. Daniel I 163 

Score. Judith I 164. 206. 245. 269 

Scott. Penelope IV 1 25. 234 

Scovilte. Martha II ISO 

Searles. Richard IV 125 

Seaton. Dean II 149 

Seder bert, Karen II 149 


Sedivec. Susan I 166. 247 

Seeber. Richard III 138 

Seeqers, Cheryl III 138. 278 

Seiler. Mary I 162 
Selby. Nancy I 163 
Selby. William III 139 
Seng. Brenda II 149. 276 
Setter. Alice IV 125. 236. 260 
Sevcii. Mary I 164, 289, 233. 248 
Seul. Linda I 164 
Severson. Joan IV 67. 125. 277 
Severson, Mike IV 222. 105. 237 
Shaben. Donna III 138. 238. 256 
Schdinger. Sandra IV 125, 251 
Shafer, Bonita I 162 
Shalkhauser, Karen I 162 
Severs. Mickael IV 125 
Shenahen. Nancy III 138. 233. 246. 

Sharcinski. Janet 233 
Sharkey. David IV 238 
Sharkey. Patrice I 164 
Sheehan, Marsha I 123 
Sheets, Craig I 163 
Sheffield. Constance III 139 

She!!. Mike 93. 125. 266. 285 
Sherry. Daniel IV 125 
Shaing. Theresa 131 
Shier. Lynnerte II ISO 
Shimeta. Michael I 164. 248. 25? 
Shob. Tim IV 288 
$:•;-:»■ t- Nmcj l 143 
Sichler, Gwendolyn II 233, 280 
Sid pre. Tarum I 242. 264 
Slebke, Dolores I 162, 246 
Siebke. Roger II 149 
Siedschleg, John II 265 
Sleker, Carla II 138 
Siggelkow. Linda IV 125 
Siggens, Susan III 138, 223, 278 
Siira. Edward I 162 
Silvertri. Gay II 149 
Simonson. 8etty III 138. 234 
Simpson. Jack III 138. 283 
Simpson. Kenneth I 164, 265 
Simpson, Michael IV 126, 282 
Sims, Ketherine III 128, 247 
Simurdiak. Kenneth III 91 
Sinkular. Jo IV 47. 102, 105, 126. 

277. 48 
Sim. Gerald I 71 
Sipek. Greg III 71. 138. 284 
Sippel. John I 163 
SUson. James IV 125 
Sitte, Hans IV 126, 238 
Sitilg. James IV 126 
Sittig. Welcome 279 
Sjobeck. Susan II 149, 277 
Skadahl. John II ISO 
Skarda. Pamela 1 163. 246 
Skell. Alan 111 126, 289 
Sklander. Dwight 162 
Slack. Eileen t 163 
Sladky. Mary IV 126 
Slaughter. Jim III 8S 
Slesar, Susan III 278 
Slupe. Thomas II 71, 150 
Smalley. Judith I 163. 2S5. 271 
Smart. Deine III 139 
Smarzlnski. Janet III 139. 276 
Smasal, Jean I 164 
Smerda. John IV 126 
Smith. Ann 126 
Smith, Barbara III 278 
Smith. Bruce IV 126 
Smith, Donald II 143 
Smith, Darrell IV 238 
Smith, Debra II 149 
Smith, James tl 163 
Smith. James 138 
Smith. Louise III 139. 225. 262. 

Smith, Michael I 164. 283 
Smith, Nancy III 139. 234. 236. 

Smith. Rebecca I 163 
Smith. Rita I 163 
SMITH. ROBERT 202. 82 
Smith. Susan II 149 
Smerekar. Dan IV 287 
Smtn, Lavone I 162 
Snowdon. Peter I 149. 262. 270 
Snyder. Kathleen III 138 



Soderbeck, Randy 1 163, 246 
Soderberg, Sally I 66. 103 
Soletske. Roger II 149 

Solinsky Herb IV 287 
Solyst. Margaret I 150 
Solyst. Mary IV 126 
Sommerfeld, Linda 126. 233, 262, 

Sonnenberg, Judy I 163 
Son n tag. Kay III 278 
Sorcic. Kathleen 1 163 
Sorensen, Jeffrey 1 163 
Souther. Barbara III 138. 256 
Sowa. Terrance II 149 
Spaete. Gordon IV 283 
Spaeth. Iris ll 149 
SPAIN. JUDY 171, 222 
Spalding. Ruby III 139 
Spangler. Mercy I 164. 233 
SPARGER. MAX 68. 86. 202 
Spelch, Catherine I 163 
SPEIDEL. PAUL 185, 241 
Spiel vogel. Patsy IV 126. 278 
Spllde. Steven II 149 
SPINTI, ROBERT 18! . 240 
Sponholti. Donald III 138. 240 
Splift. Bonnie II 149. 269, 270 
S prague. Patrick II ISO. 242 
Springer. Ron III 289 
Springhgth, Joseph 149 
Sguler, Terry II |45 
Sromalski. Robert III 219. 286 

178. 202 
Standaert. Randall III 163 
Stanelle. Cindy 276 
Stankowskl. Susan III 138. 236. 276 
Stanton. Gerald Ml 238 
Starck. Judith III 139. 233. 236. 

255, 256. 267. 271 
Stauss. David I 164 
Stearns. Mary II 149 
Steesrud. Grady 93 
Stefeniak, Lee IV 126 
Steffan. Ronald I 164 
Staffed, Lee I 163, 255 
Steffes. Steven II 71. 91. 150 
Sieger, Barbara II 149, 279 
Steger, Linda IV 126 
Steiner. Stephanie IV 126, 245 
Stelling. Thomas 1 162. 246 
Stall ings. Diane IV 232. 245. 252. 

264. 271 
Stelier, Donna IV 12* 
Stenner, Robert III 138 
Steuernagel, Paulette II 149, 269 
Stevens. Duane III 68, 71. 266 
Stewart, Daniel IV 287, 76 
Stewart. Mary III 279 
Stewart. Peggy II 149 
Stewart. Shirley III 281 
Stibbe. Donna IV 103. 105, 126, 

235. 236 
Stirn. Susan I 164, 248 
Stoeger, Roger I 162 
Stoehr, William III 73. 266. 283 
Stoelting, Laurie IV 126 
Stoey, Kenneth II 149 
Stoffet. Patricia II 149 
Stoffle. Thomas I 163 
Stoflet. Dale I 164 
Stoflet. Vicki III 138 
Stoisolovlch. Nick III 287 
Stole. Lon I 162 
Stople. Sharon IV 126. 276 
Stoltiman. Walter 111 73. 138. 270 
Stone, Jean IV 126 
Stone. James II 149 
Stone k. Dale II 149 
Stout, Joseph 111 286 

ltd. 258 


CLUB 261 


SSIT 242 






Strasburg. Gregory I 162 

j,.,.. c . s,. ly || :i 2" 

Streeter. Denise I 164 
Strehlau. Daniel I 71, 163 
Stranger. Jane I 163. 2SS 
Striepling. Susan I 163, 246 
Strom. Jan IV 127. 233. 275, 276 
Strommen. Nancy II 149. 249, 252. 

Swarti. Russell I 71. 164 
Sween. Donald II 138 
SWIMMING 82. 83 
Syilha. Robert 265 
Szalenski. David tl 150. 242 
Szmanda. William I 164 
Sivmasiek. Eugene IV 105 

Tanck Marvin I 71. 164 
Tangley. Paula III 139 
Tankins. Walter 11 70. 71. 86 
Tanko. Gregory IV 127 

John Box pauses for school news in the Fireside Lounge. 

Strong, John II 266 
Strong. Stuart 1 162 
Strub. Donna I 256 

ASSN. 245 
Sturm. Susan II 149 
Stuvetraa. Norma II ISO 
Suekow. Michael I 164 
Suennee. Linda 276 
Sullivan, Lynne II 149 
Suprek, Lawrence I 161 
Suprak, Paul III 138 
Sura. Sheila III 138 
Surguy. Steven IV 127 
Surowlec. Brent III 138, 239 
Sveen. Ruth III 138, 236. 256 
Swalve. Joan IV 127. 271 
Swalve. Lloyd IV 237, 271 
Swangstu. Henry II 284 
Swanson, Donald H. I 164 
Swanson. Donald A. I IS4 
Swanson. Duane I 163 
Swanson. Jeanne IV 236, 280 
Swanson. Karen II 149 
Swanson. Sonja II 149 
Swanstrom, Gary II 149 

Tanner. Susan II 248. 281 
Taplin, Irvin IV 127 
Tarpey. Richard IV 247. 265 
Taylor, George I 7 1. 164 
Taylor. Jean GR. 131 
Taylor. Kathleen IV 127 
Taylor. LuAnn I 248, 259 
Techeu, Susan 1 164 
Tefera. Belete III 264 
Tefft. William I I6S 
Temmerm, Lionel I 164 
TENNIS 88. 89 
Ten Pas. Ketherine I 164. 252 
Tentcher. Daniel I 71, 164 
Tepe. Carol t 164. 268 
Tern!. David II 150 
Terrill. Jo Sp. 226 
Teschner, Roger II 265 
Theenum. Bonnie II ISO 
Tharp. Michael II 150 
Thoeny, Chrystal III 138. 279 
Theama, Barbara I 164 
Thels. David III 138 
Theiss. Kathleen 11 150 
Theiss. Merilynn I 164 

General Index 

TH#r©* Mi. - i MS 

*'♦.»:- M,., Ill IJ7. 274 

TMtoa: 127 

TheMy. CVytfal III IN, 179 
T>om«». Gttil I IM 
T"0"N». C'aca II ISO 
«Mt I IM. 2S« 

-« IV 177. 242. 7J3 
Ti n W W C«'o: I IM 
Thom»M«. Oc- 1 l IM. 244. 2S0 

, euiaa i i«4 

, ►*•** II ISO 
Joa* IV 127 

M«>i i a 

tkWd I im 

Two m papa Sum« IV 127 
T h omp w . W»m 6R 240 247 
THor«te«. Da»:a 21) 

• Naacy III 1)7. 247. 271 
Tfetou. Marc* II ISO 27* 
T**Mor. lawrmct ll ISO 

Tl«ra*v. Thom«i IV |* 2S4 2M 

' M Ml 20* 
Ran Imm ll 224. 2)0. 24$ 

I i Ntci IV 127. 21 1 
Ha* ftoa+14 11 140. 27S 2tf 
Tfefcpraj. 9»lby IV 120 
Tipper. VJrgJala II ISO 
Totx'a. Mlc^aai I IM 
To6."«. Martha II ISO 

Tobia. Ttkpmaa l IM 

Toceo Am I IM 


TpIm*. D«>« I IM 

TpIpm. fetkprSaa) III m, 2SS 274 

Tpltofcoa. Waiter II ISO 

To*™**. Ea-e'd III IN 

Teat. Umm II 14* 

TOwEt 244 


TRACK 14. V 

Trahmt Philip I IM 2S4 

Trpalpr. Inn II ISO 

TfWNjtl. J**** IV 127. 275 217 

Ma EaH I I4S 

Trlwpirai , Urn IV I OS. 127 

• ->e«d III 71. 204 
Tripplpr. Daryla I IM 
Tfwd«#u. C*t*ry« I IM 

Trplaja. Dick III 127 



WJnHt ic« *•♦» • cJiiBiKj !€••»• Ovfdopr* whilp warmth ««iH imida. 

T*ak». Ordaaa II ISO. 249. 270 
Doaaid III IM 2)7 2SS 
T.ew $••»• IV 2*1 
Cp«N*h II 2S0 

T.T». Urry IV 2tS 

Taraar, Jama* I IM. 79 
T„rtaawa <S Saadra I I4S 
*ft- »•■>♦« I IM. 247 
TytM. Thorwat I IM 

• a II 71 
Ttaa«. 0«a C« Di 
TaMO. Diaaa III 2M 


Uoa -• IV 127 


Uabai Km IV 22S. 2S« 
-«=« • J©"« IV 241 

It'ictll ISO. 2S4. 270 
J4*» I IM. 2S2 
UllmM. Dawa II ISO 
UMmaaa. Larry IV 127. 2)1. 240 
feyMa I IM. 27 1 
•e IV 127 
Uaaa. Ue III 204 
U"^«f Uada II 47. ISO. 244. 277 
Ucca«e. Jmni II ISO. 210 
Upward. Garaid 61 1)1 
«obart ll ISO 
; tap* IV 9) 
:a- - » IV 2S4 
Da«id IV 127 

i II ISO. 24* 
IM. 244 



.. ■« Ga'v IV 
Vaiia*. larbara 
V«a I a'ieo*". lo*a I 
Vmm. 0:a«a IV 127 
Vmm. Cady III in 242. 
THofftM I 14$ 
Daa*;» I ISO 
KatM II 140. ISO 
Vaa Om larg. Jamat I IM 
Vm Daloge* Ml. C 
VaadM Ira-Ma. Mark IV 2S4 
VaadaahQT Patricia I IM 
Va«*a'b;it. Carol 1 1 144 

CattariM 1 1 ISO 
im I IM. 2SS. 240 
II ISO. 2S2 

IV 127. 


IV 127 J 
Vadar Vroak. Dava I4S 
Vaada-alk. Marylow 111 1)9. 
2W 2)4 

ALYCE 1*7 
VM«rt. Jack II ISO. 241 

V#*M#<rt##»9, TiW*OtiS»/ I lis) 

Vaa Homa Judith I IM 
Vaaramortal. Sa«M II ISO 
Vm taiawyk. Liada II ISO 

Vaaicteoakom. C*»a'ia* I IM. 

V Jaait II ISO 

Vm vaikaabvrg. Rob III 71. 214 
Vm Vachtaa. l«Hi IV 121. IM. 

2)) 211 
VMirMda. Oaa I IM 
Vimt. KarM I IM 

toaaid 121. 222 244 21) 

- :« I IM 
• T-ydv IV 121 
i IM 

• » 

Verdon. Wayne IV 182 
Vernon, Anne I 164 
Verville. Susan I 164. 247 
Vidloek. Oav?d I I6S 
Vier, Chester I 163 
Vigneau. Kathleen III 13? 
ViU. Thomas II 91. ISO 
Vincent. Richard III 207 
Vinetie. Kathryn I 164 
Vinette. Merry I 164. 269 
Vlasak. Jim 139 
Virtue. Richard I I6S 
Visor. Jim 71. 164 
Vobeida. Al 128. 2S8 
Vobejda. June 164 
Voelz. Kenneth II ISO 
Voetmann, Barbara II ISO 
Vogel, Rick 111 139 
Volgts. Jean I 164 
Voigtschild. Wayne IV 128 
Volbrecht. Dennis I 79. 164 
Volbrecht. Gate III 139. 285 
Voll. Christine III 249. 279 
Vonderhaar, Ann III 279 
Von. Mark I 164 
Vosi. Robyn II ISO. 281 


Wadhams, Joanne I 165 
Wagner. Carol I 165 
Wagner. David I 71. I6S 
Wagner. Keith III 135 
Wagner, Marde IV 128 
Wagner, Michael I 165 
Wagner. Ray IV 128. 284 
Wagner, Richard I 165 
Wagner. Rosalyn II ISO. 203 
Wahl. Kevin 284 
Wahl. Sandra IV 128 
Waldow. Ywain II 151 
Waldvogei. Daniel II 149 
Waldvogel. Jerome II 149 
WALL. G. S. 214. 215. 237 
Walker. Sandra II 151 
Wallace. Susan I 165. 226. 264, 

Waller. Deborah II ISO 
Wallintin. Cynthia I 164. 264 
Walsingham. Jeri II 151 
Walters. Earl I 165. 252 
Walters. Jennifer II ISO. 252, 253 
Waltz. Randy I 165 
Ward. Mary I 165 
WARD. ROBERT 179, 226 
Warner. Jacklyn ISO 
Warner. Rebecca 164 
Warren, Rhode 1 165 
Warrington. James IV 285 
Watkins. Gary 128. 284 
Watkins. John II 150 
Watson, Dawn II 278 
Waupochiek. Fay 128 
Waupoehiek. Anthony IV 128. 238 
« Wdowczyk. Cheri IV 233. 281 
Weaver. David GR 131 
Weaver. Margaret 128 
Webb, John II 240 
Webber. Alan II 151 
Weber. Charles II 256. 283 
Weber. Lynda III 256, 276 
Weber, Pete 86 
Wegner. Suzanne III 139, 264 
Weldemann, William 265 
Weill, Brian I 165 
Weller. Joanne IV 103. 128. 236. 

275. 276 
Weiman. Martene 244 
Weinand. Sandra III 139. 219, 222 
Weiss, Roxenn I 164 
Weiss, Terry IV 128, 289 
Weissen. Kathy 161 
Welch. Gary I 165 

Welch. Kathleen III 139 
Welch. Larry III 139. 231. 232. 

243. 283 
Welhaven. Joanne IV 128 
Weihouse. Harold II 151 
Weller, Eileen II 141 
Wells. Jane II ISO. 278 
Wells. Robert II 150 
Welsch. Deberah II 146 
Wenzter, Dale II ISO 
Were. Sy IV 103. 105. 128. 239. 

245. 289 
Werner. Judy II 150. 236 
Werner. Nancy III 139, 233.279 
Wertschnig, Catherine III 139 
Wery. Peggy II ISO, 281 
Wesley. Glenda II ISO 
West fa M. Judy II 151. 232. 256 
Wheelock. Dale II 150 
Whitbeck, Carol IV 103. 105. 123. 

226. 230. 232, 281 
White, Larry I 71. 163 
White, Leroy IV 128. 244. 265 
White. Mary IV 35. 128. 281 
White. Patricia IV 128. 279 
White. Susan IV 128. 233 
White. Valerie I 164 
Whitfield. Bonnie II 151. 2 1 9. 279 
Whyte. Sherrie III 139, 276 
Wickert. Marjorie II 150 
Wicklander. Alan I 165 
Wickman, Muriel I 165 
Wietzke. Sandra IV 129 
Wiedenmeier, George I 159 
Wfedenmeier, Linda 1 165 
Wiegland, Lois I 165. 246 
W leg I and. Susan IV 232. 236 
w: e ge . Henry 111 139. 242 
Wiehe. Judith II ISI 
Wieland. Dave II 246 
Wieland. Lawrence 11 283 
Wiemen. Marlene IV 128. 196 
Wiemerslage. Sandra 111 129, 233. 

Wiese. Arlene III 139 
Wightmen, Jr. Richard I 165 
Wiksten. Mardianne II 149. 246 
Wilde. Jean II ISO 
Wilde. Thomas 111 139.242 
Wilfert, Ann III 139 
Wilhelm. Marie IV 129. 236. 245 
Wilker, Alan SP 120. 129 
Wilkie, Susan I 164. 248 
Williams. Anita I 164 
Williams, Christine I 164 
Williams, David 11 I Si. 255 
Williams. Keith I 165 
Williams. Karen III 139. 273 
Williams. Michele II 151. 232. 252. 

2S3. 270 
Williams. Rhea III 139. 279 
Williams. Sharon II ISO 
Williams. Timothy II ISO. 255 
Williams. Wallene I 255 
Willis, Gerald ine IV 129 
Willis, James I 165 

Willkom. Margaret II 151 

Wilson. Judy IV 129. 279 



Wilson. Scott II 288 

Wilting. Paul IV 129. 283 

Wiltzius, David I 165 



Winchel. Terry II ISO 

Windsor, James III 139. 247, 284 

Winiarski, Annette I 164 

Winiarski, Margaret II 150, 229 

Winkler, Gary II ISO. 266. 289. 82 

Winn. James II 86. 256 
Winterfeldt. Marguerite 111 13? 
Wirihwein. Susan IV 129, 233 
Wisnefske. Marilyn IV 129. 279 
Wisniewski. Thomas IV 129 
Wilke. Timothy II ISO 
Wittchow. Joy IV 106. 129 
Wittchow. Marilee I I6S 
Wittenberger. Daniel II ISO. 270 
Woefel. Dennis I I6S 
Woggon. Stephen II 151. 271 
Wolf. Susan IV 129 
Wolford. Marsha IV 129 
Woitkiewicz. Mary Ann IV 103. 

105. 129, 236. 267, 280 
Wolff. Larry Ml 286 
Wolfe. Donna II ISO. 279 
Wolff. Carol IV 129 
Wolff. Laurie IV 129. 279 
Wolfmeyer, Gary III 139 
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Wolslegel. Robert I 265 

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Worzala. Carol 111 139 
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Wosslegel. Bob 165 
Woytasik, Robert IV 129 
Woytasik. Roy I 1 65 
Wrass. Laurence II ISO. 284 
Wrasse, Lynn II 146 
Wright. Becky II 151, 25S, 281 
Wright. Elaine 165 
Wuebben. Katherine II ISO. 219 
Wulf. Thomas I I6S 
Wunder, Susan II ISO. 222 
Wurster, Thomas I 165 
Wycfcoff. Jan is III 139. 278 
Wyelke. David 288 

Yager. Kristine It 151 
Yanda. David I 165 
Yarreeh. Robert I 165 

Yeeger. Mary I 165 
Yokoyama, Frances 111 139, 232 
Yocco. Richard I 151. 270 
Yonkovich, Dean HI 139 
Yost. Edwin III 139 
Young, Danny I 165 
Young. Mary I 165. 224 
Younger, David I 260 

Zagrodnik, James III 139 
Zahabioun. Mohammad GR 131, 

Zahn. Cinda IV 129. 245 
Zahorski, Bonnie I 165 
Zakariasen, Marcia II 151 
Zander, Thomas IV 129 
Za ner. Gregg IV 129. 288 
Zarnstorff. Paulette III 139, 245. 

Zebro, Roberts II 151 
ZeiHnger. Ronald III 264. 267 
Zeitler. Robert III 139. 222 
Zell, Roger 111 71, 139. 266 
Zellmer, Steven II 151. 224 
Zeltinger. Linda III 139, 246 
Zenner, John IV 129 
Zehihun. Gatria II 264 
Zickert, Jean I 165 
Ziebell. Michael II 151 
Ziebell. Jack It 91. 151 
Ziebell. Ken III 28S 
Ziegelbeuer, Alice I 165, 255 
Ziegelbauer, Carolyn IV 129, 27S. 

Zielanis. Catherine III 139 
Ziewacz. Ellen II 151 
Zimdars. Donna IV 129. 236, 261 
Zimmerman. Gail II 150, 246, 284 
Zimmerman, James lit 139, 258 
Zimmerman, Judith II 246 
Zissman. Michael I 1 65. 80 
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Zondag. Beth I 165. 248. 255. 264, 

Zorn, Jean III 139 
Zuehlice, Mary I ISI 
ZUERLEIN. JOHN 178. 202, 80 
Zupancich. Barbara HI 139 
Zwart. Joan III 139. 270 
Zwissler, Robert III 284 


The 1969 TOWER was printed by the Taylor Publishing 
Company in Dallas, Texas. 

The paper is 80# enamel gloss. Headlines are 24 pt. 
Future Demibold Condensed. Opening section is in 18 pt. 
Futura Demibold Condensed. Title, contents, theme and 
division pages are In varied sizes of Future Demibold. All 
other copy is Vogue: body copy is 14 pt.; senior portraits 
and index, group identification, and captions are 8 pt.; and 
the general index is 6 pt. 

1969 TOWER Staff 

cj n * j [* w ™ ni Editor-in-Chief 

Edward J, Guckenberger Associate Editor 

Colleen C. Balko Literary Editor 

Ingnd S. Ahlberg Production Editor 

William D. Minter p hofo Edifor 


Linda Anderson. Diane Atkins. Phyllis Athman. Dave Carney. Judy 

Gunderson. Jane Kramer, Ellen Lotz. Mary McGowen, Sue Roecker, 

j:r-> Schleker. Karen Sederberg. Debbie Smith. JoAnne Terrill, Rhea 



Norma Anderson. Chris Chasten. Sue Donnelly. Kay Knudtson. Dorothy 
Kocovsky, Sue Lund, Donna Macke, Linda Manthei, LoDonna Nass. 
Natalie Olson. Tom Rasico. Kathy Reints. Janice Ruda. Bruce Tieh. 
Jan Vanselow. Susan Wallace. Carol Whitbeck. 

Marge WInlarski. Dave Kottwitt. 


Richard Abraham. Tom Flester. Dale Granchalek, Steve Hammer. 
Mary Hansen. Al Htnkle. Bill Minter. Ron Moede. Nick Podgurski. 
Roger Stehl. 


Dr. David P. Barnard Production 

Mr. Robert Ward Photography 

Mr. Richard Navarre Literary 

Mr. Robert Phelps ....".* .".WW Literary 

Mr. Jack Morehouse Finance 

Accomplishment shines in the faces of TOWER editors: Colleen 
Balfco, literary editor; Ed Gucltenberger. associate editor; Ingrid 
Ahlberg. production editor; Lena Lawrenz, editor-in-chief and Bill 
Minter, photo editor. 

In Retrospect . . . 

A changing society's 
impact on our university 

A Sign of the Times 
This year 

student unrest 

a protest demonstration 

bomb scares 

voiding of SSA elections. 
We felt the impact 

Robert Kennedy's death 

Czech revolt 

Chicago convention scenes 

Apollo VIII 

Release of the Pueblo crew 

Nixon administration. 

As a result we experience 

changes in course emphasis 
new courses in current problems 
open discussions 
an underground newspaper. 

Coordinating campus activities 

and world events 

into a record of this year 

was our challenge. 

We believe our efforts, 

this book— The 1969 TOWER, 


the Signs of the Times. 

Lana P. Lawrenz 
Editor, 1969 TOWER